Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#1468 by drkalpeshpanchal Thu Aug 09, 2007 1:36 am
i have got second job offer from nigeria... for medical officer..
and i have chatted with the MD of the hospital he told me to go and check in nigerian embassy of india whether he is right or wrong...
they are telling to provide visa and tickets payment by themselve... and asking for paying for work permit.. around $500....
first they send me mail to send my resume to them they got my referance from timesjob...
i have applied for this post via mail by sending my resume... i m connecting the offer with this query.... pls show me the right way..

Contract Between University of Abuja Teaching Hospital
Located at Phase 34 IBB Way Wuse Garriki Abuja And

Dr. Kalpesh S. Panchal
Of A-F/5 Silver sand appt.,
B/H Ankleshwar mahadev,
Godhra – 389 001.
Dist. Panchmahals.
Gujarat – India
Date: July 18th 2007
Dear: Applicant
With reference to your application for employment in pursuant to the service contract, we
Hereby notify you that your qualification was found suitable for the requirements of
after evaluation of details as contained in your CV.
Hereinafter, you shall be required to serve as MEDICAL DOCTORin the HOSPITAL for
the Fulfillments and requirements of UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA TEACHING
HOSPITAL ABUJA, Nigeria for a contract period of 1 year. There are possibilities of
extension however that is after a performance review of your previous performance with
the HOSPITAL has been submitted and approved by the UNIVERSITY EXCUTIVE
Should you accept this job offer, per HOSPITAL policy you'll be eligible to receive the
following beginning on August 1st, 2007, which is your hire date(you Must be there on
that or give reason why you wont be there now).
Salary: Monthly gross starting salary of $12,500USD (TWELVE Thousand Five
Hundred United States Dollars) paid by your choice of check or direct deposit into a local
or foreign account you would designate.
5.1 Hazard/Inconveniences : $400.00 (Monthly)
5.2 Car Maintenance: $989.00 (Monthly)
5.2 House & Furnishings: $3,980.00 (Yearly)
5.3 Entertainment & Recreation: $475.00 (Monthly)
5.4 Travel & Events: $650.00 (Monthly)
5.5 Rebursment of traveling Documents fees(visa, work permit and others)
Your duties and responsibilities with us are in line with your previous experiences and
responsibilities with your current employer. However there would be an orientation on
the day you arrive, wherein all expatriates would be given an overview as to their specific
duties and also taken to their duty positions.
All Employees are entitled to 2months Paid Leave which can be taken once at a time or
2weeks apart one different period.
All Employees will receive $1,500.00 Take home for each leave Period.
All Expatriates Employees are expected to reside at the Hospital Staff estate Located at
Apo Estate .
There are Single Bed-room and Flat options for Employees to choose from. However the
Flat option is basically provided for those who would be traveling to there duty location
in company of there spouse and children.
Employees are entitled to take meals free of charge from the Hospital staff Hotel
Safety and Security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and Facilities are no small issue, and
have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations.
Adequate security personnel’s have been mobilized to patrol inside and around Hospital
and Residential premises.
Recreational/Sports Facilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all
expatriates with no expenses to be incurred.
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will also be made available to all Expatriates by the
Hospital laundry and dry cleaning unit and The Hospital have put in a Medical Insurance
Scheme and as such all our employees are entitled to free medical attention when needed.
Please note that Official Residence shall be with Hospital Staff Housing Estate,
Decision to leave outside the Base’s housing estate is open to the Expatriate.
To accept this job offer:
Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below. Scan and E Mail all pages of
the signed and dated documents listed above back to us via this e-mail address .
There would be an orientation programme for employees during which original
copies of documents tendered during the recruitment exercise would be scrutinized for
authenticity. Detailed job description, which is line with previous job experience, as
contained in submitted resume would be given to acquaint employees with an overview
of job responsibilities.
To decline this job offer:
Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below. Scan and E Mail all pages of
signed and dated documents listed above back to us via this e mail address
If you accept this job offer, your hire date will be on the day that you attend new-hire
orientation. Plan to work for the remainder of the business day after new-hire orientation
We at University Of Abuja Teaching Hospital . hope that you'll accept this job offer
and look forward to
Welcoming you aboard. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you have questions or concerns.
Dr Thomas Dev
Medical Director
Notice of Termination:
You must give 2 Months notice of termination in writing.
The employer must give You 4 weeks notice if Your services is to be terminated
Signify full acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.
Should the employer terminate the agreement, employer agrees to pay all
wages up to and including Your last day of work. Yes
Should you Accept this Job Offer, please do well to sign and date where
appropriate. Scan and E mail to need Nigeria Immigration office for them
to furnish you with
details regarding your travel to Nigeria. They would also arrange
airport pick up from the airport to our Home wherein is your Duty, since we shall pay
for your Flight Ticket and Visa
Contact [email protected]
Accept Job Offer
By signing and dating this letter below, I……………………….., accept this job
Offer of Medical Doctorby University of Abuja Teaching Hospital.
Signature:_________________________________ Date:_____________
Decline Job Offer
By signing and dating this letter below, I, …………………., decline this job offer of
executive Medical Doctor by University Of Abuja Teaching Hospital Abuja Nigeria
Signature:_________________________________ Date:_____________
Note that The employer agrees to review the employment every 1 year .

