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#391981 by monicalulu26 Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:33 am
Application letter

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Subject: Re: Answer

Dear Applicant ,

The management of Sheraton Hotel/Restaurant had to take enough time reading through so many data while screening in other to make a perfect choice and finally confirmed your qualification as well as language skills for a job with Sheraton Hotel/Restaurant as Demi Chef de Partie here in (USA). We did not concentrated on qualifications alone but also your desire to work as a team , we are so impressed with your experience, We expect you to be of great productivity to the hotel . You have to be very serious with your job in the hotel and respect all the rules of the hotel as we expect you as part of our work force sooner. Our special team will be here to detailed you more on your job functions as soon as you arrive within the first two weeks.


- DURATION : 3 YEARS (Renewable)


Your salary will be $16.20 USD per hour and this salary are been paid from the 21th to the 26th of every month .

* Salary Package and Other such benefits: All payments are made in US $.

* Your one month advance salary will be paid at the end of first working week.


The Hotel Management has secured an apartment at our staff quarters close to the Hotel for three year, Including your Accommodation, Flight ticket and Visa fee which total amount spent will be gradually deducted from your monthly salary by 5% within the period of 3 years.


You will have Five working days a week and you are going to work 8 hours a day , 40 to 50 hours per week and 5 shifts on a flexible rota, where some weekends will be required .


Every worker is granted to 35 days that is one month vacation every year to visit his/her family back at home .

* Flight: Round trip flight ticket provided to employee and 1 other person (wife or Husband) only.You will need to forward the document of the person you will be coming along with . A Hotel representative will receive you from the airport.

* Please confirm your acceptance of this offer and forward the following additional documents.


- Scan of passport or identity card copy
- 2 passport photographs
- Passport or identity card number
- Place of birth date
- Country of origin
- Your current address
- Cell or best contact number

After reading the mail , scan and send to us with the requested documents if you are in agreement with the terms and condition of the job . As soon as you send the documents , we are going to send them to the diplomat at the American embassy responsible for the processing of your documents to start the processing of your travel documents .

* Our dedicated team is here to advise you on every query. We look forward to welcoming you to the Hotel.
Thanks and waiting

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