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#381599 by JMODE87 Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:51 pm
I received an email from a man named James Car Mont offering a job from home in his company's payroll department. Being a stay at home mom I am desperate to find legitimate work from home employment with decent pay. After addressing what was needed and all he asks if there are any questions from me. I straight up asked as one of my questions is this legal and legit or will there be possibility of trouble. My other questions were answered except that one. Then after getting the supplies and performing test assignments, he steadily grows more and more impatient when not answered right away. I would hate to let a good opportunity slip by but what is bothering me is this same name was attached to a mystery shopping scam where the money orders were not valid. I have included all emails and numbers. Please help.

Email from James Car Mont
[email protected]
My name is James and am the Chief Payroll Officer for Nds marketing Inc.
What we do, We make checks and mail to clients all over America. and this is why I need someone who can be working from home with me.
To commence the job you need to have a good color printer. Inks and check papers and also Pick up a lot of shipping envelopes such as USPS priority shipping envelopes and fedex envelops.
Your Payment will be informed of Paypal or in Cash via money gram/western union ($600 Every 2 weeks).
I have a few questions I would also like to ask you in respect of the payroll job position offered.
1) Can you tell me in summary about your past job experiences?
2) Do you have any experiences in making payments
3) Do you have a full-time job at the moment?
4) Can you work part-time about a 5-6 hour daily and 4 to 5 times weekly?
5) Do you have a cell phone to text or google hangout?
6) Have you ever dispatched any package using USPS / FedEx?
If there is anything else you need to know, I am open to discussions about your pay also.. You can text me here 408) 471-6917

My questions

My questions are where would I be able to get check papers at?
Is this really a legal thing? Or is there risk of being in trouble?
What exactly would be the steps taken to complete this job properly?

#381604 by Terminator5 Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:57 pm
Its not legal . You would be the "Mule" printing and mailing out counterfeit checks. Just ignore them and post whatever details you have that are not already posted



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