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#209723 by Dotti Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:50 pm
Yes, it is a scam. I am sorry that you found yourself the target of a scammer, but glad that at least you did not lose your money to him.

his name is Vance Henderson from the military.

In reality, his name is not Vance Henderson, and he is not from a military. He is a young man from Africa, most likely Nigeria or Ghana, who simply stole photos of a real soldier and either copied or made up a name.

he asked if I can do a request for a release

In the real military, you would never request leave for a soldier. The only person that can request leave for a soldier is the soldier himself, and you would have absolutely nothing to do with it. This whole "request" process only exists in the imagination of the African scammers who invented it.

the email is [email protected]

Which is a free email address, just like a yahoo or a gmail address, and has absolutely nothing to do with the US military.

saying there was a fee of $550

In the real US military, there is never a fee to be paid for leave (or retirement.) Leave is like vacation. It is earned based on time served, and it costs nothing. If a soldier does not qualify for leave, he can’t take it, plain and simple. The US military also arranges travel for soldiers who are overseas—they don’t have to pay for that either.

when I told him I dont have that money everything changed he stared to get mad

Typical scammer. As far as he is concerned, he wasted 3 months trying to get you to the point of sending money and you didn’t do it. The fact that he was lying to you and trying to steal your money means nothing to him, because he has no conscience.

but we skyped couple times he sent me pictures

Again, the photos were stolen from the internet. Some scammers do find video of the soldiers they are impersonating or someone who looks very similar (on youtube, for example) and then they use special software to create fake webcam, to convince their victims that they are really the person in the photos.

And now he dont talk to me.

Don’t be surprised if he eventually contacts you again. If he has no “better” victims (meaning women who are likely to pay) he may come back to you in hopes that he still has a chance to get money out of you. If he does contact you again, just ignore him. Better yet, block him or filter his messages to trash now.

I have pictures of him how can Iupload them so people can see him so other girls wont fall for what iI did

There is a link in my signature below to instructions for posting pictures. Again, it is important to realize that he is not the person in the photos. The real person (who is very likely married or in a relationship) does not know the scammer—the scammer just found his photos (from news stories, facebook, myspace, etc.) and took them for his own use. That’s why we mark the photos “used by scammer.”

his lies and his loving talk?

Scammers often re-use those lies and loving talk on new victims, even when they change names and photos, so please post some of the emails or messages you have from him as well so that potential victims can find those too. Just make sure you remove your own personal information first.

Need to post photos?
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