Room for Rent and other rental scams
#412297 by Michelle Tue Jun 16, 2020 2:42 am
Debbie Allen <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for your reply. We own the place and our daughter lived there until January when she got married and she moved to WA.
That`s why we decided to rent it.

Unfortunately, because of my job, it will be a bit difficult to meet you personally now, for the moment we are in NY and I am unable to travel right now. End of February I was there to meet a couple who was interested, but they never showed up, and it's not comfortable to fly back and forth from NY, especially when work commitments are made. Because of that we decide to make everything through Airbnb, an international company that mainly deals with rentals.
They will organize the inspection and will also assist you in managing the payment.

I`ll make the booking registration for you with Airbnb, and they will send you by e-mail the booking confirmation containing all the rental information including the payment information.
You`ll have to make a down payment of 1 month of rent to Airbnb and after they will receive it, an agent will be assigned for your reservation, which will contact you to inspect the place. Can be even the same day when the down payment was made.

If you like the place, you`ll sign the lease, you`ll get the keys from the Airbnb agent and you can move in right away.
The down payment is 100% refundable, after the inspection if you do not like the place and you do not want to rent it, Airbnb will return your down payment in full immediately.

If you would like to proceed, please give me your details (full name, current address and phone number) and we will make the registration for you with Airbnb.

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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