Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#216533 by Lighthouse Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:56 pm is a great place to buy and sell, but you never really know who/what's lurking on the other end. Recently replied to an ad for some purebred puppies that were obviously too good to be true. Starting receiving the puppy scam emails with instructions to pay a fraudulent company named: What is amazing with this fraud, is that they say they are going to register the pups with the Canadian Kennel Club - bet CKC doesn't know anything about this, either!

The First contact person to write me was under the name of Shelly Claire using the email address of [email protected] - says she lives in Newfoundland, and is too busy to deal with the shipping herself, so has placed the puppies for me with a shipping company.

I am so impressed and happy you got back for the puppies and at this
moment i see you will provide all i need for the puppies.
I shall be sending to you the puppies if you want.
When I read through your mails,I felt like i have found a home
already for the puppies.
I am located in (NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA) with the puppies whereby i work out here
so much that there is little or no time to cater for the puppies and
more so,my job demands a lot of my time and entails a lot of traveling
which render them to be so lonely at home.
So i am glad you are willing to give the puppies just that home they require.

My main concern is that you give the puppies the attention and care
for the puppies well being. You will be getting the puppies by Today or
tomorrow if we can sort out everything now and all you are to pay is
the crate and delivery fee for the puppies to be delivered to your
location and you are making the payment to the delivery agency
I am not out to make money from them.
since they were just like our own children and has been our perfect
companion before my family past away in a very drastic car accident
and my main concern is to give them the best they ever want..
The puppies shall come along side CKC registration papers, vet certificate, a
one year health guarantee against puppy's disease, started on potty
training, a pedigree, up-to-date shots, crate, puppy's care package
(this includes food, training treats,a toy, and puppy's pads)well
socialized with children,other pets ,spoiled and rotten. All shots and
worming are up to date.
i will equally need some information from you to prepare the puppies
for Home delivery to your location OK .However,to
proceed with this, you are requested to email me with your full
delivery information that i shall be using to registered the
puppies for shipment to your home address and this details include the

Your Full names???
Your State????
Your City?????
Your House Address???
Phone # ?????
Closest Airport To you????
Zip Code????

So email me the following information i have asked from you.I will
use the information for the shipping ok.So flight to your location will take
approximately 6-7 hours as soon as i am complete with the registration...
As soon as i have these details, I will immediately work on the adoption
process and then go make arrangements for the shipping of the puppies
with the next available flight to your designated location.
They have all their papers and so will not take time.Upon arrival,
you will be called by the delivery agent to make sure you are at home so that he can hand over the puppies to you in person. They will be delivered to you at your home address so do get back to me
soonest with all the data required for the shipping so that we can start making all necessary arrangements.

All you are requested to pay is $250 for one puppy
including shipping fee also with all the necessary papers

Money is to be used for the following;
$50= An air conditional crate
$200=activate the flight ticket of the puppy
Giving a total of $250*

The puppies will be delivered at your door stairs so you don't have to
go and pick them up at the agency. Hope to read from you soonest with
the above details.
Note: Please this details are very important and will be highly needed
from you as soon as possible. I shall copy down these details and take
the puppies to the delivery company and registered the puppies and also
this are the same details we have to replace in the puppies OWNERSHIP
Documents to proof that you are the new owner.
Waiting to read again from you ASAP
Best regards "

Here's what the fake pet shipping company scammer sends if you do not promptly pay the $500 shipping fee:

"Dear client no 00XX,
Accept warm greetings from the inter pets pass courier service.We want to let you know that we have here at our agency two yorkshire terrier puppies by names Lolo and Jojo that were supposed to be delivered to you on the 22 August 2014.The reason why we could not proceed with the delivery reasons being we had not confirmed payments from you in order for us to purchase their flight ticket,activate,schedule the flight ticket then proceed with delivery to your home address as provided to us by the owner Mrs. Shelly Claire.We want to let you know that attachments to this mail are two documents that is the transfer of ownership documents of your Yorkshire terrier puppies Lolo and Jojo.Kindly check the documents then get back to us so we could start with the necessary arrangements for the delivery of your puppies to your home address today in time.

Thanks for using our services.
Home delivery manager.
Mr.Robert Diaz.
Contacts:(202)573-9523 /+23790871095 "

The above phone number links to a web site where the sell French Bull Dog puppies. The site is full of typos, and there is some difficulty with in the English language used on the website. Is this a legit site? Or a fake one as a front for another puppy scam.

Update: the person that posted the photos of the bulldogs on this site in 2012 is located in Cameroon. ... /98835756/
But who are the family depicted in this site's photos? Stock photography? So this same con-artist has been doing the same pet scam for years. Perhaps a dumb question, but could charges not be filed against someone for such blatant fraud?

They have also sent photos of the fictional puppies "JoJo & LoLo" - these pictures are floating around the internet, along with ones of other tiny dogs, many of them also named JoJo and LoLo. :roll:

Here's what my new friend Shelly Claire wrote:

"Attached to this mail are still pictures of Lolo and Jojo.So those
are the puppies you shall be receiving home today.
Thanks for your effort and time you have put in adopting this lovely puppies.
Do keep updated with what is going on at the agency."

With all the information that these scammers supply, can't they be charged with Fraud here in Canada or in the USA? Seems like it's the same scam that's been going on for years, regurgitated in various shapes and forms with different pets - high end parrots and exotics, along with dogs and cats.
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#216534 by Mike Wilson Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:16 pm
Welcome Lighthouse,
These scammers could be charged for fraud in the US and Canada if they were located in one of these countries.

The telephone number for the fake shipper (202)573-9523 is a VoIP number that can be answered any place in the world that has high speed internet. In this case they are probably forwarding the calls to their mobile telephone number, +23790871095, which is in Cameroon, Africa.

Most of these pet scammer are located in Western Africa which puts them out of the reach of US and Canadian law enforcement.

Thanks for posting this information as this will server as a warning to others who may be looking for information on this scam.

The two fake websites are in the process of being reported for fraud.

additional website and email address associated with this scam

[email protected]

If you have other questions about this scam please ask.

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon
#216539 by Lighthouse Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:45 pm
Thanks Mike for the info. I have seen similar advertisements in for expensive or rare birds, cats, and dogs. Often they advertise that the pets are free or at a price that folks looking for pets cannot resist. Ads that I have noticed that raise red flags for me I have reported to Kijiji and they usually disappear quite quickly. Amazed at how bold these cons are, and how many obvious lies fill the content of their emails. From the moment I received the first email I was suspicious, but responded to the emails to see just how far this crook would push his/her luck.

This is what happens when people are not all raised with the same morals and belief systems - that they purposely create fake/fictional situations to take advantage of others. Most of us could not live with ourselves if we intentionally went out to steal from others. Seems like for a large percentage of scammers are from Cameroon, though. Perhaps "How to Rip Off Trusting People" is taught at the local community college - or the mean streets of Akwa. These rip-off artists must be successful in getting money from people sometimes, or they would quit doing it. Get to know your foe:

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