Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
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This person has multiple e-mail addresses and phone numbers. I should have known better, but I fell for this "woman's" story- hook, line, and sinker! She stated that she needed to re-home her 2 Huskies 1 male, 1 female because where she moved does not allow pets. In total I lost $958- I will post her emails. After this I looked for other posts that could be from them, I found another one, same story, different pictures!

E-mail addresses used:
God loves us- [email protected]
International Air Transport Association- [email protected]

Names used: Gina Ortiz, Carlos Xaxier, Ndango Valsium

Phone Numbers: 612-562-6643, 770-847-8810

Blue Eyes Siberian Husky Puppies Available
Thanks for the inquiry and interest in my puppies, They are is still available, purebred 2 males and female Siberian husky. my Husband and I own these puppies named Bella ,Ricco and Cally, we want an urgent home for them because of my tight state of work and study which would not permit me take good care of the pups. My Siberian husky puppies Male (Ricco and Cally) and Female (Bella), purebred, Pretty blue eyes, 10 weeks old Currently, the puppies health is 100% OK! (+1 year health Guarantee), 1st shots, AKC registered, de-wormed, 30 Days pets Insurance. They are so animated and will keep you entertained for hours. Loving and very affectionate personalities and standard with other animals. They are very affectionate and like to give kisses all the time. The Female pup presently weighs about 13lbs, males 12lbs and 12.2Ibs and will estimated to weigh between 40lbs to 42lbs at maturity. I will be very happy if you promise to give this little darlings a forever home. I am just making sure that Bella,Ricco and Cally gets to the right home. I want the best for them.I am asking a rehoming fee of $300 for each puppy so we recently moved into a new apartment where pets are not allowed and this is why all we are asking for them is just the paperwork and delivery fee. . Get back to me if interested, I will like to know some more information about you with pictures of your family and home if possible and if you will be willing to adopt these babies. I will also like to inform you that the Animal Rescue Team advised me that I should be careful because most dogs nowadays are often used for dog fighting and other dog games, I will not like this to happen to Bella,Ricco and Cally. So taking them or one to your home will be for a good home.

The supposed pet transporter:
Welcome to the Pets Transportation And Delivery Department of the international air transport association Affiliated To The Cargo Link And Skynet Transportation And Delivery Agency. We have been transporting and delivery pets worldwide since 1982 and the "Safe Transportation And Delivery Of Pets Is Our Number One Concern". Our staff are always ready to be of help and good services to you. We hope you enjoy the best of our services

Dear Client,

After reviewing your pet, it has been confirmed medically fit to travel but it was realized that your pet lacks the travel insurance premium as per a regulation went into effect 2 days ago. We will like to bring the following to your attention:-

Following the international aviation Commission's rules and
regulations on pet transportation

=[ Code of Internal Regulations ]
=[ Title 42, Volume 1 ]
[ Cite: 42CFR71.53 ]
[Page 432-434 ],
Title 42 -- Pet Travel Safety

It states that "due to recent complains and various shipment hazards, all pets travelling within the united states shall be liable to the payment of an insurance policy which shall covers all risk, including but not limited to health, life, stress etc... This policy will be determined by each carrier and shall not exceed limits as set in place by applicable laws.

Insurance terms:

:- Pet's estimited Value: This refers to carriers estimated market value of your pet. This amount is arrived at following previous cases vs settlements involving this breed.

:- Reimbursement Policy: This refers to the total amount that may be paid to you in-case of any hazards that may occur during the shipping process. Except under exceptional circumstances as will be determined on a case by case bases, the reimbursement policy will not exceed 110% of pet's estimated value.

:- Policy Price: This refers to the amount payable by the policy holder to the carrier for the insuring policy of his/her pet.

:- Refund Policy (Generally 99% of Policy price): This refers to the amount that will be refunded by the carrier to the policy holder upon safe delivery of the pet.

:- Processing Charges (Generally 1% of policy price): This refers to the amount that may be deducted by the carrier from the Policy price for processing the insurance policy.

Attached to this email is the insurance policy for your pet including all policy details as explained above as well as payment instructions. Don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you have any further questions or concerns. Once payment is done , Kindly provide us a copy or clear photo of the payment slip via email so that we may purchase the insurance to ship the puppy


=> It is 99% (Ninety nine percent) refundable along with your pet upon safe delivery.
=> It applies only to puppies bellow 20 weeks of age
=> It use to be optional until made compulsory for all puppies 2 days ago due to numerous complexities involved in the puppy shipping procedure.
=> Each pet is required to pay it just once in it's lifetime.

We to receive the insurance payment as soon as possible so as to proceed with the shipping as earlier scheduled

With Regards

The Management
Pet Transportation
Delivery Department


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