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#211445 by eagle2005 Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:02 pm
Hi, I recently met a guy claiming to be in Nigeria- Africa 2014 batch for peacekeeping. Recently he asked me to do a phone request for him and he gave me the following email... helpcenter_specialtroopforce& I emailed them and it said it would cost $400 for them to provide a phone and that the phone would only be able to call me and no other number. The name I'm supposed to send it under is Godswill Lyere. This has to be a scam right. Please help

#211447 by Dotti Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:23 pm
Yes, it's a scam. He is not a soldier, he is not on a peacekeeping mission. He is not American, or British, or from anywhere else in North America or Europe. There are no American forces acting as peacekeepers in Nigeria.

The only thing that is true is that he is in Nigeria. He is a Nigerian, and he is sitting at a computer trying to scam women with stolen photos of real soldiers that he has never met.

Please post some of the emails this low-life criminal sent to you, and any email addresses he has used.

A few points for future reference:
-Soldiers stationed in areas of conflict are NOT active on dating sites. They are not starting relationships with women they meet online. They have much bigger concerns on their minds. Their time to communicate is limited, and they spend it communicating with their friends and family back home.
-You will NEVER have to pay for a soldier to be able to communicate with you.
-You will NEVER be involved in a soldier's leave request.
-You (and the soldier) do NOT pay for leave. It is like a paid vacation. There is NO charge.
-Soldiers CAN access their money.

Need to post photos?
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#211448 by eagle2005 Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:39 pm
Thank you, I emailed them and they gave me a different name now to send the money to and this place is in the United States. I have not sent the money. However he did tell me that he applied for a request for leave, and didn't ask for any money for that. I met him through an app that is downloaded on the phone, not a dating site. I'm really confused because I don't have an email for him, nothing like that shows up on the site not even my email shows up. He only has a couple of pics on there, and he has the same ones on Facebook. I am so confused!
#211449 by AlanJones Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:46 pm
To repeat the point Dotti made - it is 100% definitely a scam - there is no doubt about it. This is the scam he is running on you.

Dotti wrote:-You will NEVER have to pay for a soldier to be able to communicate with you.

And here is the official US Military CID warning about such scams -

DON’T EVER SEND MONEY! Be extremely suspicious if you are asked for money for transportation costs, communication fees or marriage processing and medical fees. Use of Western Union

Regardless of the app you are using to communicate with him, it is still a scam - block him or ignore him as all he is interested in is your money.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#211451 by eagle2005 Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:57 pm
I never sent the money to him, I was very curious about it. Everything he was telling me seemed so real. But no money was ever sent.
#211452 by PadmeSkywalker Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:10 pm
Another thing I noticed here and in a lot of soldier scams is the claim that they are on a "peace keeping" mission. The US Military (and likely all militaries) do not do "peace keeping" missions. Peace keeping and other non offence-defensive type missions are typically overseen by a multi-national body like the UN. I do not know much about the US Military or how it works if they support UN-led missions, but I am almost certain that no soldier would say he is on a peace keeping mission on behalf of the US Army/etc.

The military says something about this on their answers-to-common-scam questions site I believe. Anyone feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood this.
#211461 by vonpaso xlura Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:52 pm
There is NO military that uses as its address for any official purpose. Any address (including soldiers' addresses) in the US military ends in ".mil". ONLY military addresses end in ".mil".

There is no such thing as a phone that can call only you. There is what's called a tie line, which is a dedicated phone line between two locations of a same company, but an individual wouldn't have one.

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