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#53011 by barbybrazil Tue May 10, 2011 5:08 am
Risa wrote:Dear all, please help me!!
Actually this is not new topics because someone named Debbie ever posted the similar cases with title "US ARMY LEAVE SCAM - AFGHANISTAN". But let me tell me what is happening to me.
I have received request from a Sgt Harrison Stone (SSN 32006) in the US Army in Afghanistan to ask for a leave permit to meet him. I send the request to [email protected] and i have got confirmation on behalf of General Benjamin Hanks, Leave Permit Processing Dept., New York, New York, United States.

In the leave request form, they are asking for $ 880.00 (processing fee) to be paid so his leave will be granted. That fee should be send to the financial secretary to the below address:
ZIP : 45501-0271

Sgt Harrison Stone has an email address [email protected]. We have been corresponding via yahoo messenger.

Please.....please help me because I don't know anything about US Army because I am not American. Am i being scammed?? Harrison Stone also never never asked me for money.
Dear Debbie, if you read my messages, please let me know what should I do??
I am waiting the reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please keep this e-mail for your records. Your account information is as
follows:Please keep this e-mail for your records. Your account information is as

I was a victim of Joe Butterfield, he had a facebook profile, two different profiles, one a colonel joseph Butterfield of the high command of U.S. Army Special Forces (he deleted it) and as Major Joe Butterfield still on facebook, send me the covenceu money $ 700 via Western Union to buy a cell phone but for that I should send the money to Karl SOFG whose address is: 469 Ena Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 USA, he never obviously bought the phone because he used the excuse that the line does not was available in Afghanistan and said that today was being transferred to Libya and do not know if I could communicate again for yahoo messenger, and he has two e-mail: [email protected] and [email protected].
He says man, tall white, widower with a son named Declan and this son says he can not speak for a long time, well, I fell in the coup, I thought I was more expert but I fell, and I am now warning that misfortune never a colonel could solcita money, I was an idiot.
I have all the pictures he sends emails in combat where it appears with the name on his uniform Butterfield and photos of the child he says he has.
I can help with whatever they need, his conversation is always the same with all women ok?
Hugs and take care
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#53032 by Dotti Tue May 10, 2011 8:59 am
Welcome Barbara,

I'm sorry to hear you were scammed, but glad you now know the truth and will not fall for more of the scammer's lies. Given the opportunity, the scammer would gladly steal all of your money without hesitation.

I have separated this scammer into a separate topic to make it easier for other victims to find the information.

Please read the information for victims in my signature line, and post as much information as you can about this scammer. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Need to post photos?
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#53035 by barbybrazil Tue May 10, 2011 10:05 am
Hello Dotti
I was horrified by everything I read last night that I decided to post my story with that opportunist, I kept all the emails and he sent pictures and everything related to it that I got on the internet, not only could post the photos or fake scammer expecificam as anybody on the blog, if you want I send you the pictures and stuff I could you want? Please I need help other vitimas.perdao my English is weak.
I appreciate the kindness
#64662 by hd2702 Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:33 am

Looks like this guy is back but now called David Butterfield...... sent me a message on Facebook with the following info:

I am in the USA Army and it has provided me ample opportunity to travel and do things that I would have never done I have been stationed in South Carolina (twice) Ft Jackson where I met my beautiful wife, Shannon but she is Late now. I got to spend a year in Korea with her ...still try to find good Korean food where ever I go. I have spent many months in Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq and recently in Afghanistan.,I enjoy quiet nights at home I can describe myself as a loving, caring, honest, kind,sincere, and above all a God fearing man, with good morals and values.and have got sense of humor,love kids alot and have lot of respect for women I do not cheat or play games..

Have been talking with him on Yahoo and almost got caught by him. He tells you he is an orphan and now a widower. Uses the photos that were posted on here. Real sweet talker...... says wants to hear your voice and you need to submit a request for a satellite phone for him.... he even supplied a email address.

Guys like this need to be stopped .... they just cause pain and destroy people's belief in finding love and happiness again! I'm so glad I've found this information now.
#64687 by Arnold Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:23 am
Welcome to Scamwarners, and I'm glad this site helped you. Can you post the scammer's email address please, plus the one given you for buying the "phone". Once the search engines find them, they may alert potential victims.

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#69025 by hd2702 Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:34 am
Scammer wrote:Hi,

Sorry for the delay in replying to this but I had a friend do some digging around for me on this "guy".

After the initial contact on via Facebook he asked me to move onto Yahoo IM, as the putter over there was really slow on FB. He only sent one email with a photo and always said he would send more but never happened. I have put in the information he sent in his email:

"Hey Helen i am just getting my ass out of work and i decided to write you an email telling much more better about me, I'm very much so happy to see your pictures i cant stop looking at the great smile you put on WOW you knock me off !! ….Hey here i go my name is David Butterfield like you already know, 45 live in South Carolina I'm widower i am blessed with 2 lovely Kids they are my life and everything , I enjoy boating, hiking, camping,fishing, baseball, walks on the beach, sunsets, movies, music, cooking, hockey. I am Presently, active in the USA Army and been deployed at Afghanistan though I have planned to retire from the Army soon in order to start a family life I really need a woman to come up to and be when I will be back to the state, a woman that will be mine forever and that will cherish me for me.....

