Room for Rent and other rental scams
#21066 by Michelle Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:20 am
> From: Andrew Gray <[email protected]>
> Subject: room mate
> To: Michelle
> Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 10:09 AM
> Hi,
> I am writing just to confirm
> if you still have the room for rent..............If YES,
> Please I appreciate if you could furnish me with answers to
> the following questions below:
> 1) I will like to have the
> description of the room, size, and the equipments in
> there.
> 2) I will like to have the
> rent fee per month plus the utilities.
> 3) I would love to bring
> some of my furniture, only if given permission by you, like
> bed, bookshelf because I enjoy reading a lot, shoe rank
> etc
> 4) I will also like to
> know if you accept US Cashier’s check / Money
> orders and also if I can make a down payment to show
> commitment (one month rent).
> 5) If the 4 questions are
> YES, I will like to know the total cost for my initial move
> that is for the first month rent plus utilities and if any
> deposit is necessary.
> 6) I will like to know the
> major intersection nearest your neighbourhood, like shopping
> mall, bus line e.t.c
> 7) Lastly, I will like to
> know more about you and would also appreciate if you could
> tell me more about yourself so as to give me an insight of
> your personality.
> I would be very grateful if
> all my questions are answered in all honesty.
> Below is something about
> myself:
> I am 26 years old and
> I work full time, Monday through Friday and have weekends
> off .I am great fan of Arsenal football club in the United
> Kingdom,
> though I love basketball games. I am very outgoing and also
> I am fun to be with. I do play the organ and piano. I
> don't drink and I don't smoke or take drugs.
> I like going to
> movies, camping, hiking, bike ridding, swimming, and I love
> to travel.
> I am an easy going person
> and would love to have an apartment/roommate that is very
> responsible and understanding, someone I can really get
> along with.
> I am presently in England
> and I intend to move to the States for a
> year or more .I will be staying in your apartment and will
> be paying my rent monthly.
> Fortunately, I saw
> your advert and I am sincerely interested in the vacancy
> advertised and I will be arriving the
> States as soon as it is confirmed that I have a place
> to live.
> I need answers to the
> above listed questions as soon as possible so as to enable
> me finalize plans with my client whom I will be working with
> to arrange payment and make it available to you.
> Hope to hear from you
> soon.
> Thanks for your anticipated
> cooperation.
> Warmest Regard,
> Andrew Gray


#21218 by Michelle Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:22 am
Follow up mail:-

from Andrew Gray <[email protected]>
to Michelle
subject Payment has been sent today
Signed by

Hi Michelle

The payment has been sent so I would want you to deduct the total amount you stated for the rent and then send the balance through western union transfer to the travel agents responsible for transportation as soon as you can.
This is the travel agents name and address.

Mr Steve Merricks

Transworld Travel Services
134 Upton Lane
London UK.

Send the money to Steve Merricks through western union money transfer, then send the information given to you to my email so I could confirm to him so he could pick it up.


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