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#397911 by Pigeoneer Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:34 pm
This person had been targeting me using "wilsondiavdmike" and has learned how to spell "David."
Same script, same everything, new e-mail address with "name" spelling fixed.

I'm new here and you are the first person i have as a friend here and
I am really greatful to have you as a friend, I believe we meet for a reason... Dear future friend if you don't mind here is my email address ([email protected]) for easy chat so my beloved, I'd love to meet you more, please tell me more about yourself because I'm looking for a serious friendships with a nice and loving woman, whom will love and respect the friendship we share together, that was the main reason why I registered into the site, hope to chat with you soon thanks!!!

I've joined 419 Eaters a couple days ago in response to being drowned in these bastards this week but am about to change jobs and may not have the time necessary to devote.
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