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#190542 by ejmcg Mon Feb 10, 2014 5:06 am
This is the 1st email I got and he seemed genuine but as time went on he wouldn't answer questions and the photos that he sent match some on here!!

Hi xxx

Thank you so much for your email.Hope you're doing great and had a good night sleep.Find quite a connection communicating with you.Have already mentioned that you do sound interesting and your profile on the site is just enough to ignite my interest for you.:)

Sorry to hear about your father dear,cancer is really a pandemic and I've come to learn more and more about it.You really did a great job with your daughter and it's just so great that now she's all grown up and graduating from photography school..Congratulations to both of you and I hope you enjoy the occasion.

Hey I want to tell you a bit bout myself at least the basis.Everything about me won't be able to fit in just one email.It will take time and quite a lot of communication ..well as you know I'm Mark Stuart James first sgt in the US Army currently on mission in Afghanistan.I'm 59 years now and in my final year of peacekeeping service and in just a couple of months 4 actually I will be retired from service.Have served almost 35 years of my life here in the force and I just can't wait to start focusing on my life as I rejoin society as a civilian now.I have no kids,been married once which ended abruptly in 1998.Was married for 9 years so I do know quite much about marriage life and relationships,something I'm seeking to find and have been searching for some time now.I have a strong faith and belief in God as I am a Presbyterian Christian.Have a great passion for both indoor and outdoor activities and like to play golf,baseball and a little rugby.Let me highlight alittle about "home" to me in my next paragraph.

Now I know you're probably wondering why my profile says I'm in Auckland,New Zealand.Well home to me is both USA and New Zealand as I was born to an American dad with Italian roots and my mum's from New Zealand.They met in the states when my mum was working as a lecturer in the University of Pennsylvania.So I do have quite some relation there in New Zealand and have a home there too as my mother passed away four years ago and left the house in my name.Its in Auckland so that's where I reside anytime I'm in New Zealand.At the moment a relative of mine lives there and takes care of the place as I'm here in Afghanistan on peacekeeping mission for the US Army.I have been coming to New Zealand as a kid.When my father passed away while I was just a young boy actually age 13 ,I spent 11 months in New Zealand and that was my second time there but the first I could actually remember since I was just a baby when my parents took me there first.I have fallen in love with the country since and I'm very proud to be have New Zealand blood in me.I was born in Annville,Pennsylvania in the United States and lived there most of my life.As the lone child of my parents I inherited their home and so I can say I'm living in the house I was raised in..hahaha anyway it's just great.I have been able to do a good job with the remodeling of the house so it doesn't look old at all.

So about my occupation,well Annville is noted for a large Military base called Fort Indiantown and my home isn't that far from there.All my life I have felt the military presence and when I was young that was all my dream.However I managed to join the force with a good education in communication and networking skills so my work here is quite 'less hostile ' if I can say that...All the same I still pray to my Lord to continue to guide and protect me as He has done so through my 34 years of service.

xxx,I hope my current location does not change or take away your interest and desire to communicate.I know long distance relationships can be quite an ordeal however it is great that we have been able to connect here and I feel strongly that this connection did not just happen but happened for a reason.I will be retiring from service in April and I wish to go home to love.I'm been alone for many years and used my occupation to cover or help me repress feelings of loneliness.My mates here have turned out to be my family and even though leaving them here will be sad,I would really want to go back and enjoy the rest of my life with someone that I love and loves me back.That has been my prayer to God all this year.As the year isn't over yet I'm still trying to be optimistic and full of hope.I hope this works !

Oh my!I just looked up and realized how long my introduction mail is turning out to be ..haha I better end here before I bore you to death.Anyway dear I have attached some pictures of me that I hope you like :) ..Looking forward to seeing how you look like too ...I'm ending my mail here with a lot of smiles and hope that you do write back soon.Have a great day,enjoy the graduation and please take good care of yourself for me :)



#190555 by vonpaso xlura Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:26 am
The writing is clearly that of a West African. Please post the email address, as some possible victims search for email addresses.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10
#190991 by Smith Jones Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:00 pm
Hi ejmcg, by now I hope you understand you have hooked a scammer. It is hard when you realize that. If you need anything further to help convince you, please contact one of the Mods and they will do so. At first, they seem like they must be real and if they don't follow all the "normal" patterns, well then maybe it's not true. That's what I thought and it kept me wrapped up with my scammer instead of seeking out the truth. Please understand the people here have seen all kinds of scenarios, can tell by the language and tone, but they will also help you look further if you need more proof. Please stop contact while you sort it out. Please understand it's not your fault some liar decided to take advantage of your desire to just reach out and find someone to connect with.
#194606 by Smith Jones Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:00 pm
Hi PamelaJN and welcome to scamwarners. How far along were you with the scammer who contacted you? Were you early into the scam or have you been talking for some time? Thanks for letting us know the new identity being used. We're here to help if you have any details you want to share, either here by post or by PM.
#194612 by rogeanne Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:45 pm
I was also have come across by the US Army named "John Mordaunt". He said that he is now on a peace keeping mission in Afghanistan. He said that if i really wanted to see him i would right to his captain ([email protected]) and there will be some amount to pay to grant him for a vacation leave. And i will be the to pay for it. I got puzzled and never contacted him for some time. I consulted my american friend then he said that the man i am talking about seems like a black african. I never message john mordaunt after that. He used his email ([email protected])
#194647 by vonpaso xlura Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:35 am
There is no such thing as someone outside the military paying for a soldier to go on leave. Anyone who says he's in the military and needs you to apply for his leave is a scammer.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10
#194667 by coinpuppy Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:44 pm
All Soldiers HAVE provided to them at NO COST
Phones/Internet/Vacation time

NOBODY except the soldier EVER applies fort vacation time....

