Room for Rent and other rental scams
#22310 by Michelle Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:00 am
From: ana gleeson < [email protected] >
> Subject: Re: Reply to your ad: fully finished and furnished one bedroom apartment for rent in Leeds
> To: Michelle
> Date: Sunday, 7 February, 2010,
> Dear Michelle
> Thanks for your response. I can make reservation for the
> said period of time.
> However owing to my past unpleasant experience of inviting
> intending tenant to view my flat without confirming if
> they are actually able to pay their rent at the right time
> has caused me a great discomfort and as such do not want to
> experience it anymore, because i have to travel all the way
> from Scotland to take interested candidate round my flat. I
> do hope you understand my point of view.
> In view of the previous occurrences, I do not want to
> collect any money from you as i have not taken you round my
> flat and signed your contract with my lawyer, but my lawyer
> have strongly advised me to confirm that you can pay your
> rent as at when due, so before we can proceed for the
> viewing, I will like to confirm if you can afford my rent.
> All you need to do now is to make transfer of a 2 weeks
> rent and security deposit of £400 to your friend or
> partner within the UK through Western Union Money Transfer
> The reason for using western union money transfer is that
> it is faster and my lawyer can easily confirm the transfer
> almost immediately he receives the scanned copy of the
> transfer receipt or the details of the transfer
> Once you are done with the transfer, get back to me with
> the scanned copy of the transfer receipt as i forward it to
> my lawyer to confirm if the transfer is valid or not and
> available for pick-up by your friend or partner.Once my
> lawyer confirms the transaction valid, i will then ask you
> to tell your friend to pick up the money for you, then we
> can immediately proceed for the viewing. I shall refund the
> cost of transfer to you when we meet for the viewing. After
> the viewing, if you like my flat, you can proceed to signing
> the contract and then pay your rent and security deposit to
> me directly.
> Kindly proceed with the transfer and get back to me as soon
> as possible.
> Do not hesitate to ask anymore question.
> Regards
> Mr/Mrs Gleeson
> 07024082891


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