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#204075 by MattC Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:21 pm
So last time i was chatted up by a lady when said she would like to exchange nudes and being late night and bored so I said yes. So after few exchanges, the lady said something along the line of "sorry to inform you but I'm a 20 years old agent working for Perverted Justice and I have recorded your full name and your IP address as you were seeing nude pictures". Then she send me a screen shot of a seemed like an incident report that has yet to be submitted. Then she said she felt bad for me because I didn't not know and this is my first time so she is under strong incentive to not submit the report but she would like me to send her an amazon gift card. Being scared and I panicked so I sent her half of the amount because I didn't have enough money. She said she would delete the report and any record of this after she gets the half and then put this over with after she gets the full amount. I asked her a bunch of questions and also did some searching online and seems like this is a scam but I'm scared and do not know what to do. I cancelled the first gift card I've sent this morning because of suspicion that this is a scam. But I do not want her to black mail me later if I don't sent her the money. I don't know whether I should ignore her or sent her the rest.

Also when I talked to her this morning, she said she got the first half (without know that I have cancelled the gift card) and sent me screen shots of the deleted report files and our chat record. I need some help as this is the first time I've gotten into this and I'm still scared and feeling unease.

#204078 by Bryon Williams Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:31 pm
Hello MattC,

I am sorry you are in this situation.

It is a scam. Its known as a blackmail scam. The best thing to do is to stop communicating with that person. Just ignore them and do not send them anything. The scammer will keep blackmailing you until you are broke or stop sending money.

The scammer may attempt to post your images on the internet and send you a link immediately to scare you. He will do this because he knows the site will remove the images.

If you have this person on your Facebook account remove them now and make your FB account private.

Please ask any questions you have.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#204079 by MattC Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:37 pm
Thank you for answering and I guess I'll keep chat records on my side for future references and she does have my picture. I'm mainly scared because I don't want perverted justice on my tail for this.
#204082 by Bryon Williams Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:45 pm
Perverted Justice would not take bribes. Especially with you having records of the bribe.

Also from what you described a 20 year old is not a Minor. Perverted Justice pretends to be less than 18 years of age.

Just be safe and keep in mind you do not know who is behind the computer screen.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#264066 by Tyson1 Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:01 am
I too had something similar happen to me. A girl started messaging me, she said she was 19 and she was from Alabama but she is in the Philippines visiting her brother and asked if I wanted to trade nudes. I didn't send her any but she sent a few, she then got mad because I didn't send her any. She told me that if I didn't send her $200 by western union she was calling the cops and going to expose me on social media.

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