Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.

#198311 by Amy01 Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:24 pm
Please be aware that the spammer is STILL ACTIVE and under an unending number of aliases. I responded to an Exec/Admin Assistant position on Craigslist and got this email today, 04/21/2014:

Thanks for responding to my advert . This message may get to you lately but do understand that my schedules are very tight and technical problems would not warrant me to respond swiftly. You contacted me applying for the position as advertised on Craigslist. Do take time to go through this mail and feel free to pass any questions on.

Gavin Gouch is my name and was born in Berlin, Germany. I had my college education in the United State and I studied Architectural photography in California. I work as a freelance architectural photographer and graphic designer for architects, interior designers , advertising and design agencies, publishing houses , cultural institutions, real estate and construction , as well as for the hotel and catering industry in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.During my design studies at home and abroad , I began more and more to deal with architecture apart. There I found photography as a medium map these , as well as capture the arising during this process, internal images . Through the training of my eye I saw through the viewfinder of the camera now spaces in surfaces , lights , shadows and visual contexts .

Architectural photography I see on the one hand as a means to document and understand factual . On the other hand, however, in order to show these interpretive and reliving . Crystallize as a means architecture on several levels.The way I work , therefore, represents an approaching from outside to inside , from far to near. This results in photographs that are objective, and images carry my own handwriting as a photographer . A visual language that focuses on the essentials and Honest and reduced - without wanting to deceive or conceal . Makes visible with an open second , . I often conduct Live slide/talk lectures on Understanding Exposure, the Art of Seeing, Macro Photography and Photographing People throughout the Canada, USA and Asia. At the moment, I am presently in a work-shop in Manilla, Phillipines. I will be here for a month but spent three weeks already, after which I will fly down to Philippines for a Live-slide/talk show lectures with some students.I am presently making arrangement to set up a Studio there in the states where I have had so much exhibitions in the past but the location is yet to be confirmed. The need to have a personal assistant that will handle my assignment in the states is seriously needed. While I am within and out of the states, I need some one who can stand in the gap for me with my administrative work. His/her duties will be the following:

1.To receive letters and mails on my behalf.
2.Receive payments from clients who want to attend the forth coming workshops or Live shows.
3.Schedule appointments for me.
4.Book my flight tickets.
5.Send letters and mails from my clients.
This position is home-based and flexible part time job, you can be in any location to carry out any of the activities. All you need do is to check your emails twice daily and keep your phone on most times in case i might need to call you from any location.I do have a number of things you could help me with this week if you will be available to start. This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship.Let me know if you have any of the office equipment (If not,I will make arrangements to send them to your address).For proper review (since i am not available now to set up a face-to-face interview) supply out correctly the information below.

FULL NAMES...................
CITY ............STATE.............
ZIP CODE............
PHONE NUMBER (S) ........................
PRESENT OCCUPATION.................... ..........
Scanned copy of your ID: (You can provide that later when you are employed)

Note: It will be of added advantage if you can provide 2 references from your past employments.

- Yearly performance bonus
- Paid vacation/sick/personal days
- Medical benefits

$500 weekly($2,000 monthly)
Also,there will be compensation for efficiency and working. On a final note and if accepted, I will like to know if you have these equipment, please tick Yes/No where applicable:

Personal Laptop/Desktop
Internet Access
Fax machine
File Cabinets

I will appreciate a swift feedback from you. Moreover, our means of communication now will be via this email, alternate personal email is ([email protected]).I will also appreciate if you don't send a request to me on any of the social media network for personal reasons and I know three other people that bears my name and also as a photographer. I respect my assistant and appreciate absolute transparency in the relationship which could further be promoted to a permanent and full time opportunity. Thanks so much and will be waiting to read back from you.I will be glad to read back from you and I promise I dont have any disappointment if you turned the offer down. Happy Valentine.

Gavin Gouch
#198313 by Amy01 Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:35 pm
In addition to my above-mentioned post, I only recently recognized all this as serial scamming because the 04/21/2014 email mirrored a previous email response to another Craigslist job posting I applied for on 05/09/2013 for Admin Assistant.

Note that the scammer is a 'photographer' now in need of a personal assistant because he's too busy flying around the world taking pictures and leading seminars... *rolls eyes*


Hope you're having a pleasant day today, In response to my craig list posting,I am in search of dependable individual with a high pedigree to help me handle my Business errands.Do take time to go through this introductory mail and feel free to pass any questions on.

