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I have my Skype account on contacts only but still get these guys sending me invites so I thought I would play along and talk to him and see what was up. I have the whole Skype contact info snapped and saved as a jpg and the whole conversations copied and saved to a notepad but do not know what steps to take since it is not a email and there is no header to get.
S?o I thought I would send the Skype conversation here with my Skype name only showing the first letter but the name he used is in full. The times of each entry is listed.
[15:32:07] LARRY HILLARY: Enter a message to introduce yourself.Hello, how are you today? nice to meet you here.
[15:32:50] M: uhm how do I know you?
[15:33:14] LARRY HILLARY: how are you?
[15:33:25] M: sorry to ask but I have 2 major rl pains in the rear that have been bugging me. 1. an ex husband and 2. a ex brother in law.
[15:34:08] LARRY HILLARY: can we be friends?
[15:35:39] M: ok one thing you need to know I am happily married and I do not cheat. I am on the 3D chat site most of the time creating products and am only on skype when I am in a meeting with my group, with family, and real life friends since I am now living in the Netherlands with my husband.
[15:37:20] M: presently we are discussing on how to make ... 9okb1d0lfk and how to make a GOOGLE HANGOUT instead of using skype.
[15:37:40] LARRY HILLARY: well i am single but when a woman tells me that she is married i will understand you
[15:37:41] M: and making a radio/talkshow for our 3D chat system
[15:38:03] LARRY HILLARY: i am not good with that
[15:38:17] LARRY HILLARY: i am a doctor working under the united nation
[15:38:57] M: do not know if you will be able to see it but this is my IMVU profile page: ... r=26997013
[15:39:33] M: imvu has said they will be making it so those not a member will not be able to but do not know if they did it yet or not
[15:40:26] M: or maybe this link will work
[15:40:53] LARRY HILLARY: okay but i don't have much time for that i am here to meet good and a responsible lady for chat and serious relationship
[15:41:50] M: well then I am not the one for you to chat with and presently all my gfs are married
[15:42:07] LARRY HILLARY: okay thanks
[15:42:36] M: only 2 single women I know is 2 sisters one being divorced and the other in the process but neither is ready for a new relationship as yet
[15:43:22] LARRY HILLARY: well it will be nice if you can hook me up with a nice woman that i will love and cherish unconditionally
[15:44:09] LARRY HILLARY: i am responsible and i am coming to setup a clinic in the Netherlands and to live there very soon
[15:44:21] M: oh so you are moving here
[15:44:34] LARRY HILLARY: yes by God grace
[15:45:11] M: well you have to learn Dutch in order to stay here
[15:45:18] M: they just made that a ruling
[15:45:56] LARRY HILLARY: that will not take me long to do because i will employ a private teacer for that
[15:46:09] M: if you do not learn it once you get the 5 year permit to stay and learn then you will not be able to stay and you will not be able to get a job or set up anything without knowing that and passing the exams in order to
[15:46:28] M: it is best to try and learn before you get here as much as possible
[15:46:43] M: believe me classes here are very very expensive
[15:47:08] LARRY HILLARY: leave that to mem, isee that you don't really know me
[15:47:22] M: it is cheaper to spend about $300 USD on a language program in the USA than it is to try and pay for a instructor or classes here
[15:47:53] M: I have been here 2 years already and waiting for a class to open to learn
[15:48:02] M: I am originally from Texas myself
[15:48:08] LARRY HILLARY: well i am not looking for a job i am coming to invest and boost the economy of the country
[15:48:14] LARRY HILLARY: where in Texas?
[15:49:30] M: ok I was born in ElPaso, lived in Galveston, Corpus Christi, Houston, Dalls, Ft. Worth, Texas City, Bolivar, and Kingsville.
[15:49:50] LARRY HILLARY: nice
[15:50:07] LARRY HILLARY: well can you add me to your contact now as your friend?
[15:50:23] M: I have also been to every state in the USA and a few countries overseas. My father and step father being military we moved every 1 to 2 years.
[15:50:34] *** MillenniumLove Legacy has shared contact details with LARRY HILLARY. ***
[15:50:50] LARRY HILLARY: nice meeting you
[15:50:55] M: ntmu
[15:51:02] LARRY HILLARY: so tell me how is life over there with you?
[15:51:24] M: well I live in a very small village and it is nice and quite and near the country and I love it
[15:51:49] M: most people here do not do drugs like most people think
[15:52:04] M: and only Marijuana is legal to use in what they call Coffee Shops
[15:52:18] LARRY HILLARY: i see
[15:52:28] M: kinda accidentally went to a place that had a sign that said Coffee Shop
[15:52:32] M: and they dont serve Coffee
[15:52:34] M: lol
[15:52:38] M: I was looking for Coffee
[15:52:40] M: not the other
[15:52:42] M: lol
[15:52:50] LARRY HILLARY: can i trust you now?
