Room for Rent and other rental scams
#395340 by Michelle Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:09 am
Margit Gerda Czekalla" <[email protected]>

Hallo Frau / Herr,

Mein Name ist Margit Gerda Czekalla, 57 Jahre alt und vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Es tut mir sehr leid für meine späte Antwort, aber ich hatte einige persönliche Probleme.
Die Wohnung ist ab dem 02 Sept verfügbar.
Alle Rechnungen sind im Preis inbegriffen (TV, Parkplatz, Wäscherei, Klimaanlage, Highspeed-Internet, Haustiere sind erlaubt). Die Mindestmietdauer beträgt 2 Monate. Es gibt keine maximale Mietdauer, das heißt, Sie können es so lange mieten, wie Sie möchten. Für den Einzug müssen Sie 2 Monate + eine Kaution * (Rückerstattung am Ende des Mietverhältnisses).
Da ich verschiedene Mieter habe, die meisten kurzfristig (2-6 Monate).
Bei Interesse biete ich Ihnen gerne weitere Details an. Für welchen Zeitraum brauchen Sie? Ich hätte gerne mehr Informationen über Sie, wenn es Ihnen nichts ausmacht.
Die Wohnung ist möbliert, renoviert und komplett ausgestattet. Sie können meine Möbel benutzen, oder Sie können auch Ihre eigenen benutzen, wenn Sie es vorziehen. Wenn Sie sich für Ihre entscheiden, haben Sie Zugang zu einem sehr großen und gut belüfteten Lager, in dem Sie meine Möbel unterbringen können.

Wenn Sie möchten, können wir auf Englisch kommunizieren.
Kind regards,

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


#396118 by FGS Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:44 am
Hi again dear

You can rent it for as long as you want. The price per month is € 1.030 includes (gas, water, internet, electricity, TV, garage).
I work on a big project in Flensburg / Germany. We do have a solution for this inconvenience so you can move in as soon as possible. I do not have the time to meet every potential renter, so I choose to use Airbnb. I use Airbnb service only at the beginning, to find a tenant.
To visit and rent the apartment I will use platform. Airbnb, Inc. provides an online platform that connects hosts who have accommodations to rent with guests seeking to rent such accommodations.
Airbnb Company will require confirmation which is first 2 months + a security deposit *kaution - is required at the start of the lease and it will be refunded at the end of the contract (a 30 day notice is required). You have to book the first 2 months from their website and from the moment your booking is confirmed, Airbnb representative will contact you about viewing and you can move in straight away. First you have to book it and one of their representatives will contact you to arrange the appointment.
You will pay the money with credit card to them (2 months + *kaution). Airbnb will secure the money till you move in the property. If by any reason you decide to not rent it, we cancel the agreement and Airbnb will refund the money back to you.
So how it's sounds? Are you ready to rent this apartment, or you allow to someone else to rent this gorgeous apartment.

After seeing the apartment, you will have to make your decision, if you wish to take it or not. I will receive the money only after you have seen the apartment and decided to take it. After these first 2 months you will send the rent monthly directly to my personal bank account. The meeting will take place in the apartment and he will give you the keys and sign contract for the period wanted by you (we will make a fixed lease on German law between us minimum 2 months up to 10 years).

In order to reserve the apartment, I need the following information (complete name of the future tenant; direct telephone number;). Also I need a copy of your ID or passport to complete all the necessary papers for you as a future tenant. If you want you can send directly to them at this e-mail : [email protected] all your details. After that I will list the apartment on and send you the link so you can book it .

As soon I receive your info, I will send the reservation request through Airbnb.

I've invested a lot in this apartment and I'm sure you'll love it.
So I guess this is it for now, I hope I didn't forget anything.
Thanks for your time!
Best. Gerda
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