Room for Rent and other rental scams
#398796 by Chaima Amlouk Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:23 am
This is one of the rent scammers that I have faced. They always say that they are living abroad and that you have to pay first to secure the apartment.
Here is the Email:

Thank you for your interest. Hope to see you soon and sign the documents
As I told you, I now live in Cyprus.
The apartment is renovated exactly as you see in the pictures. I would like to rent the apartment from more 1 year , so you can stay how long you want.
As I told you I come as soon as I am 100% sure you are serious and you will rent. I sent you pictures, the apartment is exactly like them.
We can meet at the apartment address or in any other place by agreement, for me is not a problem but, before we set up meeting date and time, I want to be sure that you will come to meet me and I will not do this travel in vain! ( I've been lied once with a meeting to see the apartment and nobody came to the meeting so, I don't want to make again the same mistake ) .
For that reason, I want to do renting process only through GREEN APARTMENT (it is one of the best ways to be sure that you are serious and have enough money to rent the apartment, these days). My apartment is verified by Green Apartment, is verified, together with the documents.

- Here are the terms, and how this company works . Here you will see all details about payment and documents.
- After reading and accepting the terms and conditions you must complete this Application for renting an apartment
- Once you have completed the rental application, Green Apartment will check and if everything is correct, they will contact you with the payment details.

You have to deposit money in the account of Green Apartment as security and proof until I come to meet with you and we sign the contract.
As soon as I receive a reply from the company and they confirm that you are checked and everything is fine and the money is in their account, I will send you a copy after the flight ticket.
I want to tell you that money will remain in Green Apartment custody until we meet and you have the contract signed. After that they will give me my money and you will pay me monthly in my account and you will have it in the contract.

- As proof that the apartment is mine and not a lie or fraud, I can send you my documents, a photo with me, and a copy of the electricity bill from E-on.

Please check their service and if this is ok for you , just Fill the Application for renting an apartment with all the data, and if everything is ok you will get all the information from them and after you finish the rental application , we will set up a day for our meeting .
Please read with attention because i want you to understand all the terms.
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