I am a God fearing man, with good morals and values am honest I do not cheat or play games, I can't stand seeing some one been intentionally hurt I have had my heart broken before and will never pass that kind of pain to a woman I'm a simple man with a big heart you will find that i am very caring, understanding, patient,loving and kind. I am full of passion and romance, and have an endless amount of love to offer the right woman I'm searching to find that one woman that will take my breath away, the one woman that I can never stop thinking of for any reason, the one woman that the mere whisper of her name brings a smile to my face. She must be not only my best friend, but also my soul mate. My commitment to this woman will be till the end of time when i find her asking her hand in marriage is all i ever hope for, I must tell you that I am also old fashioned in my beliefs and would defend and protect this woman at any cost for any reason.

I believe that a woman should be able to look up to her man for protection, for well being, and for strength. I intend on fulfilling these roles without failure, I will be this one special woman's knight in shinning armor. This special woman will know that I am deeply in love with her, for I am the type of man that showers her in my love, Whether it be flowers, gifts of candy or jewelry, or just a simple "I love you" and a kiss, she will always know she is loved and appreciated.

Helen i hope to have caught your attention with this letter, and would like to discover who you really are, and how much love you have inside of your heart , For you could be the woman i am searching for LOL . The only person that truly knows that answer is God himself. I am willing to take the chance and see, if you are willing to get along you really seems so sweet. Someone once told me "It is better to have lived life and regret what we have done, than to never have lived and regret doing nothing." I believe this to be true. If you decide that you are interested in discovering the real me and seeing if I'm the man you are searching for, please write back to me to me Helen.I will patiently be awaiting your letter.

I'm Taking A Nap And Thinking of you


As you can see it pretty much follows the lines of all scam emails/letters of this nature.

With the request for a satellite phone, sent the link which is [email protected] which is just a "harvester" site. Also the IP address for the email, [email protected] shows that it was sent via a dial up internet service from Nigeria (

I hope this information helps anyone else who has been contacted by this guy. I feel sorry for the real person who's photos they are using.

I haven't heard from him for a couple of weeks which I'm grateful for ...... but just received a IM message from him - he is unreal!!
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#70169 by crazystupid Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:14 pm
This guy contacted me under the name Sgt Peter Butterfield. Same photos. Divorced. Ex died. Kid with uncle in England. Blah blah blah. Do NOT fall for his story. He is a scammer. Wanted money. Says he's retiring and "coming home to me" next week. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I feel so stupid. It's taking me a while to work through this deceit. So disappointing.
#98217 by kas Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:41 pm
He has been on Be2 dating site & facebook under the name Mike Butterfield, using the email [email protected]; he sent me photos of "him with his boys James & Terry" as well as the one in the military uniform and the blue T shirt, can't work out how to upload them though, will keep trying. So glad I did some research and found this site.
#106992 by pinktulip Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:08 pm
He's on facebook now, as JAMES BUTTERFIELD.

And I fear he is scamming a friend of a friend, who has the picture of him in the military garb on her facebook page, stating they are engaged. She met him 2 months ago on They have never met but she said he is coming to see her June 8, 2 days from now, that he proposed and he is going to buy her a house when he gets here from Mexico.

I sent her the link to this page and she doesn't believe me. My gawd! It's the same exact picture! How can this woman be so dense?!
#106993 by pinktulip Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:11 pm
P.S. He has 5 friends on this facebook page, all female, appear to be middle aged. I sent them each a private message with a link to this scam info, and said PLEASE do not send him any money. I hope they heed my warning. Whoever is using this identity is scum!
#143999 by Mother Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:18 pm
David Butterfield contacted me on facebook and I understood he was a fake. This is what he wrote to me:
My dear ,My darling,

How are you today ? I hope you are fine over there ? I thank you once again , I am writing you an email to tell you more about my self.My dear, I had spent over 2 years here in Afghanistan war camp for peace keeping assignment without having any friend outside my work so it is my greatest pleasure to meet you here.Well, I have my home in Newark New jersey and i still have another house in New York City too,I will take you to my home as soon as i have my vacation early next year .

My dear, I am really happy that i found you on face book, I would also want a serious relationship with you, I am very simple officer and caring also, I am not getting younger as you can see and i would want serious relationship from you .I am single for now because my wife died long time ago and ever since my wife died i had not really fall in love with anyone .My dear, Immediately i viewed your profile i became interested in you and i also love your lips dear, I know you are a God sent to me and i thank God that i had found you, Kindly give me your heart i will handle with care,Honestly you look so beautiful and sexy , You are my kind of woman ,You should also be free to ask me any question you feel like asking .

My darling, I would have love to speak with you on the telephone ,I know you should have a lovely voice but the problem here in war camp we are not allowed to use telephone and we are not also allowed to use webcam too.As you can see, we are in a tight place here in war camp ,I am really happy that i found you.My dear, I have a son his name is Gibson ,he is 13 yrs old and he lives and studies in Uk ,I will write him after i send this mail to you i am gonna tell him about you,Please free to ask me any question ,I will stop here until i hear from you again, Have a nice day and take good care.
Yours Lover,
Capt David
He must get stopped!!!
#144000 by Mother Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:21 pm
I did the same sent them a link to this page. I wrote to at least 15 people on his facebook. I also sent a mail to facebook and gave them this information.

pinktulip wrote:P.S. He has 5 friends on this facebook page, all female, appear to be middle aged. I sent them each a private message with a link to this scam info, and said PLEASE do not send him any money. I hope they heed my warning. Whoever is using this identity is scum!

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