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#407262 by tonysmithbbc Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:46 am
Admin Note: We have verified that Tony is a BBC journalist and that this is a genuine request.

Hi there,
Thanks for allowing me to post here. I'm a journalist with BBC News in London, currently working on a news report about Coronavirus scams. I'm hoping to talk to anyone who might have fallen victim to any of these scams and perhaps, as a result, found this site. Or anyone currently communicating with a romance scammer who may have introduced the virus into the conversation.
I'm pretty aware of the kind of fake websites that are going round, so don't really need more info on that. But I'd really, really like to find someone who's fallen victim to it, who is angry about it, and who might talk to us.
We can't go out filming in the normal way at the moment, so you wouldn't necessarily need to be on camera. We could do an interview by Skype. But if you'd prefer we could keep it completely anonymous and just chat by text or email. If anyone has any experiences they'd like to share, feel free to DM me on this site (I'll check back every now and again) or email [email protected]
Rest assured it's a genuine request. You can remain completely anonymous if you need to. And it'll go into a news item which will be broadcast around the world, warning people of the dangers of these fake websites.
Many thanks
Tony Smith

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