#1470 by GomerPyle Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:48 am
In my time in International Banking I worked by the rule that any document purporting to come from Nigeria was either a forgery or a fraud. It was not a biased view, merely a fact based on observation and experience, and I regret that I never came across an exception to this rule.

Similarly I would be very suspicious about a job offer from that country. Set aside that you will be required to pay out a lot of money before you receive any benefits. This will cause you and your family a lot of disruption and could put you at risk if you actually travel to Nigeria.

I don't have time at the moment to investigate the offer in detail just now, but I am sure others will be along to give their opinion - but I would consider it to be a scam without doubt. I will do some investigating and come back later with further details.

Take care - and be cautious.

#1472 by SlayerFaith Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:53 am
This is another employment scam, drkalpeshpanchal.
Contact visa_immigriation.ng@hush.com

Hush.com is a free email domain (a subdomain of hushmail). The proper domain for Nigeria's immigration service is immigration.gov.ng. Why would a government agency with its own domain use a free email service? What is the domain that this "contract" came from?

Also, I see that the salary for this job is $12,500USD/ month. That strikes me as extremely high, esp when Nigeria has a big problem with physicians leaving the country because of (amongst other things) low pay. Also, a $900+ allowance for "car maintenance" per MONTH is just nuts. It looks like they pulled the amounts of the "allowances/entitlements" out of thin air.

Pretty much everything about this letter stinks of a visa scam to me.

#1473 by Bert Slackbridge Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:54 am
Nearly one thousand dollars per month for car maintenance! 100% Scam.

#1475 by Pat Hamilton Thu Aug 09, 2007 3:35 am
You are very wise to be cautious. The email address is highly suspicious and some of the numbers just don't make any sense.

$3,980 per year for House & Furnishings
$11,868 per year ($989/month) for Car Maintenance

Also the whole format looks very unprofessional with bad spelling, etc. Based on what you have shown us I would say that your suspicions are well founded and that this is indeed a scam. I am very glad that you realised before it was too late.

If I may ask, where did you see the original job vacancy advertised?
#1481 by dlcooper Thu Aug 09, 2007 5:56 am

If you put a badly formed phrase such as "2weeks apart one different period" into a search engine, then there are various hits on materials which closely resemble the supposed contract you were sent.

Out of the various examples that I have seen, the following material was probably the closest:
Notice how that one soon evolved into a requirement to send a total of $1,480.00 by Western Union.

You were very wise indeed to be cautious about this "job offer".

Never trust a smiling duck.

#1561 by John Nord Sat Aug 11, 2007 2:49 pm
My hunch is you will be asked to pay "fees" somewhere along the line, and that is the purpose of the scam. Possible for a visa or "clearance certificate". No job, no perks, just advanced fees.

Be advised there is a new scam going around that is very similar to this. The formats look strangely similar. It involves a "medical conference" in Nigeria to erradicate malaria. They are looking for presenters and discussants, and ask for you cv. Burried in the small print is something saying "you are respondsible for paying hotel fees that must be arranged through our liason" :roll:. Then you find out the liason only accepts payments via Western Union for the hotel :lol: There is no conference, they will never read your cv or abstract, they just want $.

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