[15:53:02] M: they told me I needed to go to a Sandwich Shop
[15:53:03] M: lol
[15:53:16] LARRY HILLARY: i want to make you my best friend so that i will meet you when i come
[15:53:21] M: well I dont go telling anyone else's business
[15:53:43] LARRY HILLARY: fine i want to trust you now
[15:53:59] M: well you would have to meet my husband before you meet me
[15:54:08] LARRY HILLARY: you are the only one i know there in Netherlands now
[15:54:09] M: and get to be friends with him
[15:54:37] LARRY HILLARY: yes i understand but trough you all will be fine
[15:54:44] M: there are a lot of people who come here to try and do things to boost the economy but there is a lot of rules about business here
[15:55:17] M: some of which many american business men like Donald Trump and the owners of Walmart decided it was not worth doing
[15:55:38] LARRY HILLARY: oh really?
[15:55:41] M: yes
[15:55:58] LARRY HILLARY: tell me how can i be so free in what ever i will do there?
[15:58:03] M: 1. there is a requirement for the minimum 9,02 Euros an hour or monthly salary of any worker being paid to any worker that is presently 1.485.65 Euros
[15:58:10] M: the maximum work week is s38 hours
[15:58:42] M: and everyone has Saturdays and Sundays off in most professions
[15:59:05] M: and National holidays have to be given off and the person's birthday
[15:59:18] M: there is a minimum of vacation time of 1 month
[15:59:31] M: there is a minimum of sick days a year which I dont remember what that is
[15:59:44] M: but it is a lot higher than in the USA
[16:00:03] M: and it does not include medical leave due to a doctor's orders
[16:00:37] M: of which you still have to pay the monthly salary to if they are on doctors orders or the amount of hourly wages they would have earned if at work
[16:00:56] M: it is also very difficult to fire someone here
[16:01:39] M: and for every employee there is a contract of employment and it must state a time of continual employment or the time in which the contract will end.
[16:01:46] M: ther are many many more rules
[16:02:42] M: you have to have a minimum income of $1,700 euros a month or that much a month for the time you will initial stay while trying to get your business started
[16:03:22] M: the only other way is to have a woman who is going to become your wife and she has at least that as an income and is willing to take the financial responsibility
[16:03:35] M: not many women here will
[16:04:07] M: they are looking for a husband with a lot of money so they can have maids and go partying and stuff and most of the men here are getting wives from the USA or other countries to be frank about it
[16:04:59] M: any more information than that you will have to get from my husband since he knows more about all of it than I do
[16:05:47] M: oh there is also the thing about pension and medical/dental/optical insurance obligations of an employer to and employee
[16:06:16] M: the employer has to provide a policy and pay for a certain part of it
[16:06:50] M: the only ones that make less than the standard minimum wage is thoes under the age of 21
[16:07:28] LARRY HILLARY: well thank you so much for all the information
[16:07:34] M: they make 6.54 euros and hour and not contractual salaries and get the same benefits as those over 21
[16:07:52] M: well thought I woud let you know what you are getting into by what I know
[16:08:03] M: and you cannot get a business loan here
[16:08:08] LARRY HILLARY: you are nice and kind
[16:08:20] LARRY HILLARY: i want to tell you about myself please hold
[16:08:25] M: all businesses are usually funded by the person starting it or a group of people doing it together
[16:08:27] M: ok
[16:08:50] LARRY HILLARY: i am a honest and responsible man
[16:09:13] LARRY HILLARY: i have been working with the united nation for the past 20 years
[16:10:09] LARRY HILLARY: money to start up a business is not my problem, the only problem i have is to get the right woman to marry there and she will stand and recieve my fund
[16:10:50] LARRY HILLARY: i have good savings and i have some good sum of money that my company will pay me as my end of contract benefit
[16:11:01] M: ok one sec
[16:11:21] LARRY HILLARY: this is my reason to invest on business
[16:13:01] M: any money sent to anyone here is going to be traced and if they cannot verify where it comes from legally with where the funds intially came from such as a legal business the person you send it to will not even see it and then they will contact the USA government to investigate. If the money is not traceable to a legal US business then the US and Netherlands government confinscates that money
[16:13:17] M: happened a lot and they arrest the person to recieve it
[16:13:27] M: here
[16:13:39] M: what the USA does to those sending it I have no clue
[16:13:57] M: it resently happened to someone here that is how I know
[16:14:40] LARRY HILLARY: so can i trust you on this?
[16:14:50] LARRY HILLARY: i want to make you a partner
[16:15:03] M: a partner in what?
[16:15:38] LARRY HILLARY: actually my money is a sercurity come, and the other in a bank of UK,
[16:17:06] LARRY HILLARY: Yes i have so many prove and document that will cover the transfer of my fund because it been paid by the united nation
[16:18:40] LARRY HILLARY: now i want to make you my partner like i told you before
[16:19:00] LARRY HILLARY: i want this to be between the both of us only
[16:19:04] M: ok
[16:19:16] M: I do not give out any personal banking info by the way.
[16:19:43] M: and my bank does not require it but does have limits on things. it is all done through their system and emails.
