Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#12100 by Peta Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:09 am
A recent victim of this particular pet scam has forwarded the information below to scamwarners. While we do not have the scammers IP or other contact information, by posting the information here we hope to prevent other people from falling into the same trap.

Scammer = Dwayne - [email protected] Please google this email address to see just actively this criminal has been advertising his scam.

Note: My comments are in red

July 2009, dwayne Wilson <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for the mail. I would start by saying please if you are not in the US, do not reply because I would like a home for any of my puppies just within usa. I have three Puppies that I am looking for a home for them. I have 2 females and a male. first you let me know which puppy you are interested in and also let me know you intension for the Puppy. All the puppies have the same Personalities. I really do not feel well, I just lost my Family( my Wife and kids) to an accident, (scammer is playing on sympathy here) please I hope you do not mind me being straight here. Also I would really appreciate your full co-operation so that I can get a home for the Puppies soon. (scammer is trying to rush the victim into making a decision) if you are not a serious person please just let me know so that I can continue with the search for a home for my puppies.. The last thing I want now is to get the Puppies into a good and loving home because at the moment, I can not take very good care of them, really I need help with that.

For a start, you let me know where you are located, When you would like to have the Puppy and how many Puppies you want.
Thanks for your time and expecting a reply from you soon.

In July 2009, dwayne Wilson <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for getting back this soon. It only tells me how much interest you have the Puppy. I think I am having a better day today knowing that I am going to get the Puppy into a home like yours. As you already know, the Puppy is Crush. I have sent you pictures of the puppy and you are going to like the Puppy. The puppy has a great Personalities and love to play around. They use to play and hang around my Kid be the Accident, one of the more reason I need to get the Puppies into a new home so that I can try to forget about my loss. The Puppy loves to cuddle and sleep around your lap just like they did with my wife. Not taking much of you time, the Puppies are registered and you will have the Puppy together with all papers and health records. At 4 months old, the Puppy is already potty trained, lease and cage trained. The Puppy is both indoor and outdoor trained. The Puppy do not bark alot. They like to take walks and when you pick up the lease you see them jump and play in happiness. If you show the puppy all the love and care, then you be rest assured that you are having a new baby into your family for real.

I am located in Los Angeles, If you are really interested in taking the puppy, then I am going to transport from here. But not to worry I have Transported some other siblings and they are now in their new homes safe and sound. Just to let you know as much as I am in a rush to give the Puppies a new home, I will not put them through any kind of stress okay, I have inquired and verified that when the Puppies will be shipped to you, they are going to get there in the best of health and physical Conditions.

If you are interested in taking the Puppy, then you let me know so that I can tell you what you will need to do next and also let you know the cost for everything. If you are not also interested, do let me know so that I should continue in my search for a home for the puppies.


In July 2009, dwayne Wilson <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for the mail and the Concern. Just to let you know, if it were not save to transport the Puppies, I would not put them through. You will have the Puppy there with you save and sound.. Also Since I do not plan on getting an other puppy for some time, I am going to send you the Puppy together with Toys, lease, cage, eating bowl, bathing detergents etc. You will get these for free.

it is going to cost you $150 for the puppy and $90 for the Transportation for the puppy to your home. So it is going to cost you a total of $240 for the puppy and the shipping to your home. So this is what I would need you to do, You send me your Full names, your Home and Cell phone Numbers, your House address and the closest airport to your home. Get me these details now so that I can take your puppy to the Transport Company that will transport the puppy to you. The puppy will be transported to you today and you will get the puppy at your home tomorrow in the Morning. You are going to pay the $240 to the Company when you pay that, then the company will let you know when you are going to have the Puppy at your home. Do not worry I know you have so much love for the Puppy and you are concerned about the puppy, but just to let you know, nothing will happen to the puppy and you will get the puppy in good conditions as I am concern about that too.
I am waiting for your Details now to take the Puppy to the Transport Company.

In Jul 2009, dwayne Wilson <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for the details, You are God Sent and you have brighten my day Thanks so much for that. I am taking the Puppy to the Transport Company right away that will transport the Puppy to you and when I get back, I am going to let you know. So the Company will contact you and will let you know where you are going to send the money and also the Delivery time of the puppy at your home.

So please you let me know when you hear from the Transport Company.

My Regards.

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