Room for Rent and other rental scams
#139531 by robert_varn Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:35 pm
From: David Kuban <[email protected]>
Date: 1 December 2012 11:11
Subject: Re : 660 $ Yaletown Studio - Downtown

I was contacted these days by this scammer. Here are all the invoices sent to me by this "David Kuban".
Here is using SmartRentOnline a website which has nothing to do with a rental payment sent from the United Kingdom using a fake BANK ACCOUNT from Barclays bank. You will see below the invoice :

Inline image 1

SmartRentOnline - Secure Internet Escrow Service. Safe, Quick & Easy Online Escrow
SmartRentOnline - Secure Online Transactions -

Residential Tenancy Invoice - 35380131-01
Transaction Date: 13/12/2012

SmartRentOnline reduces the risks associated with Internet transactions by acting as a licensed neutral third party such as Escrow. The seller delivers the package to one of nearest SmartRentOnline agents for full evaluation of content. The package remains in the company custody until the receiver will send the payment through bank transfer. After verifying the funds, SmartRentOnline is ready to ship the parcel to the designated address.

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Address Information:

Ship To:


First name:
Last name:
Fleet Street
Postal Code:

United Kingdom
The image ... 1.65.1.gif cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Shipment Information:
SmartRentOnline Escrow Services
Delivered By:
2 days
Shipment ID:

Description of goods:

Apartment Keys and rental contract inspected by our agent. Owner of the apartment located in: 985 Homer St, Vancouver, BC,V6B 2V6, Canada
Declared Value:
$1.320.00 CAD ( first month rent + damage deposit)
Shipping Costs:

$0.00 CAD (Paid by the sender)

NOTE: The package will be delivered to your address using TNT Global Express ( Next Day shipping ) as soon as we receive the payment confirmation. You will receive the Transaction Confirmation from TNT Global Express after the payment is confirmed to us!

Package Information:

Apartment Keys and rental contract verified by our company agent (ALL THE PAPERS ARE IN ORDER) and signed by the Sender. Owner of the apartment located in:
985 Homer St, Vancouver, BC,V6B 2V6, Canada

-Package ID:------------
-Insured Value Amount: $1.320.00 CAD

Payment Information:


Payment information: (How to pay)
Payment method: Bank Transfer!

The 1320 CAD deposit must be transfered to our bank account from England.

The amount of 1320 CAD must be transfered to the following account:

Bank Name: Barclays
Company Address: 74 Kings Cross Road,London,WC1X 9QG,England
Accont Number:23-92-71-56
IBAN: GB45-BARC-2046-7623-9271-56 (Most important!!!)
Sort Code: 20-46-76

When you pay, please write down the motivation for wich you are sending the money : "NUMBER 3538013-01 FROM Emmanuel Romefort

© SmartRentOnline Inc All Rights Reserved.


Dear Customer XXX,

Please find attached an copy of the Residential Tenancy Contract!

The Landlord David Kuban has deposited the rental contract and the keys of the the following apartment: Apartment on 985 Homer St, Vancouver, BC,V6B 2V6, Canada. The rental package is currently in our company's custody.

All the papers has been inspected by our company regarding proof of ownership.

When you pay, please write down the motivation for which you are sending the money : " NUMBER 35380131-01 FROM XXX"

After you make the deposit you need to send us an email with a copy of the bank receipt.

We are waiting for your payment as soon as possible.

After you have made the payment, in no more than 4 to 6 days the rental package will arrive at your address !

Thank you for your understanding !

Team Smart Rent Online!
Tel: +44 2070971440
Tel: +44 2032895169
Tel: +44 08447747840
Fax: +44 08447741990

I want to inform you that I already started this transaction and I went to the SmartRentOnline office here in London , I gave them the keys , legal papers and the rental contract .

They verified everything and they started this transaction . Can you please tell me if :

# SMartRentOnline contacted you ?

# Did you understood the process etc ?

# You need help in understanding the process ?

I tried to cal you but you didn`t answered me . Please call me or email me as soon as possible .


PS : Can you please give me an valid phone number ?


#139532 by robert_varn Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:43 pm
I am sure that this INFORMATION will help someone to protect his money...

Smart Rent Online Inc <[email protected]>
Smart Rent Online Inc <[email protected]>
Smart Rent Online Inc <[email protected]>
Smart Rent Online Inc <[email protected]>
This is not the official email address of

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