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#380383 by Mmar Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:32 pm
Can anyone give me advice or their assessment of my situation? Please read and tell me if I am free of my scammer and have managed to weed him out.

Mr Cute on Tinder gets my phone number so we can continue a good conversation on Whatsapp.
He uses a satellite phonenr as he works at sea. Long and very good story backs this up.

After a few days he is in trouble with a broken engine and asks for help from a "legitimate provider" with website and email with url. The reception at sea is very bad, so can I please send them an email?
I check the website and find it credible. Send them an email and get reply after 10 mins.

An invoice is forwarded to my email and I forward a screenshot to him so he can pay.
Of course he has trouble with the payment as the reception is already bad at sea (duh!). He sends me a lousy photoshop-job of a failed bank transfer, which is when I know what's going to come next:
Mr Cute wants to send me his banking details so I can carry out the transfer on his behalf.

Bingo! Mr Cute was a scam! I lol as I facepalm myself.
The website to provide him with service has a little too many 404-s, it only shows up on linkedIn and nowhere on Google, the lady I email also uses a satellite phone and Mr Cute has no other friends who can help!

15 mins pass by: I change the password of gmail and find whatsapp listed as affiliated application to gmail. I deactivate that straight away.

25 mins later, I block and report him on Tinder, block and report him on whatsapp, report emails as spam in Gmail.

Luckily, I use a number on whatsapp that is no longer active as phone-subscription, so he cannot call me. This number is also not affiliated with any bank-account or recovery of passwords. My Facebook seems fine.

He has received my email and I have clicked on the website. I have not opened any attachments or downloaded anything. I have not given any personal info or details about my identity. If he has been fast and found a way to get into my gmail through the whatsapp-connection, he might have seen my real phonenumber. But he has not called and there has been no strange activity on my google account.

I seem to be rid of him. But as I get ready to hunt for a new Mr Cute - hopefully Mr Right this time - I wonder if I really am rid of him... Am I safe? Would appreciate it if you share your insights <3

#380405 by Tim Atem Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:53 am
It sounds like you should be ok as long as you continue to ignore him. A virus scan wouldn't hurt.

Can you post some of the emails he sent you, especially the ones asking you for payment information and the website of the "lender". Make sure to remove your personal information before posting. Include the email addresses and phone numbers, too. This will help warn others.

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