Room for Rent and other rental scams
#5833 by Ralph Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:14 am
You will be contacted by a scammer, in this case by Mike Goldstraw [email protected] he will find your details on rental websites and contact you with the below email

Hello am Mike from the States am on search for an house to rent and so i browsed the web and sees yours so am highly interested in renting your house, i work as an engineer for my company virgin atlantic airways back in the united states. I got transfered to work at the branch of my company in manchester airport in the UK so i need an accomodation and my company will be interested in me getting a good apartment, pls furthermore i will like to know if you will be receiving a cashier's cheque and please give me all the break down of the apartment's price and the price for 6months, in addition i will want to see the latest pics of the apartment............. please reply me if you love to give the apartment or house for me to rent with your name and address so as to issue the cheque and mail it to you asap
Mike Goldstraw

He will be sending a fake cheque which may get through the banks initial clearance, that's what the scammer is hoping anyway, after the money is available in your account he will find a reason for you to then send money to him, it could be that he has found other accomodation and wants his money returned or he may ask you to pay some fees, either way, the bank will eventually find the cheque to be fake and want their money back from you, you will be liable for any money drawn on the cheque and may even be accountable for depositing a fake cheque as well.

Your best course of action is to simply ignore his emails, if you must reply, simply tell him that you will not be recieving and cheques.

Mike also dabbles in Romance scams and his romance scamming details can be found Here, at

Again, if you run into him on any dating sites, dont bother replying

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