Payam Nikravesh Rahimian is My name and I have been A photographer for over 20 years and also has been teaching photography for 15 years. I bring a unique teaching style to students which will guarantee creative and fun learning by all student photographers while elevating them to new, exciting photographic heights that they have only dreamed of.I often conduct LIVE slide/talk lectures on Understanding Exposure, the Art of Seeing, Macro Photography and Photographing People throughout the USA,CANADA, Great Britain and Asia.At the moment, I am in a work-shop in Great Britain.I will be here for a month after which I will fly down to Paris for a Live-slide/talk show lectures with some students.


While I am out of the states,I need some one who can stand in the gap for me.His/her duties will be:
-To receive letters and mails on my behalf.
-Receive Payments from clients who want to attend the forth coming workshops or Live shows
-Schedule appointments for me.
-Book my flight tickets. Send letters and mails from my clients.

This position is home-based and a flexible part time job,you can be in any location you will be working from your home doing all the activities.All you need do is to check your emails twice daily and keep your phone on most times in case I might need to call you from anywhere I may be.I do have a number of things you could help me with this week if you will be available to start.

Let me know if you have any of the office equipment (If not),I will make arrangements to send them to your address

Personal Laptop/Desktop:
Internet Access:
Fax machine:
Paper Cutter:

For proper review(since i am not available now to set up a face-to-face interview) supply out correctly the information below .

Full Street Address(Not PO Box) :
Apt No :
City, State, Zip Code:
Present Occupation:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Phone Number:

Note: It will be of added advantage if you can provide 2 references from your past employments.

-Educational background is not a criteria.
-You must be Organized and able to take instructions well Dependable, Reliable, Trustworthy a must
-Must have excellent English language skills (both spoken and written)
-Have great work ethic and attitude, as well as people skills, pay-attention to detail, capable of multi-tasking, and works well under stress at times.

- Yearly performance bonus
- Paid vacation/sick/personal days
- Medical benefits

$500 weekly($2,000 monthly)

Also,there will be compensation for efficiency and hard work.


Payam Nikravesh Rahimian
[email protected]
#200118 by S. D. Presley Mon May 05, 2014 11:05 am
I responded to adds on Craigslist for an Administrative Assistant. I received two responses. Thank God I came across this website! Each asked for too much personal information that I did not feel comfortable giving to a stranger. I feel certain they are both scams. I want to share this information so they may be stopped. I hope I'm doing this correctly.

Here is the first email:

On Saturday, May 3, 2014 11:31 AM, Jerry Macauley <[email protected]> wrote:
Thanks for applying for the post. Actually the position for a Personal Assistant is Opened now, it would be a great pleasure to have you as my Assistant .

My name is JERRY MACAULEY, I am the Admin Manager ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space BV, Netherland. A manufacturer of Telecommunication and Satellite Products Company. I'm looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable. The services of a suitably qualified and dependable personnel that can efficiently, effectively, prudently and reliably work with little or no supervision is hereby required to work as my Personal assistant.

ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space BV, vision is to be the Best RF provider for leading edge wireless communication partners in the Telecommunication and Satellite Industries. ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space was founded on January 6th, 2006 as a spin-off from the Delfi-C3 nanosatellite project from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Over the years there have been quite some developments and milestones for the company. ISIS United States newly established location is now under construction at the R&D center in California U.S.A., ISIS understands the importance of worldwide communication, and strives to expand its presence across the globe.

We are establishing new offices in 5 different locations including your location while the main office in California is almost complete. Which you will be part of the team upon office completion. I'll need your services 2 times weekly which should be about 10 hours weekly. We will set up a formal interview as soon as possible to sign the necessary documents.

As my Personal Assistant, your activities amongst other things will include:

Duties and Responsibilities.

* Creating orders/pick slips/invoices/credit memos.
* Processing return authorizations for me as needed.
* Running personal errands.
* supervisions and monitoring.
* Scheduling programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them.
* Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence while I'm away and when needed as i am hard on hearing that is why computer works for me. * * * Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities as the case maybe.

Basic wage is $700 Weekly ($2,800 Monthly)

Duties and Requirements:

Available during regular business hours Organized and able to take instructions well Dependable, Reliable, Trustworthy, a must.
Excellent English language skills (both spoken and written).
Must have good attention to detail.
Must be a problem solver and not a problem maker
Have great work ethics and attitude, as well as people skills.
Pay-attention to details, capable of multitasking, and works well under stress at times.


