Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#7198 by Sixe Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:53 pm
Hi everyone

Just joined and i have some info and a question. I am actually in contact with a scammer right now. I've been looking for a puppy for my daughter and came up to an ad online about a Maltese. We're going back and forth right now, they have already requested a payment by western union in order to ship two puppies from W.Africa. I'm waiting on the info on the proposed shipping agent as we speak. I will be posting all e-mails addresses, names etc.. on this site when we're done.

My question is this. They got me to give my name and address. How stupid was that uh? That's before i actualy started smelling something fishy and started researching. I have given them no other info. What if anything could i expect from this?

Any pointers on what to do now, while im still in contact with them?

Thanks for any help out there.

#7200 by Dan Jones Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:40 pm
You are perfectly fine (and not at all stupid). Open the telephone book and you will have the name and address of thousands of people. try it on and you will have many many more details about millions of people.

You should email the scammer saying that you have found a puppy close to home and have no need of any further communication. When he emails you, ignore it.

Your account will probably recieve an increased level of spam and scam formats now, so you might want to bone up on the different type, especially cheque scams.

Thanks for reporting this one and posting the details.
#7204 by Sixe Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:42 pm
Thanks Newdonym, that's good to know.

Ok, here are all the details.

The original ad was this, posted on the washington post even:

Maltese - For Sale

Fully Akc Reg. Healthy.all shot are up to date Vet- Checked Champions 12 weeks old each for $400 email:[email protected], 202-223-3824

Email this listing link to a friend
Listed in The Washington Post January 28, 2009.

The phone number posted is bogus. I've tried
A couple of days after i responded to the ad, i got this e-mail from [email protected]


The puppy is AKC Registered, has all shots upto-date and vet checked. But unfortunately, she's just been adopted some minutes ago by Mr. Richard, and i was just been contacted by one of my customer that i sold some puppies to who mailed me just now to inform me that they are looking for a caring person to adopt their puppies.

Her name is Evangelist Elizabeth Thompson, she called me that she has been transfered to West africa on a christian mission, due to her immediate relocation, she went with her husband, and also had her puppies with her overthere.

Her commitment to the work of God could not enable her to stay with the puppies often according to her, and that the climatic condition of the country is too harsh for the puppies health, so she needs a caring parent who can adopt the baby back to the United State of America as soon as possible.

she will provide the shipping agent to have the puppies shipped back to you and you will only be paying for the shipping fee. I suggest you contact her soon as possible Via Email:[email protected] She will be very much delightfull to hear from you, so as to have this puppies shipped to you asap.

She requested, a caring and loving parent for her babies and i am so sure she will be so excited if she knows I directed you to her. Kindly notify me immediately the babies are adopted.

Best Regards.

After a couple of e-mails, i wont bore you with details, you can figure it out, i got this from "Elizabeth" :


Thanks for the mail and interest in my babies, and my babies going to a loving home is a dream come true. I contacted the shipping agent and i was told that the total shipping cost for the puppies are $700 while if you want to ship one it will cost you $450.

You will be picking them up at Baltimore Washington International Airport as soon as the payment is confirm by the shipping agent. You will be making the payment directly to the shipping agent via Western Union Money Transfer for immediate shipping arrangement.

Kindly get back to me as soon as possible in other to send you the information you will need in making the payment to the shipping agent viaWestern Union Money Transfer.All i want is a good and loving home for my babies.Kindly promise me She will be taken care of, and please get back to me with their picture's every month.

Please i was informed by the shipping agent that if you wish to recieve these babies tomorrow, that there will be a flight out of Nigeria to the United States in some couple of hours, please get back to me so that i can forward the shipping agent payment information.

Await Your Response
Thanks And God Bless You

So i fished some more.......

Hi Elizabeth

Arrangements will be made for both the puppies. It would be best if they stayed together. Let me know the shipping agent so i can make payment arrangements.

Thanks again

I even got a name and address : :wink:


Thanks for getting back to me and am assuring you that once the payment is been comfirmed the puppies we be shipped to Lehigh Baltimore Washington International Airport and i will just want you to always up date me with their latest pics. They are coming will all the paper also with their crate okay and i hope you will be taking good care of my babies once you get them.Below is the information you will be using to make the payment to the shipping agent via western union money transfer.
Name:Roy Wallace

Address: 12 Iyun Road

City: Surulere

State: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Zipcode: 23401

Text question: Thanks You

Answer: For Us

Please you will have to get back to me with the 10 Digit MTCN# with the sender name also.Once i get a confirmation that payment has been made the babies will be shipped out to Baltimore Washington International Airport on a next day delivery. Hope to read from you asap. please as soon as you make the payment get back to me with all the necessary information that the agent will need to pick up the payment.


This is all i got. I hope this will help someone else, I tried googling their emails originaly and got nothing. What started me thinking was this .
I would had never thought of a scam like this existed ... I guess you learn something new every day

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