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#169057 by SlickStretch Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:41 pm
So I've been offered a job processing payroll. It seems kinda fishy to me, but I'm really hoping it's legit.

Here's the original email I recieved (Including headers, with my email address removed):

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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 07:37:56 -0700
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Subject: Re: Cleaning Position - Jeremy ********
From: PayRoll Inc <[email protected]>
To: Jeremy ******** <********>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

Good Morning My name is DANA REVESZ, you resently contacted me
regaring cleaning Job few days ago sorry for my late response was been

Well i have a compensative cleaning Job and others avail for you if
you are interested in making Extra Cash and i pay salary Daily . If
you are interested Please sign up for Yahoo Messenger and add me at
[email protected] so we can chat . Am only avail on yahoo
Messenger from 7am to 11am if you are unable to add me from there you
can send me your yahoo messenger screen name so i can add you from
here. Thanks i will be waiting .


Here are the following conversations I had with her on Yahoo! messenger:
Conversation 1:

Code: Select all(5:20:23 AM) departmentgtpayroll: Hello
(5:30:44 AM) Jeremy: Good morning!
(5:40:59 AM) Dana Revesz: How are you doing
(5:41:10 AM) Dana Revesz: did you get my message regarding the cleaning Job ?
(5:41:45 AM) Jeremy: I'm doing well. I did get your message. You mentioned you may have other jobs?
(5:42:13 AM) Dana Revesz: Oh yes it depend your location. May i ask you few questions?
(5:42:26 AM) Jeremy: Go ahead.
(5:43:55 AM) Dana Revesz: What state are you from? How old are you? are you looking for part time Job or full time Job? is there any current Job?
(5:45:39 AM) Jeremy: I live in Oregon. I'm 27. Part time is preferred, but full time would be fine also. I am not currently working.
(5:47:04 AM) Dana Revesz: Oh Oregon? Sorry the cleaning Job is no more avail in Oregon, We only have Payroll and advertising Job avail there at the moment . let me know if you are interested in any of the two position Please
(5:48:06 AM) Jeremy: What does the payroll job entail, and what are the requirements?
(5:48:34 AM) Jeremy: Also, I do not have a vehicle at the moment, I'm using public transit.
(5:48:57 AM) Dana Revesz: Oh Ok
(5:49:07 AM) Dana Revesz: let me tell you a little about the Payroll.
(5:49:53 AM) Dana Revesz: You will be incharge of our workers salary by processing Payroll to them as their paycheck and mail to them individually via FedEx or Ups
(5:50:03 AM) Dana Revesz: We will be responsible for the postage .
(5:50:24 AM) Dana Revesz: We also have a special Payroll software which am going to give to you before you start the Payroll job
(5:51:01 AM) Dana Revesz: with this software you can save all our payroll details in it and it will also enable you to print out the payroll check with all the information on it
(5:51:45 AM) Dana Revesz: there should be 30mins training before you start this Payroll Job , You gonna know the ins and outs of the Job after the 30mins training .
(5:51:59 AM) Dana Revesz: The salary for the payroll is $1100 Biweekly
(5:52:22 AM) Dana Revesz: I pay salary via Money Gram, Money Order, Paypal, direct deposit, cash via FedEx or Ups
(5:52:33 AM) Dana Revesz: got it?
(5:53:15 AM) Jeremy: Ok. So, you would send me the payroll information, and I print the checks and mail them? Would I do this from home?
(5:53:50 AM) Dana Revesz: Oh yes you will be doing this right from your home. do you have printer and PC?
(5:54:42 AM) Jeremy: Yes I do. About how much time do you expect this work to take?
(5:55:22 AM) Dana Revesz: you will be doing the Payroll from Mon to Thurs .
(5:55:52 AM) Dana Revesz: it should be around 3 hours dailly, it depend how faster you get your work done
(5:56:39 AM) Jeremy: Sounds good to me. :) How do I get started?
(5:58:05 AM) Dana Revesz: You will need to get VERSA CHECK PAPER either from Walmart, Office Max or depot, You wil need this paper to do the training and also to be processing the Payroll.
(5:58:16 AM) Dana Revesz: We can do the training right after you get the Paper
(5:58:43 AM) Dana Revesz: and you also need to let me know the payment method you will like to receive your salary
(6:00:31 AM) Jeremy: I think direct deposit would be best. I should just let you know once I have the paper, then? I should be able to get it later today.
(6:01:09 AM) Dana Revesz: Yes you can let me know once you have the paper so i can get ready for the training.
(6:01:37 AM) Dana Revesz: if you have the paper today we can do the training tomorrow morning 8am
(6:02:53 AM) Jeremy: Great! What's the name of your company?
(6:03:10 AM) Dana Revesz: Its GtPayroll Inc .
(6:03:46 AM) Dana Revesz: Are you Okay with the Payroll Job? or you want to do the advertising Job at the same time ? :)
(6:06:03 AM) Jeremy: I would like to just start with the payroll job, and if everything goes well, maybe add the advertising job later.
(6:06:17 AM) Dana Revesz: Sound Good .
(6:06:37 AM) Jeremy: Is this an independently contracted position?
(6:07:01 AM) Dana Revesz: Yeah
(6:07:51 AM) Jeremy: Ok. That's fine. Is there any other information you need from me?
(6:08:42 AM) Dana Revesz: I will need your information and also details to receive your salary . thats all
(6:09:01 AM) Dana Revesz: and you need to send me the receipt for the Versa check paper today
(6:09:49 AM) Jeremy: Do you need that now, or would you like me to send it all once I get the paper?
(6:12:48 AM) Dana Revesz: I will need the receipt now and your city and states then zip code, you can send the details to receive your salary this week as well
(6:16:17 AM) Jeremy: Well, I can't get you the reciept until I get the paper from the store later. Do you want me to scan it? I'm in Hillsboro, OR 97123. I'll need to call my bank to get the routing and account numbers for the direct deposit, but they're not open yet.
(6:17:28 AM) Dana Revesz: Oh Okay. I know you can only send the receipt after you get the paper just telling you to scan and send to my email later today.
(6:17:40 AM) Dana Revesz: and you can send me the other details when you got it
(6:18:30 AM) Jeremy: Alright then. Is there anything else for now?
(6:19:07 AM) Dana Revesz: Oh no thats all you need to start the payroll .
(6:19:34 AM) Jeremy: Great! Thank you so much! I'll be in touch. Have a wonderful day!
(6:19:57 AM) Dana Revesz: You are highly Welcome. I will be waiting
(6:20:03 AM) Dana Revesz: have a lovely day

