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#440544 by JonasSignal Sat Jul 22, 2023 8:26 am
Is this bank for real?
Waited a week for payment now but they keep blaming security updates etc.
I feel that I have been cheated, see email below.
Is there anything I can do to stop this?
Sent my package containing a drone to Ireland. DHL in Sweden cannot stop the delivery.
Any help and advice is welcome.

The Online Transfer Order From Unicredit Bank Has Been Approved
Dear: Jonas Signal ,

You've received wire transfer of 13,700.00 kr from Paul Getty .
We are contacting you regarding the transfer that was placed by Paul Getty in your favor, The total amount of 13,700.00 kr
was paid to your account as payment of an auction item and it has been Approved and the payment details are stated below.

Payment Details
Transaction ID: IE74820640380000326933
Transaction Date: 14-07-2023
Payment Method:
Account Number: XXXX-XXXX-6332
Payment Status:

Money Transfer From:

Bank Name: Unicredit Bank
Account Name: Paul Getty
AccountNumber: XXXX-XXXX- 6332
Sort Code : 08-60-86
Bank Branch: 26-27 Eldon Street
E-Mail: [email protected]

Money Transferred TO:
Bank Name: Handelsbanken
Account Name: Jonas Signal
Account No.


E-Mail: [email protected]

Current Percent%:
Transfer status : SWEDEN

Delivery Information:
Name : Paul Getty


Zip code:

Co offaly



Transactiontype: PURCHASE
Item Description
Item Title: DJI Air
1 Unit
Delivery Method: DHL / UPS /DPD

Billing Summary:
Transfer Amount: 13,700.00 kr
Transfer Fees: +00.00 EUR
Promotion Discount: - 0.00 EUR

Total: 13,700.00 kr

Transfer Summary:
Estimated Exchange Rate: 1 EUR
Estimated Transfer Amount: 13,700.00 kr

Estimated Total to Receiver 13,700.00 kr

Please Read Carefully:The total amount above has been deducted from Paul Getty account ,To this effect he or she has no right to withdraw or claim money back and fund will be credited into your account immediately the shipment is confirmed from you. Get back to us with the shipping tracking or reference number for verification proposes, Once shipment tracking code have been verified money will be credited into your Bank account immediately. Do not provide the buyer with the shipment tracking code until we credit your account. Mail the shipment tracking code to our customer care only at: [email protected]

Nuvarande tillstånd: GODKÄND ÖVERFÖRING
Läs noga: Hela beloppet ovan har dragits från Paul Getty konto. För detta ändamål har du ingen rätt att ta ut eller återkräva pengar, och beloppet kommer att krediteras ditt konto så snart du bekräftar försändelsen. Kontakta oss med din fraktspårning eller referensnummer för inspektionsförslag. Efter att ha verifierat försändelsens spårningskod, krediteras pengarna omedelbart till ditt bankkonto. Ge inte köparen spårningskoden förrän vi har krediterat deras faktura. Skicka spårningskoden till vår kundtjänst endast på adressen nedan: [email protected]

Important Note: We have confirmed and verified the postage address provided by Paul Getty please send the item to the above address only for transaction to be Valid. For any questions Regarding this transfer, contact us: [email protected]


#440545 by AlanJones Sat Jul 22, 2023 8:42 am
I'm sorry, but this is definitely a scam. Banks don't use free AOL email addresses.

The only thing you can do is to try contacting your local police to report the crime, but it is very likely that they won't be able to help you get the drone back.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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