Room for Rent and other rental scams
#417636 by Michelle Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:34 pm
Michael L <[email protected]>
Thank you for your interest in my apartment, it is still available. I
will try to give you as many details as I can regarding the apartment
in the following email.
The full address of the apartment is 714 Bellevue Ave E, Seattle,
WA 98102. Everything is just like in the pictures, fully equipped with
all the appliances you need, very clean and well kept. The apartment
can be rented furnished or if you want you can use your furniture and
deposit mine in the storage unit. I work as an civil engineer and the
company I work for has developed projects all around the world. Now, I
have received an very good offer from them to move to the United
Kingdom department, offer that I have accepted.
The apartment is vacant so you can move-in anytime you want, also my
contract in UK is for the next 6 years, so for this period, I will not
return 100%.
The rent of 700$/month is for the whole apartment and includes all
the utilities: heat, water, electricity, parking, laundry in-suite,
washer and dryer also included, cable and internet. You will have full
access to all building amenities. Just in case repairs are needed
there, I will cover the costs, so no worries. The price I'm asking is
below the market because I want to find a responsible tenant to take
good care of the place.
I'm the owner of the apartment, it's already paid in full and there is
no mortgage on it. You have everything you need near-by (public
transportation, schools, groceries etc.). Also I love pets, so if you
have any pets, I won't have any problem, pets are allowed. Honestly
from point of view I'm sure that You'll love it for sure and rent it
on spot.
I would like to know how many people will live in the apartment and
also how long do you intend to rent the apartment for?
Please let me know if you are really interested in the place so we can
discuss further.
Thank you and look forward hearing from you!

Michael L <[email protected]>
The company I work for moved me to the United Kingdom, and unfortunately there is a problem showing you the
apartment because I have already left. The reason I haven't managed to rent the apartment before I had to leave for the
United Kingdom is that someone said that they will rent the apartment and haven't managed to keep the promise. I waited
for him, but unfortunately, he didn't manage to get the money on time, so the transaction failed and I had to leave before
managing to rent it. Obviously, this brought me huge inconvenience. So I can tell that I have a bitter experience making a
reservation, it's the first time I'm renting an apartment so I prefer using a worldwide property management company.
The company I am talking about is called FlipKey (www.flipkey. com) their website is mainly focused on short term
rentals, but they also have a NEW service for long term rentals. I used this service last month when I rented my
apartment in London, United Kingdom, and I can tell you that it was a great experience and the only way I will proceed
renting my apartment is by using FlipKey. Look at their website as a reference, but please know that you will not find
my apartment there, as I need to initiate the transaction before anything.
Using FlipKey involves three parties: me as the owner, you as a potential tenant and FlipKey as a responsible third party
authorized to handle this transaction. FlipKey works the same way as the escrow account on which you place the
deposit when you rent an apartment, except that instead of a bank, we use FlipKey. Of course, nobody can take that
money until you will inspect the apartment and sign the lease agreement. With this procedure, you will be able to
check the apartment before I receive the payment and FlipKey will guarantee your deposit (insurance), also they
will handle everything.
Like I said before, I used them to rent my apartment in London and everything was perfect, they are really professional
and they have great services. Please keep in mind that the "reward" for proceeding with this "unconventional" transaction
is the monthly rent price, which is below the market, exactly for this reason. Also please know that the transaction and the
deposit to FlipKey are made only the first time so that you are able to receive the keys and inspect the apartment. After
you visit the apartment and sign the lease agreement, you can deposit the monthly payments directly to my bank account,
or we can set up a payment method that is suitable for both of us.
FlipKey is a very serious worldwide company, part of the super big TripAdvisor company, in my opinion, they are like
Airbnb, but with better services and with this extra service for long term rentals, offering protection for both parties.
My phone number is +44.752.0643.161 (UK phone number), I am new at work and I try to avoid speaking on the phone,
if I am not able to respond, I will do my best to call you asap.
LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED IN THE PROCESS, so I can provide all the detailed steps of the
transaction (I am sure that many of the questions you have now, will be answered after I will send you the steps).
Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
PS: Sorry for the long emails, but I need to explain the situation as best as I can.

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities


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