Conversation 2:
Code: Select all(7:53:34 AM) Jeremy: Hello again Dana. There are a lot of scams with these kind of job offers. I wasn't able to find any information about your company gtpayroll inc. Do you have a website I could check out? I am excited about the job, but I need to know that it's legit. Please give me some more info about your company.
(7:54:21 AM) Dana Revesz: if you think you cant do the payroll then you can do the advertising Job
(7:54:41 AM) Dana Revesz: I dont know what you mean by you cant find any information about the company
(7:55:18 AM) Dana Revesz: this is online Payroll Job if you think its good for you then you can take the Job.
(7:56:55 AM) Jeremy: I know I can do the job. I want to make sure your company is legitimate. I'm not trying to offend you, but there's a lot of scams going around. Do you have a website for your company.
(7:57:34 AM) Dana Revesz: there is nothing like a scam when you work and get paid
(7:58:05 AM) Dana Revesz: The website should be up by the Next Week
(7:59:45 AM) Jeremy: Can you tell me more about your company? How long have you been in business? Where are you located?
(8:00:19 AM) Dana Revesz: have being payroll processor with them for over 5 years
(8:00:38 AM) Dana Revesz: its located in New Mexico and have branches other states within US
(8:02:18 AM) Jeremy: Can you give me company contact info?
(8:02:37 AM) departmentgtpayroll is now known as Dana Revesz.
(8:03:02 AM) Dana Revesz: hey Listen to me. you are just subcontractor, you are working under me, am hiring you because i have so much work on me
(8:03:11 AM) Dana Revesz: so if you want the Job let me know
(8:08:46 AM) Jeremy: I do want the job, and I don't mind working as a subcontractor for you. But I need to be sure that I will be paid. I'm not trying to offend, I just don't know anything about you, or your company, and you're not being very forthcoming about it.
(8:09:17 AM) Dana Revesz: I understand how you feel
(8:09:34 AM) Dana Revesz: But am promising you that you going to get paid for everything you work for
(8:10:14 AM) Dana Revesz: everyone is working to be paid so as to feed family. i dont pray to work for free so will never allow someone to work for me without paying
(8:10:37 AM) Dana Revesz: am a very good woman and GOD fearing .
(8:11:01 AM) Dana Revesz: am also a single mother with 4 kids.
(8:11:07 AM) Dana Revesz: thats me
(8:15:28 AM) Jeremy: Alright. I'm sorry if I offended you. Thanks. I'll be in touch.
(8:16:09 AM) Dana Revesz: Not a problem, I know why we should be more careful online this days
(8:49:09 AM) Jeremy: I need the phone number for Gtpayroll Inc. or the bank and acct. # that these checks are going to be sent from. I need some way to verify that this is legitimate other than your word. You seem trustworthy, but I'm not willing to risk a fraud case over it. There's too many reports of this exact situation where checks are being sent out this way and the bank account is not legitimate. I hope you can understand my caution.

