Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#210890 by CRA Fri Jul 18, 2014 5:09 pm
Hi, I have searched most, if not all, of your posts for craigslist ads, but have not ran across these specifically. While im usually not one to respond to general ads, these were located in my city, and I ALWAYS submit a redacted resume so my address and phone number do not show. Nevertheless, I did not respond to any except for one.

The 2 of them were almost worded the same when they responded to me but the third one took 4 or 5 responses back and forth and research on the moneygram site to realize it was a scam.the ad was titled:


compensation: $1000 - $10,000 per 90 day period
My name is Desirae, and I've been helping a LOT of Craig's list clients for over 4 years by getting them money FAST ... and all of them are STILL doing business with me since 2010... I DON'T NEED ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM YOU WHATSOEVER... THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE A WALGREENS, CVS, RITE-AID, DOLLAR GENERAL, FAMILY DOLLAR, CIRCLE K, OR 7/11 IN YOUR AREA...YOU ALSO WOULD NEED A WAL-MART IN YOUR AREA AS WELL...After you've received the money that I've "flipped" for you, I'm trusting you to send me my cut for helping you out, if not, then I can no longer do business with you anymore... So please don't burn your bridges with me... Text/call/or email me at desiraeljohnson@gmail .com for the quick and easy details...
Her response to me was: Ok...But before I explain how it works, I need to know if any of these stores are in your area:This will only work if you have either a CVS, 7/11,  Rite Aid, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Circle K or a Walgreens nearby ...and I need the zip code of whichever store in order to see whether or not if my software is compatible to make changes in that also need to have a Walmart in your area as well. Iplaed along and gave her my zip code and she replied with: Ok...that zip code is a good area for me to connect my software to...Let me briefly tell you what I do... First of all, I've been helping my Craig's list clients members for 3 1/2 years strong now, making quick money for both me and my repeat clients... I have a program in my hard drive that temporarily alters the balance of MoneyPak for 3 hours,  What you have to do is simply go to CVS, and get a -MONEYPAK-, (I have a picture of one on the Craig's list post), and depending on what you put on it, I have the software to add a 0 to your balance...for example...if you put in $100...I could flip it in the system to be $ cut is $200 out of every thousand you get..if you do $ will end up up $2000, with me getting $400...and so on and so on...but I could only do this once every 90 days, so make sure the amount you want will hold you until next time...It's completely undetectable and it doesn't require any I.D... you can call or text me when you get the Moneypak, so I could start the software, it takes about 15 min. to an hour to upload the changes...I will notify you that it's ready, you then have 3 hours to cash in your moneypak at Walmart's MoneyCenter, before it changes back to the normal amount, After you cash it in, I'm trusting you to send my cut through Moneygram, and you keep the rest. Feel free to text/call me if you have more questions...

By the way...For example...This is the program I use...notice how I converted this previous client's $500 to $5000...
Basically, she will eventually ask for your moneypak number and you're screwed. No way to trace the receiver :yikes:

When i asked for references, she never responded.

In fact, I flagged it and she or he keeps posting using the same name and email. I did alert the fbi about it. I didnt go through with it but im sure somebody did.

Anybody else have any job scams on Craigslist?

#210893 by HillBilly Fri Jul 18, 2014 5:58 pm
Craigslist, as all classified websites, are breeding grounds for scammers to multiply.

See the employment section of this site for more detailed information of specific scams.


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