Room for Rent and other rental scams
#141416 by Mark84 Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:41 pm

This scam is not only limited to Germany, They are also active in other European countries (The Netherlands, Utrecht), especially in cities popular for students and tourists.

I saw the following ad:
Email address of scammer is [email protected]

It offers a small apartment in Marburg, Germany, The pictures show very well furnished and nice apartment with all utilities for a bargain monthly rent of 350 Euro only!!

No phone number is in the ad so I sent him an email to have more details.
and I received the following email:


I received your email of interest for the rental of my apartment located in Germany.The apartment is still available.There is no other persons in the house, so you will not have to share the apartment. The apartment is fully furnished like you see in the pictures.

My name is Mario Curter, i live in United Kingdom, i have a lovely wife Vivian and 26 year old daughter, Gabriella.I am very proud to say that soon i'm going to be a grandfather.I bought this apartment for my daughter during her studies in Germany but now she's back in UK permanently so nobody is there to take care about renting it, so I will just send you the keys and contract using a Estate Delivery Company. They will act as a third party in our transaction.

I hope it's OK with you, since this is the only reliable option. The apartment has the following facilities:Wireless internet facilities,Phone,Microwave,Washing machine,Plasma TV,DVD Player,Dryer,Dishwasher,Refrigerator,Freezer,Toaster,Bathroom toilet,Lounge/living room,Kitchen,Utility room.

If you are still interested to rent my apartment just answer me and i will give you more details . Thank you and hope to hear back from you.


A day later I received the following email:

Hello again,
Thank you for answer me so fast.
The price for one month of rent is € 350 including all the utilities costs .
Of course I would need one warranty month as well of € 350 , which you would get back when you will leave the apartment(you will have to give me at least 30 days notice).

I am not interested to make a lot of money from the rent as I am interested to find a tenant that will take goof care of the property.I wish to rent my apartment to some nice and responsible people and in order to do that I have to know a some details about you (Your name,address,like how many persons are you planning to live in the apartment, for how long, if you have a steady income, etc.). You should also know that I appreciate sincerity very much.

Because didn’t had time to find a trustworthy person, don’t have any friends in the area to send the keys I found an alternate solution in order to close the transaction safe for the both of us ,a company who will handle the payment and keys + contract delivery, it is an international company called ImmobilienScout24 GMBH. I will pay the transaction fees.

They will provide assistance in handling the payment and delivery of the Keys and Lease Agreement. With this procedure you will be able to check the apartment and after that they will pay me or no depend if you will keep the apartment or not.

To avoid any misunderstanding i will glad explain you step by step how the transaction work if you are interested.
Looking forward to receiving your response.
Thank you

As you can see, He is using a standard email and gives details that are not necessary! (info about his family)

It is a fraud.

I hope nobody falls for him!

The scammer has deleted the ad in Marburg website, He is using the same photos of this Studio for Rent ad in Berlin ... 45x30952-1

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