- Yearly performance bonus
- Paid vacation/sick/personal days
- Medical benefits

Licenses or Certifications Required:
* None.

Please note that this position is not office based for now upon completion of the office in your location because of my highly official responsibilities and tight schedules of work that this services is required and as such, any qualified candidate must be frugal and dedicated to duties. It's a part-time work from home for now and can be reviewed in future depending on your good appraisals as may be recommended by your supervisors. The job needs a lot of flexibilities as some weekly activities may be more than others. This requires my PA to be very understanding and compromising. If you will be interested in working for me as I have been checking my files and schedules and would need someone urgently to run some errands for me next week. I will have some funds sent to you to complete the errands and to get available other office items to be used in working and would get back to you with more information on that.

This is just a qualifier for the proper interview that will come up 10th May 2014 where you will meet Me and other staffs of the company. I will love you to answer this few questions.

If you are underage 18, do you have an employment/age certificate? YES______,NO______
How often do you check your email: ______________
Days/Hours Available: from _______ to ______
What date are you available to start work? ________________
Can I have the trust in you that you are not taking any other part time job except this?
How often do you come on the internet ?
Payroll Interval... (Weekly or Bi-weekly)?
Are you employed at the moment ?
Do you drive?

This job pays you $700 Weekly ($2,800 Monthly) so you need to put in your best in this first assignment so that you can have a great advantage on the proper interview day.


Submit All the Requirements below:


Once I have received your contact information, I will get back to you with the task for next week. Understand you will be paid as well as its important for me to make necessary findings about you.

I will await your response
#200119 by S. D. Presley Mon May 05, 2014 11:08 am
This one was for Office Staff/Property Manager:

Hi ,
My name is Robert Jean, i am sorry the position you applied for is no longer available , but i have another position available if you will be interested ,I am looking for someone who can handle my personal and business errands at his/her spare time. Someone who can offer me these services: Mail services: Receive my mails and drop them off at UPS (nothing illegal). Shop for Gifts ,Bill Payment Sit for delivery( at your home) ,Purchase of Electronics , pick items up at nearby post office at your convenience.

Let me know if you will be able to offer me any of these services. I should probably tell you more about the job...... This job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are available and if there is a post office in the area. In addition to that, I don't mind you doing all of the tasks during your spare time outside of work or school.. I wish I could meet up with you to talk about this job in person but I am currently away on business. I am in London so there will be no interview. I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping and have my mails/packages forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at home to get the mails, I can have them shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick them up at your convenience. All errands will be in your city/town so It is not a must that you have a car for the job, you can go places by bus or taxi. When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to where I want them mailed to. You won't have to put money out of your pocket, all you have to do is have packages shipped to your house and do my shopping.

You are allowed to open the packages to reveal the content. The content of the packages will be business and personal mails... All expenses and taxes will be covered by me. You will work between 15 and 20 hrs a month. How much will you charge per week? I will pay $300.. That is not a bad offer is it? I need your service because I am constantly out of town. I will return to Usa in June so this process will be on going till then. If you don't mind, I will meet up with you when I return and then we can talk about the possibility of making this long term.

Well, let me know if you are able to handle the position.

Thanks for your time.

I await your prompt response,

#200125 by Mike Wilson Mon May 05, 2014 11:27 am
Welcome to Scamwarners S. D. Presley

Your instincts are correct, this is a scam.

Thank you for posting the emails from this scammer as this information will help others avoid this scam.

If you have any additional questions on this scam please ask.

It is ALWAYS a scam
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#200510 by Lez22 Wed May 07, 2014 3:04 pm
This happened to me too. Same email. I realized it was a scam before I took anything out of my bank account to send to western union.

The name he was using is Terry or Troy Tennis
#206602 by mzkimberly1971 Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:20 pm
Hello I recently saw an ad similar on Craigslist and requested more info the ad posted is as follows:

reply x prohibited[?]
Posted: 19 days ago

compensation: $100/shoot .... Negotiable pay, flexible schedule

We are looking for people who live in and around City of Chicago and the Suburbs, who have access to a Phone with Camera, reliable transportation, internet -- and are looking to make money $$ taking pictures of homes.

**Those already doing field service work are encouraged to apply. Also, Students, employed, unemployed, retired or semi-retired are welcome as long as you have the requirements**

Photographers are trained to take the necessary photos required for each property and either upload them into a database (web based) or e-mail them to us.

