Room for Rent and other rental scams
#397523 by Michelle Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:40 am
From: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Hello ,

Thanks for your email and interest in the property. I personally own the property and also want you to know that it was due to my transfer that made me and my wife to leave the property and also want to give it out for rent and looking for a responsible person that can take very good care of it as we are not after the money for the rent but want it to be clean at the time and the person that will rent it to take it as if it were its own. So for now, We are here in United State, our new house and also with the keys and documents of the house, we try to look for an agent that we can give this documents before we left but could not see and we are as well as don't want our property to be used any how in our present that is why we took it along with us. I and my wife came over to United State I WORK WITH ABUSED CHILDREN AND SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN.I,M A THERAPIST, so i hope you will promise us to take very good care of the house. kindly get back to me on how you could take care of our house or perhaps experience you have in renting home. The rent fee is included all the utilities . I am looking forward to hear from you ASAP so that i can forward you an application form to fill out and discuss on how to get the property for rent.

God bless you

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>

Thanks for your prompt reply,I am very happy to read from you and i am willing and wish to rent my property to you.Actually, all i and my wife care about is just a good tenant to take better care of the place for us and i am putting all my trust in you.

The rent fee includes all utilities such as:Phone/Internet/Cable/Dishware /Microwave/central Air Condition/laundry/fridge/heating and so on.Damage deposit is $700 while the rent fee is $1400 but note that the damage deposit is refundable after your tenancy.We have plans in buying another house in Canada when we return and we will be visiting home whenever we are on vacation,so you can live there for as long as you want.We will require the first month rent to be sent to us when you receive the keys and documents of the property you we send the damages deposit.I want you to fill the rent application form below and send it back to me.



Kindly fill the rent application form and once everything is okay with me, i will contact the shipping company (FEDEX DELIVERY) to come pick up the keys and documents for shipping asap.Also, i will get back to you with a payment details to send the Damage deposit.

Below are the content of the package that will be ship over to you:

1. Description and Full address to the property
2. Bunch of Keys including the entrance and room keys
3. A month and damage deposit receipt

My Name is Trevor while my wife name is Theresa and my Daughter name is Sharon.

Hope to see you there soon, kindly make sure you get back to me asap so that i can have everything ready...You can also reach me on this number:1
(818) 869-0407.My phone is usually off when i am at work,but you can text me if it's not going through.
Thank you.

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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