What do you guys think?

#169058 by Dotti Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:53 pm
It's a good way to get arrested, and that's about it.

This is a bog-standard money laundering job. The scammer would be giving you stolen/hacked account information, and having you print checks written on stolen accounts.

Ultimately, when the next victim (who will be a mule recruited through another bogus job offer) cashed the checks and forwarded the money as instructed, the scammer would simply walk away with his cash. When the bank realizes the checks are fraudulent and investigates, the trail would lead straight to you.

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#169060 by Bryon Williams Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:57 pm
Posting for internet searches.

GtPayroll Inc
[email protected]
[email protected]


Good Morning My name is DANA REVESZ, you resently contacted me
regaring cleaning Job few days ago sorry for my late response was been

Well i have a compensative cleaning Job and others avail for you if
you are interested in making Extra Cash and i pay salary Daily . If
you are interested Please sign up for Yahoo Messenger and add me at
[email protected] so we can chat . Am only avail on yahoo
Messenger from 7am to 11am if you are unable to add me from there you
can send me your yahoo messenger screen name so i can add you from
here. Thanks i will be waiting .


Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#170950 by hthart2013 Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:44 am
THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION IS YES "[email protected] AND DANA REVESZ" IS A SCAM! I speak from first hand experience. This individual cons people. First this individual (we really don't know who this person is, only who they say they are) will bait and switch you with her "CLEANERS NEEDED" craigslist ad. Then she proposes her check writing scam for $1100 every two weeks. I took the bait and for two weeks was promised pay. PAY NEVER ARRIVED. Unfortunately for me, I did not find this web site until I spent $100 on materials that she said I wouldn't have to buy. Yesterday, Monday, I did twelve checks for her and told her I would mail them as soon as the money was in my paypal account. This morning I threw the checks away. Her final response to me was "Haven't I been good to you?" Yes Dana, you have been good to me: I used my time and money for you business! Her game is to get us to work for free. Should she pay me I will print a retraction on this web site. I also plan to regularly place notices on craigslist concerning her and her scam. Others should do the same and maybe we will get rid of her.posting.php?mode=reply&f=4&t=73035#
#170951 by Dotti Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:03 am
Her game is to get us to work for free

No, "her" game is to make you an accomplice to serious crimes. Please read the explanation in my post above.


The scammer's name is not Dana Revesz. That is just a random name he has chosen. If you waste your time trying to harass "her," the scammer will just pick a new name and keep on going without missing a beat. You will be wasting much more of your time than his.