Position requirements:

Reliable transportation
iPhone, Samsung or any phone with internet access
Internet access
GPS or access to mapquest (or similar websites)
Available to work on short notice

Position details:

Take 6-8 exterior photos of homes or 15+/- interior pictures of homes.
12-24 hour turnaround time.
Upload pictures into a database (web based) or e-mail to us.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers
post id: 4495381366 posted: 19 days ago updated: 19 days ago email to friend ♥ best of [?]

So I responded and received the following emails:

On Jun 13, 2014, at 10:42 AM, PRIETO ANTHONY <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi there,

I am very glad you decide to respond to my craigslist ad and make some extra cash. We are a real estate investor and have properties all over the United States, Europe and Asia. I am the Hiring Manager / Project coordinator for Triple five Group based in Canada.

This position is a part time position and your major duties includes:

1. Meeting with Realtor or Landlords as scheduled by me.

2. Visiting property around your town/zip codes and taking pictures

3. Uploading the pictures through Dropbox, Drop send or any other file sharing platform you are familiar with.

4. Getting paid to do the above duties.

Your essential equipment’s for this duties includes:

A working Cell Phone Number

Reliable Transport.

A Camera

Computer with internet access.

I have scheduled a list of properties to work on in your area for next week and I will be emailing you the address of the properties along with the Realtor you will be meeting to have your duties performed.

You will be working 4 hours during the scheduled period and you will be paid $25/hr. and you will be working 3 days in a week depending on your flexibility.

If you agree and confident you can perform the duties, I will like you to fill the short application form below and if you are approved, a check payment will be sent to you upfront along with your employment package;

Full Name:

Contact Address:

Apt #:



Zip Code:

Cell Phone Number:

Home Phone Number:


Best time of Contact:

Looking forward to a good working relationship with you.

On Jun 18, 2014, at 1:06 AM, PRIETO ANTHONY <[email protected]> wrote:

Good Morning,

I will like to congratulate you for being part of our company and I sincerely hope you will do your best and contribute positively to our development.

You have been assigned to be the coordinator for other employees around your area and this involves you meeting them and collecting the assignments they have performed. You will also be in-charge of their pay; you will be disbursing their pay every week as you will be instructed by me.

I am glad to inform you that your employment package has been mailed and it will be delivered this morning through the US postal Service; here is the tracking number of the package 9470110200828221810848 ; you can look up the status at

The payment sent to you includes the payment for your first assignment and the rest will be for two other employees in your area. I will e-mail you their name and contact number as we proceed.

Kindly have the check deposited in your account today as instructed by the issuer because they made me to understand that it takes 24 hours for the funds to be made available and kindly e-mail me a scanned copy of the deposit slip given to you at the bank.

I'll await to read from you today and have a wonderful day.

So needless to say I received a check and am contacting the appropriate people to report them!
#206622 by vonpaso xlura Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:47 pm
This is a scam. Real estate photos are taken with cameras, not phones; by real estate agents or surveyors or members of their field crews, not independent contractors. The whole point is to convert the fake check into money sent to two other people, who will forward it to the scammer.

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#214523 by thisscammersucks Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:52 am
this is email i got after responding to craigslist job for a secret shopper
richard franck
To Me
Jun 19
We have a part time Mystery Shopping job for you with a $300 pay Per Assignment & we would like you to participate in this great opportunity. The beauty of this job is that it is very flexible and can fit all working schedules. Your job is just to act like any regular customer & perform a normal business transaction while you conduct a simple survey in a store or a firm. As an Undercover Surveyor you get paid to conduct a Simple Survey and provide valuable Customer Service Feedback to us.

See description Below...

Secret Shopper® is the premier mystery shopping company serving clients across America and Canada with over 500,000 shoppers available and ready to help businesses better serve their customers. The assignments pay $300.00 per duty. The mode of payment will be a verified check or Postal Money Order,in which a certain amount will be mail out to you which you will deduct your working fees and the rest will be use for the assignment been assign to you. Our notable clients include Walmart stores,McDonald,Money Gram Outlets,schlumberger oil services and other notable stores.

Kindly fill out the application if interested.

Full Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Cell Phone Number
Current Occupation
#214525 by Terminator5 Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:01 am
That is a Mystery / Secret Shopper Employment Scam.

Can you please post the email address that sent you the scam job offer ?

Daniel 8 :25
#227966 by HillBilly Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:34 pm
hinkletown101 wrote:I got the same thing with a new email. He is using [email protected] now. He keeps texting me, and I don't know what to do.

block him. That will stop him :D Thanks for the updated email address, too. :=)

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