Room for Rent and other rental scams
#388158 by cbeaz2012 Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:54 pm
The address is: 1401 Boren Ave, Seattle, a one bedroom 1 bathroom furnished, the original plan is to sell the unit but for now, I'm renting it as I just moved to Texas to be a granny nanny for my daughter who just had my first grandchild, the monthly rent would be $1150 includes utilities, with one month deposit of same amount to move in, although I can't do a walk through with you since I'm already in Texas, if you want to see the space, get to the address and view personally, all the units have similar layouts, you can then let me know if love the neighborhood and want to proceed, I do have some additional photos at your request. If you want to rent it, I'd send keys and some documents with usps on a next day delivery to your current address as soon as we have done some legal work. I'm mostly interested in knowing your capability of funding the rent and if you would like to proceed, so I can send you a rental application form.


if you want to rent it, fill the form below and send back to me, attach a copy of your ID, so I can forward it to the my lawyer to draft the lease, she will also handle the payment, include your paystub or a recent bank statement to show you can afford the rent and also your credit score information, which will help speed up the process. thanks

First name:
Last name:
Marital status:
State any criminal record:
Pets (if any):
Phone #
Current address:
Reason for moving:
Move in date:
Move out date:
Do you intend to reserve the unit now:



The lease is attached, and I'm satisfied with the details you have provided, kindly go over it quickly and sign once satisfied, your payments will be made with my lawyer, bank details will be provided as soon as you have signed the lease. However, note the rent is discounted at $50 per month as stated on the lease, if you intend to pay over 3 months or the whole duration of rent now.

Here are the contents that will be delivered via usps courier service, so kindly make sure a full correct address is provided;
1) Keys to the property. 2) Permanent apartment form (Containing your details).
3) The apartment documented file. (floor plan inclusive). 4) Payment receipt from owner. 5) Rules & Regulations Booklet.

The above items will be delivered in person on a next day delivery and it will have to be delivered to the address you provide, we're giving you the apartment based on trust and do not disappoint, because I don't want destruction of property or any legal battles between us, I will not come to bother you at the unit, as long as your rent payment are made. Kindly email me with signed document once you have gone through it and satisfied, so I can provide you with bank details to proceed for the payment.

Susan Boyce

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