Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#199259 by frode1 Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:10 pm
I received a message on facebook from this lady Victoria Wood, who asked me if I wanted to be an au pair in America with his family.
I put the following exchange of emails! could you tell me if it is a fraud? thank you very much

Convesrazione between me and the family:


I am really happy that you replied me and interested in working for
our family, I hope you'll enjoy working for our family. Here is a
little about us:

Our family now have a busier schedule, I started working full time as
a financial controller 8.00am to 5.30pm,and my husband run his own pipe-lining
business which is based on Civil Engineering (so we're not always
available at home) so we are looking for some assistance with victoria
and around the house. Hopefully you can add another language for my daughter
to learn and experience a different culture. Our friends, who live
minutes away, have an au pair from Spain and it's working really well
for them.

We live on 203 Nassau Blvd New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA) which am sure you know is
a big city. I am down to Earth, blunt and take things the way they
come. I am a very friendly person and easy to get along with. You will
have no problem in adapting to our lifestyle here. We will need your
services due to the time commitment that is demanding by our job. We
want you to know that you'll never have any cause to regret taking up
this job. If you smoke and you want to smoke,it's most not be in my
home cause we don't smoke in the house and definitely not in front of
my daughter, I must say here that were Christian family and we are
devoted to our Religion.

My lovely daughter's name are victoria, she will be 6 by May, we enrolled into school at a kindergarten school, after which she will also
proceed to elementary school. my victoria is welcoming and though she is young,
Seidler has got friendly attitude too. she likes playing a lot and I do not think you will not
have any problem with her. so far victoria eats and plays well. Very
intelligent and fun to be with, they likes candy, chocolate enjoys
watching cartoon. You’ll enjoy staying with my daughter.

You will be entitled to a pay of $1800 every month while you will also
be given an entitlement of $100 every week for petty expenses which you
might need for yourself. This salary is subject to negotiations for an
upward review upon your arrival.

We would appreciate help getting victoria ready for school and
walking them down (5mins), collecting them from school, getting her meal
ready and sitting down to go through their home work or school
activities (at this age its not too taxing!!), taking them out on their
bike or to the park which requires crossing one road and you're there.
Food shopping (next to school) and keeping the house tidy, along with
meal preparation. There is a good bus service and train network
however we are looking at providing a small car. This would give you
more freedom and allow you to have trips with my daughter. We love occasional
nights out and can agree on evenings and schedule when required.

A well furnished bedroom will be made available for your personal use
soon as you get here. You will also be provided with a personal
computer connected to the internet so you can keep in contact with
relatives, TV and other necessary things at your disposal. There will
be enough privacy for you; I guess you'll really like it.
You are free to start as soon as possible, I will appreciate you
coming immediately but any date of your choice will also be welcomed.
You have every weekend as your off days as my husband will not be
going to work during weekends except special overtime.

You will be free to study in any school of your choice soon as you get
here that's if you still want to. I will be helping you as regards
tuition fees and there are so many colleges and Universities here that
offer good and qualitative courses. We’ll be willing to help you with

Let me know if you are ready to take up this position and probably get
some more pictures from you?

I will love to know how long you want to stay with us and if the
salary is good by you?

Do you have a valid passport and other necessary document needed for
Visa Application?


After several exchanges of emails, sent me the conatto of an agency


Thanks for your message am excited you like our family,I spoke with my husband and he agreed you can come over, its just our daughter now, so we are looking it to make it bigger family by you joining us.Our kid loved everything I told her about you so I'll want us to start preparations as soon as possible and get everything set because I believe the J1 VISA processing takes some time.

About the Visa, flight and other traveling documents, I believe its best we get them through an agency because of our past experience from our neighbor: so I believe it's best to apply through them, they helped our neighbor with their last Au pair and it was very fast, smooth so we also feel very secure patronizing them. We want to make sure that you have a valid VISA and documents so that when you get to the US there wont be any hitch whatsoever.
Our friends had their first Au pair In the year 2012 from Finland that processed an invalid VISA more like a tourist VISA instead of a J1 VISA and was later caught some few weeks after staying with them which cost them so many Court cases, please in that case I hope you are okay with this security measure.

