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#112652 by began steele Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:29 pm
Exit lady would you verify the email above so it is not john [email protected], but maybe [email protected] or [email protected]. I can't do accurate search with this uncertainty.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.

#112698 by exitlady Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:35 pm
US military should be able to help -- same guy - different pic - different story but I guarantee the same guy -- how do we get them? That would make my day
#112700 by Dotti Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:44 pm
The US military cannot help. The scammer is in another country, and they have no authority there.

As you can see in their warning, they simply refer victims to the FTC and IC3.

Need to post photos?
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#113210 by began steele Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:40 pm
Thanks exitlady. I have played around with this for a while and havn't come up with anything I am afraid.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.
#113923 by exitlady Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:03 pm
Began -sorry you couldn't find anything on him -- I'm sure it was the same person -- just too many similarities. And he disappeared real fast when confronted. Can help at all since they seem to be using that site A LOT?

I did not continue any conversation with him so unfortunately can't give you any more information.
#137319 by almost51 Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:07 am
ha...he almost got me too...His name to me was Thomas Larsson, email is [email protected] pretty well the same story about his parents, where he was from etc..lies about almost everything, he said he was living in a small town in Alberta Canada. I was a bit suspicious when I read what he said about the town and found that is the on line intro for the town of Blairmore, AB where he said he is from...did he not think I would know where the town was, considering I live only a couple hours from there??? He also told me he was a civil and structural engineer and was working in Denver then was just sent over to Japan to complete a job that was to take about 3 - 4 weeks...darn I just realized I sent him my cell number so we could communicate while he was away!!!
He also sent me other photos but I am not sure how to post them here...must make sure he gets stopped or at least all his photos get out there. I am going to try to contact about this guy...I am sure there is little they can do, but at least we can maybe have the photo marked as fake by them...who knows.

#137323 by almost51 Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:49 am
I should have mentioned that I have been in contact with this guys for almost a month as well, I was stand offish cause I have some trust issues, should have known within a couple of emails...but he was pretty good. I have no heard from him since he was suppose to have left for Singapore which was about a week ago.
How I found out it was a scam is interesting as well.. I had not told anyone about this guy I was in contact with until this past week. One of my friends told me to check and make sure he was not scamming me, she told me her friend had an experience similar to others posted here...also another friend suggested I cyber stock him to find out more about him. I had no idea how to do that but she said I can search the photos on line and that could help. I search two photos, one showed nothing the other sent me direcly here...wonderful...but I really want to get the others posted as well other people deserve to be told!!!

I wanted to add his first contact with me. I actually contacted him first because of the wonderfully written profile on, that is now gone by the way!!!

55, Blairmore, AB, Canada
Seeking women 50-67
He is a favorite.
Additional profile information unavailable
November 04
RE: Hello
What a great way to end the weekend. I really enjoyed reading your profile & everything you shared about yourself on it, I think we have a lot in common & would be really nice to get to know some more about you!

I want to find someone to be happy with, someone to spend the rest of my life with & give all of the love I have in my heart to share with a life partner, I just want anything I get myself into at this time of my life to be the last relationship of my life that would last FOREVER!

I recently signed-up for the 3days trial, I don't know if you'd want to e-mail on my regular email since I'm not always checking on this site.. [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.


And one of the last emails telling me where he is going..
Can you let me have your cell phone number? maybe that can make it easier for us to communicate.

It is often easier to deal with the real issues of the heart privately. However, this isn't always the best option. Talking about what's really going on in your mind and your heart gives you the opportunity to release any positive/negative emotions you didn't know you had bottled up. Trust me, there are almost always bottled up emotions you're unaware of.

It’s been a good week but stressful as hell, but been thinking about you more often lately & that has really helped me get by:)… I got to find out some more news about me being here in Denver, It's been really good so far, working all the time though not much time for site seeing but you know what, I've not really been able to think about anything else but what it would be like if i were to be back home already, I'd have just loved to spend some quality time getting to know you rather than e-mailing, but I guess we'd just have to settle for what we have at the moment until we're able to explore other options, I'm patient enough for that. I was able to get the contract, I got to find out that I'd have to travel out of the country for it as well, I'd be flying off to Singapore by Saturday, that's where I'm going to do my project, I plan on being there for 3weeks before returning to Alberta