The writing style is clearly West African....

PLEASE stop all communication with the scammer and do NOT tell them you found out about him or this site. All it does is make them lie to you more and it helps them be better scammers

If you need more help, please ask.

You did the right thing coming for help
#201173 by jbernsg Mon May 12, 2014 4:54 am
Hi everyone

I had actually written earlier of my 'encounter' with the subject 'Mark James' who had identified himself as E9 Sergeant Major Mark James and who also claims to be on his final leg of active military
ry duty as part of a US peacekeeping force in Syria. This imposter and scammer uses the photos of a real person called Stuart James who can be located on Facebook and who has an active relationship with a lady called Stephanie Davis.

After relating my encounter with 'Mark' which involved having first met him on and thereafter immediately transferring over to yahoo messenger and the follow up interaction which involved a proposal and request for a care package involving a computer and a phone and accessories ... I made the mistake of editing my report to erase it's contents because I wanted to be double certain I was not accusing somebody blindly .. That there would be some blind hope that Mark was sincere and real.

Well I am now very happy to put all this at rest by informing everybody that I know the real truth about 'Mark' now.

'Mark James' is one of the top ten online scammers on the internet who prowls various online dating sites for women who are vulnerable in love. He is not whom he represents himself as in the photos. When I finally confronted him with written evidence of him trying to cheat me of US$5,600.00 as 'diplomat' carrier costs for a case of money he was trying to send me from helping an old Kurdish lady with two grandsons whose own son was Ali Chalabj and who was murdered by rebels .. The evidence was of his conversation with another of his online victims .. Retelling the same story ... This person Mark disappeared from me a for a few days and reappeared again on Yahoo Messenger admitting everything was a lie and that he was actually black African operating out of Nigeria. When questioned by me why he chose to come clean with me .. He said that he still loved me and wanted to continue the 'relationship'. I pushed him further to show me his real photo and that was when he decided to delete me and all our entire conversations from messenger in case I were to use it as evidence against him. He did say before disappearing from me that the reason why he cheats women online is because jobs are scarce in Africa and money is hard to come by legally. He speaks fluent English, has an iPhone, and when pushed to show himself on webcam he uses a white man to represent him but never looking directly into the camera. He used to work alone but now has accomplices with different aliases. Using Stuart James photo on google image search ... You will find all the information and more relating to how this person operates including his true identity and IP address and photo. He has identified himself to be working in Afghanistan too. Ladies please know that phrases he uses are "hello love, honey, you are my world, look after yourself for me... "

Please remove the blinkers before it is too late. I lost $530.00 but not $5,600.00.

It was a very hard lesson but knowledge will empower you.

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#201176 by Smith Jones Mon May 12, 2014 5:54 am
Hi jbernsg, welcome to scamwarners. It is quite a shock when you reach that moment when you know you've been scammed. There is relief because you know something is wrong, something doesn't add up. Then you feel a sense of grief because really strong hopes and dreams now have to die. We're glad you didn't follow through on that payment, as that wouldn't have been the end there. He would have kept going until you had nothing. The scammers know exactly what to say to get you hooked and I understand how you feel when you have to deal with a future that no longer includes someone you thought you loved. Thank you for sharing your details here. If there's any consolation, it's that you may now help someone else see the truth. If you have any pictures or want to share emails, we would appreciate it.
Now, the greatest advice I can give is give yourself time to grieve. Watch if you are still on dating sites. They all have scammers. Connect to friends and family. But you don't have to tell everyone what happened. They often don't understand it. You will have enough times of feeling sad, mad, foolish and you will get through them all. One step at a time. If you need any support, we're here for you.
#203021 by concernedfriend Mon May 26, 2014 2:46 am
I have a friend who also have fallen for this certain James and she lost everything. I tried to tell her about this scam but she got mad and thought that I was just destroying their relationship. She lost everything but still hoping for his love :( What should I do?
#203047 by jbernsg Mon May 26, 2014 5:45 am
Dear Concerned Friend

I was in your girlfriend's position so I understand where she is coming from. It is very painful to hear the truth about someone who is such a good actor and who has trained himself with the knowledge of English and subject of how to make a woman fall in love with him in under a week. What did wake me up to the truth was doing my own research on google image search and checking out the real Stuart James on Facebook to know and understand that an innocent man's identity has been stolen. Added to this is looking at the real image of the black African man online through research on google image search including his IP address. Unfortunately I had to see it myself to believe it. Hope this helps.


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