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#374425 by J.Doe Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:43 am
Re: : : : : : : : : *Talking African Grey Parrot Babies*

Che Cindy
Tue, Oct 2, 6:03 AM (4 days ago)
to me

Hi a
I was just wondering why you haven't reply, i will appreciate reading
from you Asap

On 9/29/18,> wrote:
> Hello?
> Could you give me more details about yourself?
> May I at least have your name, and your company name?
> Are you a breeder?
> Where are you located?
> Do you have a website , a calling card?
> Are you a breeder?
> May I have pictures of your breeding facilities?
> how do I pay you?
> *g*
> On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 4:07 PM Che Cindy <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Hello
>> Thanks for the reply, You can't transport the birds your self from
>> Singapore to Japan because you will be requested an international
>> license permit in Japan Okay, We are in possession of the US
>> International license CITE/WBCA/ ESA permit that allows us to ship
>> directly in Japan because our license meet up with Japanese
>> quarantine laws and customs clearance policy. This is not the first
>> time we are shipping parrots to Japan, We can guarantee you 100% you
>> will get the parrots delivered to you directly at your door steps in
>> Japan,
>> The home delivery agent will carry home delivery done in front of
>> your door steps at your home address. All you need to do is to provide
>> us with your full home delivery address information as requested
>> below,
>> Your full names.........
>> City.........................
>> House address.........
>> Postal Code................
>> Telephone number.......
>> Nearest airport to your home.........
>> Once you provide us with your home delivery address data and payment
>> done, We shall get the shipping papers registered in your name and
>> address as new and legitimate owner of the parrots under appendix HDC
>> (Home Delivery Course) and you get your parrots delivered at your home
>> address, Once we are done with the paperwork , we shall provide you
>> with shipping tracking information,Immediately the birds arrives
>> Japan, the home delivery agent will notify you on email and on phone
>> of the exact delivery time of the parrots at your house address, so
>> that you will stay back at home to sign the home delivery confirmation
>> certificate in person and collect the birds and the papers in
>> accordance with the conformity of the international home delivery
>> shipping policy that you personally signed the home delivery
>> confirmation certificate and collect the parrots and shipping papers
>> yourself, Once your birds are delivered to you and collected, you will
>> keep the original copy of the home delivery certificate and the
>> delivery agent will return the duplicate copy for references.
>> -How many pairs do you want to order and how soon do you want the
>> parrots delivered to you?
>> Thanks for your understanding as i look forward to your reply.
>> Cindy
>> On 9/28/18,> wrote:
>> > So you are not Singaporean? I meant to go to singapore and collect
>> > birds
>> in
>> > Person by myself. I only want to buy pet birds.
>> > where are you located? I am in Japan. Japan does not allow shipped
>> > birds.
>> > very strict quarantine control. I have tried before to ship goods into
>> > Japan but the
>> > customs officers here open all the boxes and confiscated everything.
>> >
>> >
>> > ng*
>> >
>> >
>> > On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 4:51 AM Che Cindy <[email protected]>
>> > wrote:
>> >
>> >> Hi a,
>> >> Thanks for the inquiry and interest you have for our African grey
>> >> parrot babies. We have both males and female baby parrots available
>> >> for sale,Our birds are hand reared and home trained in our family
>> >> house,They are 3 months old, very tamed and intelligent very friendly
>> >> with an excellent talking skills, full of fun and plays,vaccinated and
>> >> on perfect good health,DNA proven, come home with toys, paper
>> >> work,food package including a cage
>> >>
>> >> We are home breeders located in the United States of America and we do
>> >> offer express shipping and home delivery worldwide.Our concern is to
>> >> have them go to good and responsible homes.If you can promise and
>> >> assure us that you are going to take a good care the birds, we shall
>> >> offer the parrots to you, shipped and delivered to you are your home
>> >> address in Japan as soon as you want, We are in possession of
>> >> international license permit with quarantine free covered policy, We
>> >> can handle your supply and delivery done directly at your home address
>> >>
>> >> We are asking $450 usd for each parrot and we only giving them out in
>> >> pairs because they are so friendly to each other and makes great
>> >> family pets as couples, If you are ready we can supply the parrots
>> >> delivered in Japan as soon as you want
>> >>
>> >> Before we proceed i will really appreciate you answer all the
>> >> questions below Okay,
>> >>
>> >> -How old are you
>> >> -Where are you located?
>> >> -Had you ever owned any bird or any parrot before?
>> >> -How many pairs do you want to order?
>> >> -How soon do you want the parrots delivered to you ?
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Look forward to your reply
>> >> Regards
>> >>
>Gumtree - Reply to ad: African Greys - #303988747
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Diamond via Gumtree <[email protected]>
Sat, Sep 22, 8:15 PM
to me

Hello, thanks for the interest you have in buying my parrots. I am selling them at $300 for a pair. If you are interested, please whatsapp me now via +14158550273
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