Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#196217 by Charley Falcon Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:48 pm
I saw a post on our Page(PPC Buy sell and Trade) about re-homing of two puppies as posted by a guy named Anye Maxim and this how it goes....

Me: are they for sale?

Anye Maxim:
they are not for sale but for adoption like is said before , the male is tony and the female is called cathy , they love playing with kids and other pets at home , shall cone alongside with all their documents , but before i offer them to you i will like a little information about you ,
were are you located?
do you love pets ?
do you have kids?
do you want one or both?
are you willing to take good care of the pups ?
sorry for to many questions i just want to hope
my pups are going to a good hand

Me:i'm in palawan..I have 1 kid 3 yrs. old and a sister 10 yrs. old..we love dogs..I have 1 at home..i want to have atleast one of them..i want to take cathy if i can

Anye Maxim: well its gonna cost you only a delvery fee
to get it delivered right at your door step

Me:what's your location?

Anye Maxim:am presently at Tanjay
but if you are interested i can arrange to get it delivered right at your door step

Me:is it tanjay negros occidental?

Anye Maxim:Central Visayas

Me:how much do you think it will cost?

Anye Maxim:it cost about
5,650.25 PHP for it to be delivered right at your door step

Me:it cost a lot..sadly that i dont have enough budget for that cost right now..

Anye Maxim:so how much can you afford?all iw ant is for it to be with youbecause you really show some care

Me:i can only have half of it..are they fine to travel?.. i would love to have cathy

Anye MAxim:well cathy will be delivered right at your door step the agency who is responsible are very efferctive and efficientand you will make payment directly to themthey will contact you on how to make the payment to them before they proceed with the delivery

Me:but how can i pay their delivery costing 5000,,can't afford it..

Him:yes but you can make 3500 right?i will do the registration for 1500

Me:i can on 3, not sure still..when they will deliver her?maybe ill try..

Him:no we have to make the payment before delivery because they have to activate a delivery ticket and also do feeding also medical check up before transport they will also need to do a transfer of ownership to show you are the new owner of the puppy

Me:so payment is made to them first directly before delivery
how we will do the payment?

Him:they shall contact you on how to make payment to them just give me complete name,house address,zip code,tel and email and i will get to them they will contact you by phone and email

So i gave my details to him...

Him:ok right away i am heading to the agency sha they shall contact you via email on how to make payment to them so stay close to your email ok

Me:how much will i pay?

Him:well they shall contact you , you shall make payment to their address through western union am sure,do you know western union?

Me:yeah..we have here..

Him:ok am sure you shall make payment using it right away let me go there and i will be back ok

Me:right now? can do it tomorrow?when do you think they will deliver her?

Him:if i go now they will be delivered tomorow its just that am to busy with work am just free now that is why i guest we can just arrange everything now

Me:that's to fast..i thought they can deliver her before or after holy week..may on the 16th or 20th

Him:no its that am to busy with work and this is the only free time i have any way the delivery agency shall keep you informed

Me:but i dont have enough budget yet..and im out of town right now..and i'l be back on 16th..thats why..
Im at work right now..only my mother and the kids at i dont have enough money to pay

Him:well then it will be delivered to them then,well you should have told me in the first place you were not serious

Me:im serious..but i need enough time.. i really love to have her..

Him:are you talking of time because of the money or what?how much do you have with you now?

Me:my extra was only 2,000..time was okay now..the kids can meet her when she comesim not that rich..i just love dogs and the kids as we cant afford dogs like her,but the i've seen your i tried..

Him:if you had upto 2500 i could give you an address to pay tothen i pay the 5000 as i go to register the pup now

Me:so the one i will be paying is you?

Him:not me,i am saying i will get to the agency and they will contact you quite alright
i see.. but you cannot pay the 2500 to them right,because we need to pay 500 for the registration
right that is why i said i had to send money else were 2500,so i will want you to send the 2500 there then as i am heading to the agency i will just pay all the 5000 to them

Me:okay..its late now..just contact me on my no. for any progress or changes.. got to work tomorrow..

Him:so should i pass you the address to make the payment to so that i can get the other one here payd
as i go for registration?

Me:okay..just give me the address

Him:you shall just send the money via western union to the adress bellow

ZIP CODE.....00237
just make the payment to tht address ok then i will bein controll on the other side you tomorrow..goonight.. as soon as you make the payment just text me all the informtion here
so by what time will you be done with the payment if i may ask?

Me: my brother will be sending the tell you what time it will be..


Wednesday 3:00pm

Me:have you gone to the agency to register the pup?

Him:yes i have,i am just waiting but your confirmation of payment so that i can arrange for the delivery

Me:how much willthe 2 dogs cost?cathy and Tony?

Him:shiping one is more expensive that two,two shall be 8000 because they work on a discount but like i told you i have made arrangements already its just left on you to send the money so that confirmation of delivery can proceed

Me:the payment will be made on saturday?will it be fine?

Him:its to far because the Dog is already at the agency and am going there now to add this other one tehre
there its not advisable to stay till Saturday because they will ask us extra charges

Me:OKAY..tomorrow then

Him:ok you have the payment address right?

Me:same address?I trust that when payment was made the pup will be here
I send to you the details tomorrow sha

Him:ok,i await because the agency has to proceed with the delivery,i really await to read from you

Me:can i know the name of the agency?

This is our last conversation, by that time I'm so confused that's why i did not send the money and making excuses.. I gave him my details except my true address... Firstly he said that he was going right away to the agency by checking his time and my time it's almost midnight, made me think the agency is 24hrs a day?..
and I wonder what agency it was so google it the i've seen this page ... housands...

This is his facebook page which he'd been using during our conversations

Hope you could give me an advice regarding this matter

#196218 by Bryon Williams Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:18 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners Mysha Alba,

It is a scam. The scammer does not have any puppies to give away. He is trying to steal your money.

Never send money to Cameroon for a pet nor send money to anyone you never met face to face. Western Union and Money Gram is used to send money to friends and family not a stranger. On occasions scammers will use a bank account. You do not want to send money to strangers bank accounts either.

Scammers target victims with free pets or adoptions. They will set up a free website to make the scam appear real. French Bull Dogs are in high demand surely this scammer can find someone local.

I suggest you buy or get your pet local. This way you can physically see the pet, meet the sellers and see the conditions the pet was raised.

Please post the scammers email address, phone number or anything you may have to help protect others.

If you have further questions just ask here.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#196260 by Dotti Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:09 am
The shipping company is fake (of course.) The website was set up in February, registered for only a year because the

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 27-feb-2014
Creation Date: 27-feb-2014
Expiration Date: 27-feb-2015

Need to post photos?
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#399941 by AlanJones Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:45 pm
For the bots, Cameroonian pet scammer


Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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