I will be traveling to Singapore on Saturday morning at about 10:00am. The contract has a moratorium and overtime lap of 4weeks, it means the job must be totally completed during that time at most. But I intend to get the job sooner. Its basically focused on the upgrade and completion of a pedestrian bridge. I will love nothing more than to meet you, and have even just one look into your eyes, even for half a second before leaving, but the project schedule i have on this contract doesn't permit me. It really saddens my heart knowing this, and even threw me into a state of confusion and for a while, gave me mixed feelings on if i was to rejoice over my victory on the project. but i just thought about it and also prayed about it too. Babe, sometimes the job comes with this sort of urgency, and without a choice. It was made clear to me, that if I don't meet up with the schedule, time frame designed, the job will be automatically withdrawn and given to someone else, and I cant let that happen as i have worked so hard and also invested so much in it already. I will be going with my laptop and also getting international roaming on my phone….

I have been thinking about you very much


Of course, there is more but they have already been posted...I really want to send the photos but as I said I cannot figure out how to do that yet.

Thanks for having this site I would not have found this creep without this!!!
#137426 by almost51 Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:42 pm
Hi again..Just wanted to post that I did contact about this guy Thomas Larsson and his profile name 'Fizzlyn' on their site. There was another guy trying to do the same again to me his profile name was [email protected] I reported him as well.
Just in case someone tries...ah, I cannot believe I almost fell for this guy!!!
#137428 by almost51 Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:46 pm
The photo that is posted as Thomas Jones I think it was is a photo that was sent to me by a Thomas Larsson said he was from Sweden originally as well.
Almost51 :x
#143761 by Broke'NDisgusted Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:42 pm
I contacted about him. Marc Alexander. Userid - happylife8792
[email protected]
UK Phone # - 011-447872282339 --- phone number is still active

His tale: Claimed he lived in the Toronto area. Left to go to the UK to meet with a lawyer to settle his father's estate. Next on to Thailand still to settle estate affairs of his deceased dad. Then the money requests started, he had to pay demurrage fees to get a trunk of gold out of storage. And on it went. Sadly I got sucked in by the guy. I am doing everything I can to warn women out there about him and others of his ilk. I reported him to the local police and the RCMP and various other agencies in the UK. Found his pic on iCupid too.

Just last night on another one approached me and I have reported him to the website. Userid - Wanttomeetluv --- email address: [email protected]. Googled his photo and found out that the picture is being used by a scammer. Claims to be in the military stationed in Afghanistan.
#143837 by LustigeDame Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:37 pm

The person has changed his scam name to Greg Alexander with e-mail address of [email protected] and states he lives in Phoenix, AZ with the following Phoenix phone numbers 602 842 8153 and 480 409 7558 and has a phone number for Turkey of 011 90 5338354979. Same story about being Swedish and working on his dead fathers last wishes with the same pictures.

Thank you for your posts
#144163 by Jessecca09281978 Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:17 am
My mom has been scamed by this same man him and his so called Boss got her for Thousands of Dollars.He told my mom he was a Mechanics Engineer going to Benin Africa. He claimed he had a 9 Year old Daughter. This started May 2012 its now January 2013 My mom is still talking to him and she says he has come clean so he says . The picture he had been useing was of the actor Walter Cox I found it on IMDB not even a real picture of himself he has lied to her as far as Im concerned REPEATEDLY now he claims he doesnt have a Daughter but now claims to have a 7 Year old son name Patrick. Shr is still talking of having a life with him telling himSheloves him and he says he loves her. Shes acting like a Love Struck teenage girl. I dont want her to get hurt and Taken advantage of again what do I do what can I say to her to end this before it realy turns out bad? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
#144175 by began steele Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:38 pm
Jessecca09281978 like all scammers he got found out and then tries to admit that he was lying and is now telling the truth. He is just doing what scammers do LYING AGAIN. He is just a criminal with his pay cheque and is working out how to get the next one and he will bleed the bank dry until he has had everything. Your mother will then be dumped and he will move onto the other victims he is scamming effectively. We need the details of this scammer if they are different. She needs to visit this site and read about the scams, and about this scammer.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.
#144184 by began steele Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:11 pm
Here is a scam profile using a picture of Walter Cox.
- 53 y/o male
- los angeles, USA
- English, English, English
- a contractor
- Have 1 children
- Last logged in: 2008-11-23
i am an easy going loving caring man i am a man of understanding easy going loving and a honest lover i am the kind of man who is ready to settle down and find the right woman
Ideal match description:
i am seeking for someone who is loving cheerful lover someone who is honest and easy ging love to care for others someone i can spend all my time and joy with and also will love me for whom i am will never lie or cheat on me


We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.

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