Room for Rent and other rental scams
#51417 by Annabel Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:46 pm
I began a correspondence with "Marcus Botlton Kelly," whose rental listing on craigslist was later identified on this site as a scam.

This morning I received a message from [email protected] whose text I've pasted below; the message is a lot like Marcus Bolton Kelly's. So, beware of [email protected], whose ad for a 1 bedroom apartment in Paris is most likely a scam.

message from [email protected]:
"To start with, it is necessary to know something about me which is more important in any rental ( knowing something about someone wno want to share rent my). I have been working and studying since my early 20's. I earned my first degree Business Economics in London, after that my mother insisted that i take a 6 months course in the humanitarian field which made me traveled to Luxembourg to study Public Administration. Oh ..i almost forget, i did an internship with CIC group (France) before returning rome to continue my education, working in contract basis and taking full possession of my mother's property.

I have been staying alone in this flat since my mother decided to move back to London with my siblings, taking care of my father's property in the United Kingdom. I have so far traveled to more than 8 countries and still counting because its fun doing what you know how to do best.

Regarding the rent, the flat is a bedroom apartment in good condition. I currently rent with no intention of renting them but due to my rate of traveling and my mother doesn't like it when the flat is empty for months without anyone living there and so we decided to rent it at affordable rate but with the motive of someone being around whenever i am away and the beauty maintained.

The flat is well furnished to my taste, kitchen utensils look new, dinning, a fireplace, sound system, TV, wifi, air condition available, gas cooker and micro-wave also available in the kitchen. Has a sizable bedwith, wardrobe and a table for reading.

Monthly rental fee: 550euros utilities included
A refundable security deposit of 600euros

Please Note:
The security deposit is refundable upon verification of the room which you rented to be in good order, both rental fee and security deposit has to be made once to our family lawyer or mother or myself.

It will be my pleasure to know some basic things about you if you would like to proceed with this rental procedure, we can afterward proceed with the tenement contract which is another important stage.

Thanks for the mail."

#54348 by Jemcgh2 Thu May 26, 2011 2:16 pm
This email is definitely a scam. I replied to it this week and when I asked to send a family member to look at it she replied that she was I London and couldn't show it. Also her first message was an exact copy of tue one you posted. She required the money via bank transfer and when I asked about a check she didn't want it. Most likely because her name isn't Marie Billard. Beware.

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