Room for Rent and other rental scams
#25325 by Michelle Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:05 pm
From: [email protected]
To: Michelle
Subject: RE: Reply to your ad: Lovely And Quite 2Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Newcastle,Rent Include All Bills
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010

Thanks for your email and interest in my Apartment so fill out my form below and we can go from there, since i am not residing there for now,The apartment is fully Furnished and has a big storage. The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils,refrigerator-freezer,four-hob and oven, microwave,dishwasher and washing machine, my computer connected with Internet access.I have the keys and document with me here in West Africa Nigeria to be precise,I and my wife had the intension of selling our property before leaving but after a while we decided to place it for rent and and had few tenants before now so the apartment is very available and ready for you to move in if you are really interested in my apartment.I am here on a missionarry work with my family and will be here for 3yrs but on Due cases i will be visiting to check on you and my apartment cause absolute maintainance of my apartment is what i am after cause its newly renovated,Very spacious and Clean,So after Normal process is taking i shall be sending you the keys and document for you to move in, Also i will like you to know that the rent charges is not really the issue, hope you are okay with the price of 100Gbp per Week which is 400Gbp Per Month including all bills like hydro, heat laundry facilities, aircondition and so on, but your absolute maintenance of my apartment is most important to me, if you are really interested renting this apartment fill the application below and get back to me with the answers,Moreover as a man of God i intend to do my things with soft kindered heart.
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1 full, 0 partial
Sq Footage 900
Parking 1 dedicated
Pet Policy Pets Allowed
Property Location...................... 14 Osborne Road, Newcastle, NE2 2AA

********PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL*********
Also,Pls answer these questions below:
1)Your Full Name_________________________ ____________
2)Present Address(where you reside now) & Phone __________________
3)How old are you___________________________
4)Are you married _ _____________________________ _____
5)How many people will be living in the apartment __ ________________
6)Do you have a pet ____ __________________________ _________
7)Do you have a car _______ _______________________ ___________
8 )Occupation ____________ _________________
9)What is your religion __ ____________________________ _________
10)How long are you willing to stay _______ ____________________-
11)When do you intend to move in ___
12)1 month Or 2 month deposit needed ___________________________
13)Picture of you or Occupants......--------------------
Beautiful 2 bedroom flat (£100 pw)This is a beautiful light and spacious flat in a safe environment. I rebuilt this 2 years ago from a derelict property, and so it benefits from current standards in acoustic & thermal insulation, and is in excellent condition,This beautiful Two bedroom apartment!! Comes with ALL of the following appliances; front loading washer/dryer, stove/oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and a microwave. New carpet and a gas fireplace in the room. the bedroom are upstairs with high ceilings and large windows.
Central heat Fireplace Walk-in closet
Family room Living room Dishwasher
Refrigerator Stove/Oven Microwave
Washer Dryer Laundry area – inside
Balcony, Deck, or Patio Yard Cable-ready
I personally will come visiting you sometime during the year as our new tenant,Looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file as my new tenant and we can go on with the process.Awaiting your reply so that we can discuss on how to get the document and the keys to you.
Thanks And God Bless.
Rev Derrick Fitzgerald

From: Offline Rev Derrick Fitzgerald ([email protected])
Sent: 30 March 2010
To: Michelle
Thanks a lot for your response,My apartment is fully furnished, located in a good and quite neighbourhood.I can also see your williness to rent my apartment,Hope everything is fine with you,so we can proceed,I will give you full description in the package which i will be sending to you via Dhl which will contain entrance keys and the documents of the apartment but you need to make the deposit first to secure the apartment and i am doing this cause i have been taking avantage of before and i am not willing to fall a victim again.You can't view the inside as i told you earlier because the keys and documents are here with me.You can view the location.So if you are comfortable with that, you can get back to me.I know how you feel at this point in time, As it wasn't my fault, as we were suppose to lock up the apartment at the very time we where leaving for missionary trip down to West Africa (Nigeria),and we never had an intension of renting it out. It was just my wife who said it will be wise to rent it out, since she was worried about the maintenance of the inside,So the tenant can always keep it clean ,The rent payment which as agreed as stated in the first mail 100Gbp per weeks which is 400Gbp monthly,But you need to make a deposit of 400Gbp to secure the apartment which is refundable immediately you move in...I would be sending the following documents to you via DHL to your present residential address which you provided to me in your application form and the tracking number will be sent to you so that when you are ready to occupy the place it will be convenient for you.Once again, we are giving you this on trust and honesty and do not dissapoint us and I promise you that you will love it.So i have the keys and the receipt for payment will also be made available, which will be packaged together with the package,But do i email you the lease agreement contract form as attachment for you to go through it sign it and email it back to me after which i will email you my details to make payment Via western union money transfer,Here are the contents of the package.

1)Entrance and the rooms Keys
2)The house documetary file.
3)Payment Reciept.
4)Original signed copy of lease contract agreement


So let me know about your final decision,so that we can proceed on the next step to send the keys of the Apartment to you through DHL as soon as i confirm your first month deposit payment which is refundable after the first month you move in.I will be getting back to you with the tracking number as i have said and the arrival time of the package.Do get back to me with your address where you want the package to be sent to..So fill in your Delivering Information below:

1)Reciever"s Name:
2)Reciever"s Address:
3)Reciever"s Phone #:

Thanks and God Bless you as i look forward to hear from you.
Thanks And Remain Blessed.
Rev Derrick Fitzgerald

The thief will tell you that you can rent his accommodation only if you can prove that you have genuine interest. He will ask you send money by wire transfer (normally Western Union) to yourself or a member of the family to show that you have sufficient finances and that you are not a "time waster".

Another variation of this scam is that you need to send (by Western Union) money in order that the keys and other documents can be couriered to you

He will ask you to send him the transfer details.

Make no mistake ! Western Union Transfers can be picked up virtually anywhere in the world and with the minimum of identification. They are almost impossible to trace once the money has been collected. You will never get to see the accommodation or your money again.

If you are reading this because you are looking for property to rent, and you are in contact with this thief you are probably searching Gumtree or similar listing sites. If you receive any requests from 'Landlords' asking for some kind of payment by Western Union before viewing, then it will also be a scam. Please forward the mail to me at the address in my signature line and I will investigate and list them if necessary.


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