Concerning your Visa processing and all traveling expenses, I believe you know that our family must also pay some amount of money too, that means you will also be paying your own part of the total traveling expenses which is affordable I believe, but right now I cannot give you the current cost breakdown and processing details except you make contact.I want us to make progress without any delay so that you can join us soonest.

In regards to this, you will have to contact Mrs Scott (The International Relations Officer) of the America aupair Agency on this email: [email protected] for all details of the processing of your Visa, Work Permit,Medical Insurance, Flight Tickets and other traveling documents including the Total Cost,please tell her "Your name, Your Full contact address and your personal cell phone number with international dialing code, your country and how long you intend staying with us and when you will wanna start and that you have found your American Host family (Singer's Family with ID NY14621 living in 203 Nassau Blvd New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA)

Then Please kindly get back to me with whatever they tell you so that we can discuss better about the payment. I will be expecting your reply soonest. Make sure you contact them as soon as possible as we can't wait to have you here with us. I attached a picture of a room provided for you, its a little untidy, I hope you like it...

Answer's some questions:
Where did you find my link? via Aupairworld group
If I come to USA, do I need to make medical insurance? My husband has a medical insurance that will cover you....
I do not have the visa application ,so if I came in USA, should I get J1 Visa Appliaction?
you will have to contact Mrs Scott (The International Relations Officer) of the America aupair Agency on this email: [email protected] for all details of the processing of your Visa, Work Permit,Medical Insurance, Flight Tickets and other traveling documents including the Total Cost,please tell her "Your name, Your Full contact address and your personal cell phone number with international dialing code, your country and how long you intend staying with us and when you will wanna start and that you have found your American Host family (Singer's Family with ID NY14621 living in 203 Nassau Blvd New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA)

Love From the Singer's

this is the message the agency sent me after I contacted

Au Pair in America
Au Pair America Management wishes to thank you for contacting us regarding the arrangement of your Traveling Documents to the United State of America. We promise to offer you the best which you will be glad you did. The Agency is a U.S. State Department-designated sponsor for an Au pair cultural exchange program. They bring to their program more than 25 years of experience in cultural exchange and hosting Au pairs, including those for our own children. Our experience in the travel industry has served our clients well over last several years. And we are fully ASTA and ATOL protected travel agent. which means your money is fully guaranteed.
ATOL – which is short for “Air Travel Organizers' Licensing” – exists to protect the public from losing money or being stranded abroad because of the failure of air travel firms. It was first introduced in 1972 and it gives comprehensive consumer protection to 28 million people in the UK and USA who buy flights or air holidays each year.

It was indicated in your E-mail that you have been told by one of our Host Families (Singer's Family with ID NY10011 living in 203 Nassau Blvd New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA) to contact us. We promise never to disappoint you as we have never disappointed in fulfilling our promises.
We would request that you strictly download, print, read through, fill carefully and send back to us via this email address scanned copy of the duly filled forms attached to this mail,
it contains all necessary information you need in regards to the Total cost and the documents requested from you to provide so that we can successfully process all your Data..

For the Cost and the Child Care Agreement Form for download, read and fill carefully the attached word document file titled-COST AND PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION FORM stated in this attached is the total cost of $1,650 as an Au pair .

For your Au Pair America Registration Form and list of required documents you will have to provide, download read carefully and Fill the attached Word Document file titled- Au Pair America APPLICATION FORM. We expect you to get back to us with the filled forms not more than a week from now , so that we can inform you on how to make payment.

Note : That we can not proceed with if we do not receive the scanned copies of the duly filled form,these forms enable us to register you with Au Pair America Program as an Au Pair and it also provide all necessary information that we will require to process your Visa and other travel documents so once the payment is made with a detailed submission of all the duly filled forms then we can start processing of your Visa,Flight ticket and every other travel documents.


