Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#413274 by Shiela Hargett Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:56 am
I'm looking for a miniature Aussie and found this site. Emailing/Texting with "Terry McDemon he said 750.00 cost of puppy and 150.00 for shipping. They're not permitting pick ups due to the pandemic so puppy would be shipped to me via Grand Animal (who they use to ship their puppies) Grand Animal is a legit transport company. The first red flag was that Terry wanted money upfront (moneygram) before contract. I stated no contract no money. He wrote up and emailed contract. I read it over, did a search of address on contract and street view showed a "Rose Creek Kennel". I signed the contract and sent 900.00 via Western Union NOT to Terry but to a Morris Laxton. He said they were located in Nevada. He always answered my questions mostly via text because he sounded like he was from India and I could barely understand him. He said I would get the puppy this morning, July 3,2020 and would send me the tracking information. I contacted Susan at Grand Animal and she doesn't have my pup on the docket to ship. She also said they don't use the term Tracking information, they use [Removed]. She advised I make a police report to start paper trail and go back to Western Union to talk to manager because their new policy is to not only ask "what the money is being sent for" but also "do I know this person personally". If I respond "no" to knowing the person, they are to decline the transfer which they did none of these things. Susan said I may have a case with them to where they give all or a portion of my money back. She also said to go to Which is the FBI to file report. I will be doing this next.
If you're looking for a pup obviously don't use Aussies Farmhouse out of Nevada. One of their email addresses is [email protected] and Terry's number is 775-526-2130
If anyone has any other suggestions please don't hesitate to say so. No need to beat me up over all the red flags I hopped right over. I've been doing that enough to myself.
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#414702 by xgracexmontex Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:18 am
I was online looking for dogs as well, Expect a Newfoundland . the same phone number 1(775)526-2130 told me he was selling some. expect his name was Paul this time. He was located out in Nevada and listed under Oak Tree Farm Newfies. His email was [email protected]. He was asking 1,200 for shipping and the puppy all together. My family eager and ready for a new puppy jumped right over the red flags to. Like not accepting credit cards, and very few pictures being sent. (yes we are beating ourselves up too) . He said the same things to us as he said to you. the tracking number was sent but then his fake shipping company he created called and wanted another 2,000 for a "thermal crate" for the puppy to be shipped in. right there is when my family and I realized we were robbed. this man is sick.

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