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#73133 by TJVaida Sat Nov 05, 2011 1:50 am
Please be warned of emails coming from "[email protected]". It is a scam! He is impostering as U.S. Soldiers in need of a satellite phone (cost is $320). In the particular situation I know of he says his name is CPT Donald Beaumont but is sending pictures of a SGT Boggs (see picture below). He is preying on women who are on dating sites. Clearly this criminal is an idiot because he doesn't even know the military ranking system. I copied and pasted the email below:

"Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for the Inquiry, our service is to provide phoning and Satellite facilities for civilian and Military Personnel.
We specialize in providing global satellite access services. MILSAT solutions have been implemented for U.S. Department of State, United States Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Australian Defence Force (ADF), Command of Polish Navy, Special Military Formation GROM, 1st Special Commando Regiment, Polish National Police, Polish National Headquarters of the State Fire Services, Border Guard (Poland), Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the=2 0Republic of Poland, World Bank Group, Lockheed Martin Information Technology, Halliburton Energy Services, KBR, General Dynamics Information Technology, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace, US Naval Research Laboratory, ITT 0ACorporation - Aerospace / Communications=2 0Division, CACI Technologies, ARINC In corporated, Technest Holdings /20EOIR Technologies, North Eastern Aeronautical Company=2 0(Neany), Echo Storm Worldwide, Jorge Scientific Corporation, Erinys International, Aegis Iraq , American Heart of Poland, Warsaw Stock20Exchange, Polish Supreme Chamber of Control, Polish State Railways PKP S.A., University of Warsaw, Reuters, TVP - Polish TV, TVN, Agora, PAP - Polish Press Agency, EuroZet, Nokia Siemens Networks, Telekomunikacja Polska, PTC - Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, Centertel, Polkomtel, Michelin Poland, BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke, Daimler Chrysler, Seat - Iberia Motor Company=2 0, IBM - International Business Machines Corporation, HP - Hewlett-Packard, Manitowoc Crane Group, Carrefour, Colgate-Palmolive, Comarch, PBG S.A., Prochem S.A., Holowczyc Management, NG2 - New Gate Group, LPP=2 0S.A., Big Star Limited, Marc Pol S.A., Bank BPH, PKO TFI S.A., PGNiG - Polish Petroleum and Gas Mining, Drill-Lab, MEGAGAZ S.A.., SCHMIDT Holding, White&Case, Sun Micro systems, PMM - Polish Medical Miss ion, UPS - United Parcel Service, EMPIK, Polish Medical Air Rescue, Sky Taxi and PPPTV Mr3wka Ca?a Jurka Owsiaka.

Especially for US Army soldiers we ship VSAT equipment within /5-7 days/ in Afghanistan,Iraq a nd the Middle Ea st.
We also provide Thuraya Satellite Phones for the Military personnel.
Thuraya products give you the freedom of movement and the ability to stay connected in more than 110 countries in America, Europe, North, Central Africa and large parts of Southern Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia . This means total coverage whether you are in a village, on a mountain or by the coast.


Thuraya Satellite Services
Voice communications with handheld (Thuraya SO-2510, SG-2520, Hughes 7100 (discontinued) / 7101 and Ascom 21 (discontinued) or fixed terminals
Short message service
9.6 kbit/s of data & fax service
60 kbit/s do wnlink and 15kb it/s uplink "GMPRS" mobile data service on SO and SG handsets
High-speed data transfer v ia a notebook-sized terminal (ThurayaDSL and ThurayaIP)
GPS is supported by all20handsets
A number of value-added services, such as news, call back, call waiting, missed calls, voicemail, WAP, etc.
Prayer service: after sending the GPS position to a special number a reply20is sent back containing exact prayer times and heading towards Mecca. Service available for Sunnis and Shiats
A one-way 'high power alert' capability that notifies users of an incoming call, when the signal path to the satellite is obstructed (e.g. inside a building)
Marine Services: a combination of a special (fixed) base station=2 0and subscription offering voice, fax, data and always on int ernet-access. Also=2 0an emergency service which, when activated, sends multiple SMS messages containing alarm-status and actual position to pre-defined destinations A Possibility of communicating=2 0freely in 110 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, Asia, and Middle East Satellite and GSM connectivity in one telephone

No prepaid cards needed
Free Thuraya - SG-2520 Handset - Satellite/GSM

Free unlimited calls for Military Personnel& nbsp;and after the ($320.00) subscription fee(s) have been remitted .


In other to register for our phoning facility, you are advice to provide us with the information below;





Once you provide us with the above information you are no longer anonymous to us.
(We) protect your privacy. We do not insist you to provide extra personal information than necessary.
All information collected will not be used for any illegal activity
The information is what we are going to use to register you with our service.


Satellite Provider Technologies Satellite

Copyright 2009 by MIL SAT Telecoms - Military ISP 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 f or US Army in Afghanistan, Iraq ,Kuwait,Korea,Libya and Nigeria.
All Rights Reserved. C2010"

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#73136 by David Jansen Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:41 am
Welcome here TJVaida, and thanks for posting this information. Could you please post a watermark on that photo saying "used by scammer"? It's a photo the scammer stole off the internet.

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