[16:19:58] LARRY HILLARY: yes
[16:19:59] M: and neither person ever knows the others personal info
[16:20:16] LARRY HILLARY: now hold for some sec please
[16:20:20] M: but that is risky
[16:20:51] M: the only ohter way people transfer funds is via paypal
[16:20:54] LARRY HILLARY: i have love your concern so far about my business plans
[16:21:07] LARRY HILLARY: i see that you are a nice and honest woman
[16:21:39] LARRY HILLARY: i am so simple and i trust people so easy
[16:22:15] LARRY HILLARY: i want us to think very well as smart partners and as Americans and put ideas together
[16:22:26] M: Me I live very simply and so long as my hsuband and I can have a place to live, groceries, our bills paid I am more than comfortable
[16:22:53] M: well I do not know what you want to invest in
[16:22:57] M: but I can tell you this
[16:23:12] LARRY HILLARY: you will benefit on this if only you will keep things secret and help me
[16:23:34] M: the companies here do not trust investors easily
[16:23:45] LARRY HILLARY: i am coming to open a private clinic and build hotels
[16:23:59] M: ok one thing private clinics are no use here
[16:24:21] M: all medical is done in a way that is open to all the public
[16:24:29] M: a doctor in the USA makes more than here
[16:24:37] M: doctors here are on salary
[16:25:06] M: hotels are only good in Amsterdam and big cities but recently are taking a turn for the worse due to the drop in tourism
[16:25:26] M: Investing in those would not be very good at this time
[16:26:28] LARRY HILLARY: yes with time i will imcorprate with the governemnt there and with a good relationship and my experience in the medical field all will work out for me
[16:26:47] LARRY HILLARY: all i want from you now is to help and recieve my funds
[16:27:40] M: you might want to go over this info
[16:27:55] LARRY HILLARY: okay
[16:28:07] LARRY HILLARY: are we in for this together?
[16:28:12] M: and this ... ate-dutch/
[16:29:28] M: I do not know if we are in it together yet or not because to me you must first know the total purpose and all from and to which all the details of the business attributes to
[16:31:05] LARRY HILLARY: but i want you to help and recieve some fund from my bank in the UK
[16:31:27] LARRY HILLARY: so that i will start up with something over there
[16:32:34] M: sorry until I know all the details and can get it in writing and have all the legal issues taken care of I cannot accept any funds from anyone
[16:33:01] LARRY HILLARY: is okay
[16:33:10] M: my stepfather made sure all of us kids knew that the best way to stay out of trouble is to always always have a legal contract and have it notarized
[16:33:55] M: and now that he is gone I and my sisters are responsible for our mother's funds due to my stepfather putting it all in a trust fund so that she would not do anything stupid
[16:34:16] M: so it takes 3 signatures for her to get anything that is more than her monthly allowance
[16:39:13] M: I guess you are talking to someone else since I have not heard from you with any reply
[16:39:48] LARRY HILLARY: you guess wrong
[16:40:01] M: well you were not responsive
[16:40:11] LARRY HILLARY: what reply do you want from me when you can not help me?
[16:42:03] M: well like I said until you have a contract of what the money is for and the conditions as well as all of the needed details to be legal in the USA and the Netherlands or between the UK and the Netherlands since they do the same thing. That there is a risk of the money being confiscated and the person on the recieving end the Netherlands will arrest if it is illegal.
[16:42:24] M: So it is best to always have the legal issues all taken care of in advance
[16:58:57] M: john.allen0013 Do you have a Passport?
[17:06:16] LARRY HILLARY: what kind of Question is that?
[17:06:48] LARRY HILLARY: how man of my level stay without a passport?
[17:07:06] M: well you have to have one in order to transfer large sums of money and proof of idenity
[17:07:22] LARRY HILLARY: yes i do
[17:07:33] M: and you have your skype name as Larry Hillary but your skype address is john.allen0013
[17:07:46] M: I investigate every thing
[17:08:01] LARRY HILLARY: i have all that i need is yours so that i can trust you the more
[17:08:15] M: and that name John Allen has been used for illegal money scams in what is called the ROMANCE SCAM
[17:08:34] LARRY HILLARY: my friend what are you saying?
[17:08:48] LARRY HILLARY: well i have to end this chat now
[17:09:03] M: I am saying that the name and fake IDs have been used associated with that name in Romance Scams
[17:09:13] M: in yahoo, google, skype, etc
[17:09:37] M: thought you might have to end it now since you really are not who you say you are.
I do not know how to insert an image and he had no Skype pic but some of these guys do and they usually have pictures of military me from the USA that you can see by scanning the name of the guy they are using or the rank of the guy they say they are. This guy had his name as John Hillary but his Skype ID was john.allen0013. He had his birthday as Sunday May 20 1962. Male English language Texas USA About Me: Caring (yeah right) I did block him and did report him but I have done that to a lot of those guys and I do not think Skype does a thing about them since you cannot block them by their ip address or any personal data and Skype will not make it so you do not get any invites from people you do not know. UGH!!!!

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