Au Pair America, Inc. work in full term and condition with all international Visa & Working Permit Agency ,for all travelers in Countries that are not in the same country with the agency of their choice or where the Agency of their choice don't have office in their country.

Which allow for the Following Terms and Regulations:

- All Document necessary Must be valid and certified by Migrations service of the country of the traveler

-The photo Page of the passport of all traveler must show the original personality in physical.

- Visa charges and work permit fees must be paid directly to the Consulate of the Country the traveler is going which is in affiliation with the Immigration Department of the country the traveler is traveling to.

- All Customers Processing Visa of the country of their choice with Agencies in the country of their choice must Send along with other necessary document the photo page of their Passport which will serve as evident of legibility at the Consulate of their country of their choice in their location.

- All Customers Processing Visa of the country of their choice with Agencies in the country of their choice must have a mailing address where all necessary document which include letter of invitation to the country of their choice by Consulate of the country, letter of invitation by their host family and Faxed papers for Visa charges payment will be mailed to.

- Which was recently added in the advent of cyber crimes disallow any form of payment with out cash therefore Bank check,Credit Cards,Money orders are not accepted for payment for any service.In keeping this regulations legible applicants who are not in the same location with the traveling agency of the choice will only make payment via the host family or via Money gram or bank transfer to our agency representative.

Thanks for contacting us,In anticipation of your response. "At Au Pair America we are interested in getting you to your destination in style and comfort."

Mrs Scott (International Relations Officer)

these are the pictures that he sent


mail victoria wood: [email protected]
faceebook:victoria wood

help me please

#199261 by AlanJones Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:17 pm
A definite scam - the writing is that of an African, not a real American.

Add to that the fact that only 15 specifically authorised agencies can sponsor au pairs in the USA and none of them use free email addresses like [email protected] as they will have their own domains, all of which are listed on the State Department website.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#199263 by frode1 Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:22 pm
thank you very much for the information,
I did not send any documents to luck,
but I emailed my name, my adress home, my date of birth, nationality, my phone number and know where to study what should I do? it is dangerous for me?
I have to do something?
#199265 by Dotti Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:50 pm
You may see more attempts to scam you, but that is about all.

Unfortunately, it is 100% scam. There is no job, only a scammer trying to steal your money.

It is very important that if you wish to work as an au pair, you familiarize yourself with the regulations in the country you plan to visit. For example, in the US, ALL au pairs go through the exact same sponsorship process. You MUST be sponsored by an agency on the official list on the US government’s website. And in order to be sponsored, you will go through an extensive application process that includes a face-to-face interview, in English, with a representative of the agency in your country. If you have not gone through the whole process, including the interview, ANY au pair job offer you receive will be fake.

It is also important to realize that scammers often use the names of real sponsor agencies to look legitimate. If someone gives you the name of an agency and tells you to contact them, YOU need to contact them using the email address and/or phone number referenced on the US government’s website, and make sure that you are talking to the real agency, and not a scammer pretending to represent the agency. In this particular case, the scammers are using the name of a real agency, but [email protected] is a free email address, just like a gmail or a yahoo address. It is not connected to ANY legitimate au pair agency.
In addition, you will NEVER send money to your host family, and no legitimate American business uses Moneygram, EVER. The moment Western Union, Moneygram, or bank transfer come up, you can be certain you are dealing with a scammer.

The scammer also makes several other mistakes typical of a scammer.

-It can be difficult for someone whose first language is not English to see, but the scammer’s English is really quite poor, and it is definitely not American. The particular types of mistakes tell me the scammer is African, not surprising because that is where this particular scam format is generally based.
-He (The person writing you may be pretending to be a woman, but it is most likely a man sending these emails) can’t seem to make up his mind how many children he has. He talks about one child, but then he says things like “they likes candy” which would refer to more than one child. This is undoubtedly because he was careless in his copy and paste of different scripts.
-the pay is absolutely ridiculous. The US au pair program is considered a cultural exchange program. The amount that it pays is restricted by the US government. While au pairs do receive pay, it is a small stipend, and nowhere near the $2200 per month this scammer is pretending to offer!

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