The best thing you can do is post the details of scammers you have encountered, file a report with IC3 if you have lost money, and then drop them and move on.

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#175225 by ShawnMoyen Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:02 pm
This SCAM is alive and well! Like many folks, I posted on CraigsList looking for part-time work. I have received MULTIPLE responses, ALL of them either TEXT me telling me to send them my email address so they can send me "more info about job", or they use the craigs list reply email and tell me I need to respond with my "real" email address.

Ok, for ME, the FIRST "RED FLAG" goes up when someone starts hitting hard for me to send them my "real email". Also, their TERRIBLE English, horrid spelling, NO punctuation and overall appearance of illiteracy.
IF they texted me, I tell them that I will only send my email address AFTER they call me, that we must speak first, no exceptions and NO more texts. Either call me so we can talk or don't call, I don't care, but either way, no more texts.
IF they used the craigs list reply email, I tell them to look at my posting, my phone number is there and they are welcome to call me so we can discuss the job, but under no circumstances will I send them my email without first having spoken with them.

I received my FIRST call this morning, went something like:
"Hai-ro, my name Mike Harsten (when he spelled it later, I discovered it was AUSTIN, English is NOT his first language) I be assistant for another lady who work in company, long time, need help . . . we new company. New company have branch office in New York (he seemed to think for some reason that it would impress me that they had an "office" in New York. . . I've been to NY, I'm NOT impressed ((sorry if you live there)) but he kept repeating this)
I do all training for lady who boss. She very busy now with real work, she cannot talk to anyone because she so busy work. . . " :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

Well, the conversation went downhill from there. I have NO idea how these guys profit from this scam, but COMMON SENSE tells me that NO, let me repeat NO legitimate company is going to hire a payroll company who uses independent contractors, who use a home printer (most people have an "ink jet" printer which means that if the ink gets wet it is ruined - would need a laser printer for permanent imprint) and purchased check stock paper.

By telling me to use UPS or FedEx they are hoping to avoid the criminal charges associated with using the US Postal Service (USPS) which are quite severe for mail fraud. However, there are indeed criminal charges associated with any conveyance of forged checks especially if they are from stolen account information.

HERE is the information this particular scammer was using:


email: [email protected] (There MAY or MAY NOT be the "." after the first "M" - this was what I ended up with after SEVERAL attempts, on his part, to spell it out for me. His English was extremely poor and his accent (possibly oriental or western rim, sorry, not Henry Higgins here, so not sure) was so heavy that it was almost impossible to understand. I see now why he did NOT want to phone me and actually have to "speak" with the intended victim (me).

phone #: 512-763-7294

Bottom line: "Payroll Processing" from "home" = TOTAL SCAM!!!! ALL the old adages apply: IF it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS. Do your DUE DILIGENCE! DON'T make it easy to be scammed.

"EVEN a blind chicken, pecking the ground often enough will find a kernel of corn once in a while" - translation: Scammers KNOW that if they contact enough people, they are likely to EVENTUALLY find ONE chump who is a bigger moron than they are. Someone who is at least as dishonest as they are, thinking they are going to make quick bucks for very little work/effort or someone who is too lazy to take the effort to check it out.
MORAL: Do NOT be a chump; do NOT be a moron; do NOT be dishonest; do NOT expect something for little or nothing; do NOT be lazy - DO THE WORK to protect yourself, it is YOUR responsibility. It is NO one else's "job" to make sure YOU are not a victim.

