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#197853 by garris loo Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:06 am
This is my personal experience of what has been going on for the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago i got a call from a company in malaysia his name gavin boo(claims department executive) informing that they will be having an open meeting here on guam to promote their new company opening here on island ( They invited me to come over to check it out. Plus leaving me a raffle ticket no.

2 days later. Eventhough i didnt attend the meeting, he called me up once again, saying that my raffle ticket has been drawn to win the 2nd grand prize of 130,000usd.
From theyre he told me that eventhough i wasnt a client of the company they are willing to grant me the prize.

The next day, he onced again called me up to ask for my information. Date of birth, account no. Routing no. Added to that he set me up an appoinment with this guy in hong kong (morris lau, operations mamager of the company ccholdings. for he would tell me all the information i need to know about claiming the prize.

Called this guy the next day for the appointment, he then explained to me that in my case fot not being a client, i would have to pay 2600Usd to bind a contract with their company for them to come up with a letter of authorization. Saying that i need it when the funds get transfered so it would be legal money coming from a legitimate source. So i proceded sending it through western union.

By the way when i do call for this person in malaysia and hongkong i would have to go through an operator asking my name and the person. For me it looks so legit for them have a front desk handling this.

The following day. The guy from hongkong called me up saying the money will be sent and will go through the bank. Once again confirming my bank account.
An hour later called me back agaim saying that the money is needed to be tax before leaving theyre company. And they said the amountis 4500usd. I told them that they gotta understand that im not a rich person and i live paycheck to paycheck in a minimum wage job.
And for them to respond to it that they will talk to sponsors if they were able to help me out with my situation. This was a friday.

Monday came ,they called me saying that the sponsors were willing to help me with my situation. That instead of 4500 they would pay 2500 leaving me with 2000usd. What i did the next day is i pulled out a loan from my bank and send it. At this time i was really blinded by the way they sweet talk me saying that this guaranteed money and i dont have to worry about it.

So yesterday they called me saying that the money i sent was able to pay for the tax. Later on that day i got a call from banco delta asia (thomas ong, employee at that bank) saying that the money is currently deposited at there bank. And i would have to pay again a 1.8% transfer fee of 2340Usd.

I then emailed this guy from honkong saying i would just like to cancel the prize and refund everyting because im out of money. So far he hasnt replied to me yet.

I really feel soo stupid for doing this in the first place. Now i am down $4600 and i dont know what to do anymore. All i ever wanted was to make my parents proud.

I need help please.
These are the sites.
And in the site is the contact no. I wanna know if its real. Is it too late for me?

#197902 by Dotti Fri Apr 18, 2014 9:48 am
I wish I could give you a happier answer, but what you are describing is textbook lottery phone scam. In reality, lotteries cannot collect fees in advance, and taxes are taken directly from winnings. A lottery/raffle organizer also cannot draw a name and then tell someone that he/she can ay to become eligible to win.

Both websites were registered less than a year ago, with minimum length registration and hidden ownership. All of these are red flags. I will have our site killers take a look at them and report them for fraud if appropriate.

While I would recommend filing a report to the police, unfortunately, the odds of getting any of your money back are extremely slim.

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