Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#399475 by anupmarwadi Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:55 am
We found a puppy online and when contacted, we were immediately sent this information by the breeder:
Email: [email protected], Phone: 401-239 - 2334

TLDR: They requested upfront payment of $750 which included $150 for the delivery.
The next day, we got a legitimate PDF containing the address and the delivery instructions.
Within minutes, we got another email saying that the pet needs a thermal crate that costs $1800 but they would refund $1700 upon delivery. We felt it was a scam and literally called back-and-forth for at least 10-12 times.
They sent us videos and photos of the puppy and asked for the money for delivery. As soon as we paid, they disappeared. I'm upset I lost the money, that's fine, I can always make money, but what really saddened me is that we had promised my daughter a pup for her birthday and we missed out on that.

I called Zelle because my payment was unconfirmed for over 6hrs and couldn't reach through their customer service to stop the payment in time. Terrible service, honey pot for fraud. Please refrain from using Zelle for transferring payments to any unknown sources.

Cargo Company Name: Pets Air Relocation Services, Email: [email protected]
Zelle Account: [email protected]

Shihtzu Puppies Breeder <[email protected]>
Tue, Oct 29, 7:05 AM (2 days ago)
to me


Thank you for your interest you want to offer a new home for our puppy Lizzy She is still available and ready for her new forever home. We can not demand more, other than a beautiful and caring family that will take very good care of this puppy. She is going to make your kids and family so Happy. Acting so cute! Full of kisses. Excellent dispositions, very loving, completely socialized, groom trained, crate trained, pooch pad trained, doggy door trained and house trained and up to date on shots. I have attached a video of Lizzy below.


*Pet Name: Lizzy
*Breed: Shih Tzu
* Sex: Female
*Age: 10 weeks old
* Price: $600
*What included, AKC Registered/registrable, Current vaccinations, Health guarantee. Veterinarian examination, Health certificate.

-She is Not neutered.
-She eats 2 times daily
-She is socialized with other household pets especially dogs.
-She likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
-She likes to be kissed and likes Licking your legs.

Getting a good home for her is the most essential thing we have ever wanted. So I have a few questions for you which I hope you get back to me with the answers sincerely. I just want to make sure that she is getting into the right home. Hope you don't mind?

-Where precisely are you located?
-Have you ever raised or owned a puppy before?
-Do you have a nearby vet clinic in your area?
-Does your environment accepts pets?
-How soon do you need her?
-Your contact number will be appreciated?

We are sorry for the questions, it's just that we prefer a caring family, as the answers would help us to know if your home would be the best place for her as all we need is just a new loving and caring home for the puppy. We will also like to let you know that we do NOT place any of our puppies in homes that will practice unprofessional breeding for money making with little or no love and caregiving to them. All our puppies are re-homed for PET PURPOSES ONLY. So as long as you can make us understand that you will share the love in your homes with these puppies, we will consider placing one or more of our puppies to your home.

Have a blessed day

Call or Text
(401) 239 - 2334

Here's the email for Crate:
Dear Receiver 27
Accept greeting from the Entire PETS AIR RELOCATION Animal Transport , We wish to inform you that, your puppy payment for the transportation flight ticket and fee has been confirmed and your puppy is now ready to take a flight to your location today. The puppy has now been checked at the U.S ANIMALS WELFARE pets quarantine Department and all the registrations papers, health certificates and passport are correct. But it shows that your puppy is just 10 weeks old and ANIMAL WELFARE U.S rules says any puppy below 13 weeks will need a Electronic Thermal Crate for the safety delivery of the puppy why ship by air and due to the age of the puppy and rules, regulations we have now, you are required to Rent (Electronic Thermal Crate). You will need a different CRATE for the safe delivery of your puppy.

Reasons for a change of Crate !!

1: The Delivery crate of the puppy have to be changed from a Ventilated Crate to an
Electronic Thermal Crate. The ventilated crate does not contain potty pet space for water bowl and food cane.

2: The Ventilated crate is too small for the relaxation of the puppy on the flight. Due to the above reasons, the crate has to be changed from a Ventilated Crate to an Electronic Thermal Crate.

3: We are experiencing an unfavorable weather condition and transporting the puppy in the Ventilated crate will be detrimental to the health of your puppy as places are very cold.

4: We need an Electronic Thermal Crate during this period of shipping because it has a TEMPERATURE REGULATOR ( HEATER ) which will be regulated according to your puppy's body temperament there by maintaining a constant body temperature.

From the above reasons,the puppy can not be transported in the original crate.The crate has to be changed and we have to use but an Electronic Thermal crate to ensure the safety of the pet on the flight to your location. We have these crates in our agency in different varieties and PD
(power drive).Here are the various available Electronic Thermal crates listed below:

Thermal Electronic crate 0150 PD-------------$2100
Inline image 1
*Thermal Electronic crate 088 PD ------------$1800
Inline image 3
Thermal Electronic crate 024 PD -------------$3000
Inline image 4
We do not sell the crate to our customers but we offer them for a hire or rental terms to safeguards your puppy on flight. The money paid for the rental of the crate will be 95% Fully Refunded Back to you by the delivery agents they will come to deliver your puppy at your Airport. Since the sender of your puppy sent the puppy using a Ventilated crate , when you will be picking up the puppy at your Airport, Our agents will come along with your puppy Ventilated Crate to do the changes and take our Electronic Thermal Crate back and have your money paid back with your puppy. We requested that you make a choice from the above list of crates and choose the type of crate you will like your puppy to travel in, for safety.
Thermal Electronic crate 088 PD--------$1800

All the refunded deposit payment will be done using our cashier's information by BANK TRANSFER - ZELLE APP - CVS - WALMART which will be provided to you.

NOTE : Once the puppy arrive your AIRPORT, the total amount of $1700 will be refunded back to you,$100 will be cut for the renting of the crate.

Your Satisfaction Is Our N°1 Priority.
Customer service

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