Room for Rent and other rental scams
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Irby Belin <[email protected]>


Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my Unit. Sorry for the late response, Yes the Unit is still available for rent and we are looking for a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the Unit now that we are not around.Actually I did reside in the house with my family and presently we have moved out due to my transfer to (RUSSELLVILLE,AR) for a program called SAVING THE LESS PRIVILEGE CHILD PROGRAM with DAVE THOMAS FOUNDATION.for more information visit our website on
Take note that you can not see the inside of the Unit but you can only drive by the Unit for now because the Unit is locked up for security purpose due to my work transfer but you can peek at it from the windows Myself and Family just traveled to (RUSSELLVILLE,AR) for the program. My transfer would be for a period between 2-6 years, so I would definitely be renting my House to whom ever that will take good care of it.

Pets are welcome : DOGS & CATS
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of baths: 1
Rent: $887
Refundable security Deposit: $880
Apartment Address: 17 Forest Ln # 17,San Rafael, CA 94903

All Utilities are included in monthly rent .

NOTE: THE MAIN AIM OF RENTING IT OUT IS KEEPING THE BUILDING STRUCTURE ALIVE AND IN GOOD CONDITION even you can observe it from the price i am willing to give it out, that it’s far below standard renting rate. The aim is only to build a cordial understanding between myself and the renter based on the reason why i am letting it out. Definitely, i would need your bio data which i guess is the only thing i can use to randomly access you. I would be needing information such as:

(Private and Confidential)
Fill below information correctly…

Name (First name/ Middle name/Surname ) : __________?

Phone numbers (cell) # :__________? home :__________?

Marital Status:__________?

Present occupation :__________?

Monthly Income: ____________?

How many proposed occupants :__________?

List all in addition to yourself including approx age :__________?

Present Address :__________?

Purpose of Leaving __________?

Will you have pets :__________?

Please describe Breed, size :__________?

Personality of pet :__________?

When do you plan to move in, please write exact date: ___________?

Intended length of lease:__________?

If you are ask to make a down payment to secure the house today and take it off market, How much will you be able to pay


Length of previous tenancy :__________?

Are you a section 8 applicant________?

Do you work late night :__________?

Do you smoke :__________?

Do you drink :__________?

I certify that the answers I have given in this application are true and correct. I authorize verification of the information provided in this application to determine my eligibility. I understand that if any part of my application has been falsified, it shall be grounds for denial of residency, or future eviction if discovered after moving into the property. I understand that a apartment will continue to be offered for lease until I have paid a deposit to hold the apartment for my move in. Please text me as i might not be able to pick calls sometimes (479) 763-9447

We look forward to hear from you soonest at your convenient with the rental application form above filled out so we can discuss further with the renting process. Please you can only drive by to look at the house from the outside for now if you would like to view the house or to verify the address because is currently locked for security purpose.

Thank you and God be with you.

Mr and Mrs Irby C.Moratto.

Call or text at: (479) 763-9447

This person asks for a deposit payment via Western Union, MoneyGram or bank transfer with a promise that you can have the keys to a property that does not belong to him.

Sounds safe. It's not!

At other times, he will ask for proof that you are able to pay the deposit and rent due to a string of time wasters.
This proof is in the form of a Western Union or MoneyGram payment to a lawyer,a friend or family member.

In either case, if payment is made and you give this person the details, they will collect the money.
You will not hear from them again.

All the details such as names, addresses, pictures etc. that the scammer uses in order to back up his story, are stolen from elsewhere.

If you are reading this because you are looking for property to rent, and you are in contact with this thief you are probably searching Craigslist, Gumtree or similar listing sites. If you receive any requests from 'Landlords' asking for some kind of payment before viewing, then it will also be a scam. Please forward the mail to me at the address in my signature line and I will investigate and list them if necessary.


#385612 by AlanJones Mon May 13, 2019 12:09 am
From: Irby Belin - [email protected]
Subject: Re: apartment for rent in Mountain View


Thanks for your interest. I must confess that i am very very new in this landlord business. My name is Irby B.Wen, I own the house you're making inquiry of and it is still available for rent. I want a responsible person or family who are neat and also believe that they have all what it takes to take care of the house as if it where there own. Please be informed that i am renting out the house because I was transferred from my place of work to CAROLINA BEACH,NC and i came over with my lovely wife Joan. We will be here for 4-5 years. I work as a Robotic Programmer & Welder/Fitter and am blessed to be married to a lovely wife who is a member of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

My initial plan was to sell the house but I find it difficult to let go of this adorable home, I have decided to rent the home to a responsible tenant who is willing to take very good care of it in our absence. Pets are allowed as long as they are not destructive. We will be very pleased if we can find the right/potential tenant to rent our home, a person who is a clean & responsible and does not tolerate anything that has to do with dirt. we also would like to know more about you and your family, your renting experience and how long and when you plan moving into our home. and all the utilities are included in the monthly rent, as i am in a governmental programmer that sponsors my utilities on monthly basis and pets are also allowed.You can go view my home now and you can move in anytime, If you notice, you will discover that the price we are offering is far below standard price and this is enough for you to know that we are not after the rental fee but the absolute care for the property. The house is available for as long as you want just get back to us with the rental questionnaire filled out.

Below is the rental property address:
725 Mariposa Ave #202,Mountain View, CA 94041
2 bedrooms 2 baths
Pets allowed: Yes
Rent: $899
Refundable Security Deposit:$889
The rental fee is inclusive with utilities.

INCLUDED IN THE RENT: Cable , Kitchen completely equipped, Kettle - Toaster - Dishwasher - Freezer - Microwave - Oven - Dryer - Heat - Water - Washing Machine and Electric.


1) Your Full Name________________________
2) Current Address_______________________ ______
3) Cell - Phone Number (________)Best time to reach you ?
4) State________________
5) City__________________
6) Zip______________
7) Are you married______________________
8) Do you have Kids__________
9) Do you have a pet______________
10) Do you have a car______________________
11) Occupation______________
12) How many people will be living in the house___________
13) Reasons for Leaving present home_________________
14) How long lease are you looking for______________
15) How soon do you intend moving in________________
16) Date of Birth________________
17) Numbers of Cars________________
18) A picture of occupant________________
19) How soon you make the payment________________
20) How soon do you want to receive the keys/documents________________
============================== ============== =========
Application Comment
============================== ============== =========
Please make sure this questions are filled correctly because the best way you answer with your comment will impress me the more to accept your application.

Feel free to call or text me anytime (910) 705-4792

I await your reply
Mr.Irby B.Wen..

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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