Room for Rent and other rental scams
#387503 by ottawascam Tue Jun 04, 2019 4:16 pm
For posterity, a rental scam I encountered searching on Kijiji for apartments in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

[email protected] / [email protected]
Ad title: Equipped apartment at Bank & Kent
Ad body:
Welcome Centretown!!! Details, questions or to book a viewing, only at: [email protected] This fully apartment is situated in between Bank and Kent Street, which is within walking distance to all the necessary amenities, trendy Centretown neighbourhood of downtown Ottawa, between the shops of Bank Street Promenade and the historic Rideau Canal. Located just a short commute to about anything you need. Whether you are a unversity student, family or a professional working in the downtown offices, this apartment is a perfect place to call your next home. This apartment is in the Somerset neighborhood in Ottawa. Nearby parks include Dundonald Park, Garden of the Provinces and NCC. Super clean and super bright. 1 Bathroom - 1 fully den The kitchen comes equipped with all appliances such as dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, toaster. Free utilities! -High-Speed Wireless Internet -Cable TV -Plasma TV with integral surround sound, DVD w/Parking! Your new home, available immediately! Thank you and good luck!

First email to me:
Thank you for your interest in applying for my apartment.

You'll find attached some recent pictures and a few information which
I hope you'll find them useful.

Adam Davidson is my name and I'm the owner of this fully furnished,
tastefully renovated apartment, that comes with an immaculate styled
kitchen, with all facilities-utilities: - dishwasher - refrigerator -
stove - oven - juice machine - iron - toaster - coffee maker -
microwave - vacuum cleaner - central air - stainless steel appliances;

It is a stand alone apartment ( non shared accommodation ) and comes
with 2 parking spots and 1 storage room. Therefore, if you have your
furniture, I've the option of sending all my things into storage room.
I'll contact a removals company, no additional cost for you.

Also, all of the utility costs are included in the rental fee amount,
( $819.00/month ): - gas - water - cable - electricity -
wireless/Internet - in-suite washer/dryer. The cost for telephone
line, including long-distance charges, is not included in "all
inclusive" arrangement.

I accept month-to-month rental ( minimum stay 3 months ) OR a
long-term lease; The price will not increase monthly, it will remain
the same for the whole period that the contract will be signed for;
The rent is for the whole apartment, ( the price is NOT different if
there are more people, because the amount is distributed between the
residents );

Therefore, if you are looking for a great apartment, this place may be
for you!!!

Feel free to contact me back and I'll submit you the Application Form asap.

Much appreciated,

Dr. Adam Davidson

These images were attached:
Second email to me:
Thank you again for your interest.

We can set up a viewing time, however, before we go further, I would like to know a little more about you, it's important to me to know some details, this helps in building a relationship between us, landlord and tenant.

I believe strongly that a rental relationship is a partnership. Both the owner and the tenant have rights and responsibilities and it is up to both parties to work closely together to make the tenancy work, so please describe yourself if you are really interested.... I'll have an idea about you and the people that will be living into the apartment.

I'm just looking to find a good person to take good care of my apartment. I have dropped a little bit the rental price, because I'm not looking to make a profit and this will work to your advantage, making payments extremely easy from month to month... I'm just a caring person who believes in taking good care of things.

In order for me to determine your eligibility, please complete the form and return it immediately.

The Rental Application Form allows you to apply for this rental apartment quickly and efficiently:

(Q) Full name(s)

(Q) Phone Number or WhatsApp Number

(Q) Present city / area

(Q) Are you a tenant(s) currently?

(Q) If yes, when does it expire?

(Q) Please explain why you wish to leave your current residence

(Q) Smoker?

(Q) What is the source of income you will pay rent with?

(Q) Reference?

(Q) When did you want to move in if successful?

(Q) A best guess as to how long of a term you will rent this unit for?

(Q) It will be nice if you can send me a picture of you or the people with who you will be living into the apartment, ( but not required to be sent ).

When filling out the application, please remember that all of the information requested is needed to determine your eligibility. The more complete your application is, the faster it will be processed.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Much appreciated,


I did not follow up further, but have reported the ad to Kijiji and to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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