Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#215369 by megan.downard Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:22 am
I recently have been searching for a puppy. I came across and there was a couple ads I contacted. Only one person contacted me. This is the ad that also had a picture of a rott puppy.
or best offer
Springfield, IL 62703
%%%% PERFECT R.o.t.t.w.e.i.l.e.r puppies text us at (702) 323-3849 or email for more details thanks..

I then texted this number and they asked for my email and then proceeded to send me this.

Thanks for emailing me regarding my Rottweiler puppies, Melisa
(Female) & Lari (Male) ready for re-homing. To bring to your notice
these Puppies are raised in our home, wormed and wee wee pad trained.
They are accustomed to all the noises and inner workings of a family
home and will make excellent l and Sorry for the late reply. The
puppies are still available; my puppies have no problem health issues
as they will be coming with their entire health documentation ok. Also
to let you know these puppies are 12 weeks old and have completed
their pee pad and paper training. Both parents are muscular and
powerful Rottweiler. Both parents are great show dogs. Dam is
Hungarian Champion, Inter champion.
She is HD-ED free and IPO. Sire is Austrian Champion and Austrian
Junior Champion Lupo vom agerspitz. He is ÖPO, ZTP, HD, ED free. Both
are brave, confident and courageous dogs as well as their off springs.

All we need is your word that the babies shall be spoiled and treated
as the Princess and Prince which they really are. We spend a great
time of socializing our puppies. The Temperament in Rottweiler's is
largely determined by the genetic traits passed on to it by the
parents. That is why we are firm believers in selective breeding for
conformation and working ability. We want our dogs that are protective
in nature, yet good around children, family and friends. We feel
Temperament and Socialization are directly related to each other.

Details about parents:
Size: Large
Height: 58.5 - 68.5
cm (23 - 27 inches) DAM (MUM) and the SIR (DAD) is 59.7-69.5 cm (23-28
inches max)
Weight: About 50 kg (110 lb) DAM (MUM) and for the SIR (DAD) About 60
kg (115 lb)
Life Span: 12 -13 years
Grooming: Simple
Exercise: Medium - demanding
Feeding: Demanding
Temperament: Courageous
& trainable
Country of Origin: Germany
AKC Group: Working

We are very reputable esteem breeders based in Nevada-Las Vegas. We have
been breeding these Rottweiler Puppies for the past 5 years and we
have a lot of experience with them. We breed these Specie of
Rottweiler's in the most comfortable environment. Also I want to
inform you that I only give my puppies to families within USA and
Canada and might be some South American countries.

I am giving them out for Re-homing because of my newly acquired Job as
an auditor which demands a lot of my time and entails a lot of
traveling. As such, i have little or no time to spend with them. They
are really in need of a home where they will be provided with all the
love, care and attention they are being deprived of here. All you will
be spending to get each of the puppies will be $200 which will be for
the following:

Adoption Papers & Transfer of Ownership Document Fee: --- - - - - - --
- - - - - $100
Flight and Delivery Fee: - - - - - - - - - -$100
Making A Total: - - - - - - - - -- - - -$200 for one puppy and $400
for both puppies.

however, I can have them delivered to you if you can assure me that
you will take proper care of them by answering to the below questions,

1. You're Names:
2. How many people are in the family?
3. Who will be the primary caregiver to these puppy/puppies?
4. Are you looking for a pet, a show/Guard dog or for breeding?
5. Do you have other pets? How big is your Home, Apartment, Condo or
do you have a Yard?
6. Will this be your first experience with a Rottweiler as a pet? Is
there a park where you can take the puppy for Walks?
7. How long will the puppy/puppies be left alone while you are working
during the day?
8. Finally where are you located?
9. Which of the Puppies are you interested in the Female Melisa or Male Lari?

They are still available and we pray that they will move into a good
home .We will miss them very much but my job is so demanding and I
don't have much time to take proper care of them. We hope to read from
you soon. Thanks so much and get back to me if you think you can
provide a good home.
All the Best
Gomez & family

I replied and answered the questions unaware of spammers! and they sent me this.

Hello again,
Thanks for taking the time to respond to our email and we are very
glad that you are willing to give Melisa a wonderful home.After
reading your email,you moved to number one spot for potential adopters
for Melisa.She is already house trained and just just completed potty
training.When you say Sit,she Sits and when you say stand,she
stands,she is just a brilliant baby and it really breaks our hearts
that we have to part ways but we know its the best thing for us to do
for her.She is a great pet and we just want whats is best for her.She
will be coming alongside her clothes and play toys,food menu and hand
written manual on taking care of her.
We will be shipping her from Honolulu - Hawaii to your location and
you will just need to pay for transfer of ownership papers from us to
you which will cost you $200.She is Going to be delivered right at
your home but if you will want to go pick her up at the airport then
no problem.For us to start the arrangements for Melisa to be shipped
to your location,We will be needing to know your shipping and delivery
Information such as:
FULL NAMES----------
STREET/HOME ADDRESS(If You prefer home Delivery)--------
CONTACT NUMBER-------------
We will be very glad if you can get back to us with these information
asap so we can start the reservations to your Location.Our Regards to
your family and please say to them that Melisa is ready to move into a
new home with them.
Regards.Gomez and Family.

What made me even think of it being a scam was in the ad it says their location was springfield illinois. In this email they said they will be shipping from Hawaii and i looked up the 702 area code which is from Nevada area. I looked at the shipping prices on Hawaii airport website for live pets and I can not find an estimated price. I searched for the "Adriana Gomez" on facebook and the email he sent these messages from. [email protected]. He has 3 people in his "circle and no picture or any other info. I then looked up the people he has on his circle or whatever. I think this might be a scam. what do Ya'll think?

#215371 by AlanJones Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:52 am
It is certainly a scam - the list of questions gives it away for a start as they appear in multiple scripts.

Next you'll be asked to send the shipping fee by Western Union/Moneygram, probably to someone in Cameroon.

There is no puppy, so just delete the emails and don't respond to them - find a puppy locally so that you can actually physically see it before you buy.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#215391 by vonpaso xlura Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:30 am
The phone number is in Searchlight, Nevada, not Springfield, Illinois. The writing is African.
Only spammers do this.
They are accustomed to all the noises and inner workings of a family
home and will make excellent l and Sorry for the late reply.
Broken sentence, looks like a bad cut-and-paste job.

It's a scam. Ignore all further messages from them and don't tell them how you found out it's a scam.

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