Payroll, check writing, work from home, buy check paper, Walmart, send through FedEx, UPS to deliver, craigslist, craigs list job wanted posted
#182872 by rocksteadyskin Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:28 pm
Phone number 512-763-7294:
A guy responded to an ad on craigslist where I'm selling DJ equipment. He said he would send me a check and I should cash it then ship him the equipment once payment clears. I believe he was Indian. Would explain a lot if he's in India, because interstate check fraud is a serious crime and not a lucrative scam for US citizens, as it will land you in prison relatively quickly. He told me he was in FL and I used to live and work in FL as a Sales Manager / 3rd party affiliate consultant for a telemarketing contractor. He didn't know anything about business in FL. Got him to admit he had no business license before he hung up. Anyways, I guess this number gets used for a lot of different scam topics but it is all bank fraud. Don't be stupid people! You can barely trust people that smile in your face, you certainly can't trust a person that calls you on the phone, especially if they have an accent.
#204385 by StarFire0 Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:18 pm
This "Payroll department" scam is ALIVE and WELL!

I posted my resume on Craigslist, looking for a firearm-related job in Oregon, and
I received an email from "Mike Austin" (who I'm sure is also "Dana Revesz" and
"MIke Harsten".

Original email:

Mike Austin ([email protected]) 5/05/14
To: [email protected]
[email protected]
I saw your Job posting on Craigslist. I need someone that can work for me from home and the work requires you to have a computer connected to a working printer with internet.Its a very attractive pay and good for someone that have spare time or someone that want to work from home. Let me know Asap.

Mike Austin.

Email #2

Mike Austin ([email protected]) 6/03/14
[email protected]
Hello and how are you doing today?i havent heard back from you if you are still interested in the job offer,Get back to me and let me know.

Mike Austin.

Email #3

Mike Austin ([email protected]) 6/03/14
To: [email protected]
[email protected]
Thanks for your reply,this job requires no previous experience in any particular field,no experience is needed and training is provided. However, the following skills are desirable:

1) A computer with printer
2) Basic knowledge of the internet

This job is entirely online.You will need to know how to use the internet with a two hours in any three (3) days in a week perhaps Monday,Wednesday and Thursday or Monday,Tuesday and friday and you can choose any preferable hours you can do this and will pay you $150 weekly which you will be paid at the end of 4 weeks which means $600 + another $50 making $650 at the end of 4weeks.
Let me explain this job to you,i work as a chartered payroll specialist from my own virtual home office for many companies and need to dispatch bill payments to clients, your job is to print bill payments and envelope it then drop at the nearest US Post Office,drop off box or FedEx drop box at my expense,then Fed Ex or USPS will pickup all this bill payments and dispatch them to each address at my expense,also none of your informations will be included in this,NO NAME,NO ADDRESS NO SIGNATURE NO PHONE,all this information will be mine and i will provide them.i will give you the instructions and directions to get this done without any problem.Get back to me and let me know if interested so as to send you an email with and how to get started.Thanks.

Mike Austin.

I'm pretending to go along with it. I will NOT be printing any checks for this Nigerian (assuming) scam "artist"; I have no intentions of doing anything illegal or getting some person rich off of illegal funds while putting myself at risk of going to jail for counterfeit checks, money laundering, etc.


I know many of you, like myself, are in desperate times. I need a job and an income so bad it makes me sick. And that is EXACTLY how these scams work. They email you with a script that they copy and paste in dozens, if not HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of emails all around the US, maybe even all around the world.
People who are desperate for an income are easy prey. The only reason I am aware of this is because I too fell prey to these people, but not before it was too late. They mailed me fake checks before I even did anything for them. They told me to cash the checks they mailed me, keep $400 for myself, and send them the rest (a few thousand dollars). Yeah sure, that sounds legal, right? NO. It doesn't. But when we are desperate we do desperate things. I actually took these to a bank, but NOT to cash them. To simply see if they were fake.
I'm fortunate I didn't have the cops called on me and get thrown in jail for attempting to cash fraudulent checks.

These scammers DO NOT CARE if you are thrown in jail, your kids, your pets, your house taken away from you. All they "care" about is receiving illegal funds to make them rich. That is all.

If you receive these same emails or similar emails from any name (including Mike AUstin), report them to Craigslist, post the emails online WORD FOR WORD. The more these emails are posted online the more people will wise up to these scams. If I can save a single person from falling prey to these lifeless crooks, it's more than worth it for the 5 minutes it takes to copy and paste these into a forum post!


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