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#403284 by Khim999 Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:03 pm

I saw an ad in a website called pinoydeal.ph, later sent an email to the seller 5 days ago. She seemed kind and legit with her respond email that showed how she cares about her pups being in a new home. I was thrilled to know that my soon to be pup came from such a loving owner and so i told her i'd adopt him.

She soon sent me an email address, [email protected] for the payment and delivery details.

I saw it in the spam folder and i read the details. Told me to send Php12500 via Western Union. After 2 days, sent me another email regarding the quarantine check fee and permission fee of my pup (idk if i should call him mine) Php20,000 because of the Malaysia and Philippines rules and regulations. Noted that it will be refunded the moment of delivery.

Now, on Jan 14, they sent me an email about his delivery at 2pm Philippine time so i rushed home leaving the rest of the class hours for the reason that i want to greet him in person. Alas, he did not came. I emailed them for a tracking number, at this point, i also contacted Delta Cargo and they replied instantly, stating that it is not their email and would not solicit their email to any costumer.

Right now, Jan 16, they emailed me again "Re: Urgent Payment Needed" for an import permit of Php13500 along with the tracking number and website of the carrier service. The fishy thing is, not only their email address was misleading, the carrier service's name and the sender information on the tracking is also different, name and email.

They also added that they contacted the seller but wasn't able to because the seller's daughter being admitted due to being critically ill. How did they know that if they failed to reach her like i did?

If i sent another payment fee plus the transfer fee along with it and this would turn into a real scam, i'd lose more than $800. Please, I really need help. It really isn't easy to earn money as a student and a part-timer and the way they get money is unfair.

Link they sent for tracking



VAN NUMBER:--------------------------------CO.E5AE

DEPARTURE DATE:---------------------------PENDING CITY PERMIT

ARRIVAL DATE:---------------------------------PENDING CITY PERMIT

Animal Transportation made easy............. Air Transport Animla, Inc. Pet Shipping

Receiver Names:...................MBANFOR SYLVERIA TETEH



Address :........................................DOUALA AKWA

Seller: Gwendoline Stacy
Email: [email protected]

#403292 by AlanJones Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:09 am
Sorry, but this is a definite scam. The puppy does not exist, the scammer just wants to steal as much money from you as possible.

The only safe way to buy any pet is to see it in person at the seller's property. That way, not only do you know it exists, but also see that it comes from a suitable environment.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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