Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#211990 by dmuziksoularun Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:14 pm
Here m submitting a Conversation on faceboo from Starting to end till now we had, i just want to knw is she lying or wat....

My name is XXXXXXXXXX, I am from, looking for some volunteer or Au Pair opportunity in US, regarding that I replied to one of post on facebook m sharing with you...

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Hello Reachel

I saw ur ad on FB.
Well, I am interested in that, I am From india.
I will require a Visa, but for that a US Government organization company will look after my Visa process and all.

I have posted my Profile on Work also, m looking for such Volunteering Positions in US, I love to play with children, helping needy people,Elderly Care, Helping Mentally challenged Children and people is my passion.

Once I visited, US in 2008.
If possible I will take admissions in College or university in Some Management Programme, once I will there.

I will provide all necessary Information about me, for security purposes,if required.
So do let me, if you have such requirements yet.

I just want to Enjoy Life in US for a Short time, as soon my parents will arrange my marriage in India



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Reacheal Smith
Hello thank you for the reply.I will want you to know am a member with a designated agency,and i will want you to also know if you are ready to work for my family you will have to register under the Au Pair Agency and i will want to tell you if you want to register under the Au Pair is will cost you some amount of money,i will want you to tell me more about yourself and lets see if we get to a compromise conclusion, then i direct you a designated agency with the US Departments of States that will sponsor your documentation.....

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Okay, Reachal..
I am ready, do let me know what do you want to know about me...
Well, let me tell you this also, I am not a Professional Au Pair or Nannie.
This is just because I love to do that, I am not doing it for much salaries or anything like that...I just want to it as a Volunteer or something like that, I will just need a home and little expenses for day to day, besides that if possible I will take admissions once I will get there, for my studies I will pay my tuitions and all...and besides this I want to work for community, churches, old age homes, Orphange or anything which can be done for Welfare of needy people.

About my social life you can c my fb profile, rest I would like to know wat more you want to know, for security purposes or for any other and your satisfaction ...infact I would love to tell you , about me...
Yesterday at 12:29pm
Reacheal Smith

I will want you to answer this questions,these will show how serious you are........

What your Full name ?

What Country are you form ?

What State are you form ?

What City are you form ?

Where are you Currently ?....

Age ?

Sex ?

Are you Married ?

Are you wiling to join my family soon?

Are you having the processing fees ready?

Tell me more about your Behavior ?

Do you have any Criminal ?

Do you have any idea about a AU PAIR ?

Do you have a Valid Passport ?

Wait To Hear from you soon....

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I can join Family in August End.
How much is the processing fee, who is charging this fee? Whats the Guarantee for this, that its Genuine, is that refundable, incase I dont get visa.

I am a Graduate, literate Person.
I am a Keen observer,love to do work for community,love to play with kids, helping Old Age,passionate about helping Mentally challenged Children/People,see God in them.

I am not just not a Professional AU PAIR, by certification and all, rest I do have all qualities of an AU PAIR.

I have never been a criminal, infact I live for Humanity.
I have a valid passport,been to US once, in 2008.

11 hours ago
Reacheal Smith
I know That looking for "A Perfect Nanny" like you can be a
long,frustrating and sometimes distressing task For a family,and i know you
are a highly experienced person whose primary charge is the children and
home keeping. I want you to know that i don't have any thing with an Au
Pair company that why i drop my post on Facebook and i also want you to
know that I work as a Fashion Designer,I live in plot 1406 Houston Texas
United States.I have a kids and they are boys .... The name of my kids are

Your work is quite simple such as, cleaning their rooms, doing their
laundry, entertaining them, disciplining them, teaching them manners and
caring for them when they are sick or upset,playing with the kid and giving
them love and attention. You should also be able to keep control of
children without the use of anger,you will do the children changing/ making
the children beds, making the children meals and tidying up the play area
and children bedroom,spend time with the children to play with them and
educate them.

You will also do some duties such as meal prep, grocery shopping or errand
running. These activities, if mutually agreeable, should occur either when
the children are in school (groceries or errands) or be performed with the
children (meal prep), making this a learning activity Such as.

Reading stories and books,Scheduling activities for the children,Managing
play dates,Bringing the children to and from school,Helping with
homework,Attending any appointments or events that the child is required to
attend with them I know you will make great friends,find joy/fun/happiness
with my family ,and I am satisfied at given you the opportunity to work in
my home.

Accommodation: You will be staying with us when you get here, You will have
your Private Room which will have Bathroom/Toilet, Television, Air
Conditional and Internet Computer. You will have access to the Internet and
a Telephone at home to get in touch with your friends and love ones. You
will be having Saturdays and Sundays as your off days while i will be at
home to take care of the kid, you will be having all the privacy you want,
so to enable you have enough time for yourself.


As for your salary, I will be will be paying you $3500 Usd Monthly
equivalent to the US Au pair program and minimum wage and a pocket fee of
$300 Usd weekly which I suppose should be enough for your primary needs and
that does not include you to pay any taxes, after when i see that you work
very well i shall increase your salary.

Start Date & Period of Employment:

You are expected to start as soon as you arrive here and I'll like to know
how long you can work for my family because, completely it depends on how long you would like to work here with me but left to me, I do not intend to see you off in the next 4-6 Month because I really would need your services. If due to circumstances beyond your control or for any other reason, you wish to leave at an earlier date than our agreement, you will be required to give one month’s notice. I need someone who is
Honest,Caring,Trustw­orthy,Loving,Affecti­onate, Concerned,
Understanding,friend­ly and Who loves Kids, i want to play a role of a real
mother to my kids because they are all i have.Note that you have nothing to worry about because you will be treated like one of the family member, all i need from you is that you take good care of my kid as your attitude towards him will go a long way in future. i can send you some of our recent and old pics. Once again, I can assure you that when you come you will be treated like one family and you will be very happy to work with my family. I will be more than happy if you are willing to join my family. Well i believe with this letter you definitely know much about my family so if you think you have interest in my family and got this attractive, that our family is a kind of family you are looking for don't hesitate to reply me when you get this email, to proceed to the next step about the US Au Pair Program and your Documentation Process.Thanks so much and have a nice and Wonderful day, Stay Blessed till I read back from you......

Hope to hear from you soon....
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All the things u have mentioned,undoubtedl­y,I love to do them all, without any hesitation,and also enthusastically and dedicatedly.

I am Honest,Caring,Trustw­orthy, Loving and Understanding.
Concerning kids, they always stay happy with me.
I am Associated with Music and Yoga, which will be an advantage for them.

Everything Matches, the main and important thing is my Visa to US, only, I am worried about.what do they ll ask me regarding this, what papers I need to show and all.

Please make sure these things, and I will be more than happy to start.



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Reacheal Smith
Hi Dear,
Thanks for taking your time to read the details about my family. I hope you have read all the Information's ( About Us, Duties and Responsibilities,Acc­ommodation, Salary e.t.c) I am glad you have no problem about that. Right now i will advice you to proceed to contact the Agency about your Application, Registration and Documentation Process.

I will like you to send an email to Lizzy which is an LCC in the Agency...She is the one to help you about all the details and information's you need about the Agency and she will help you with all your application and documentation process immediately you have understand all the details she sent you and you willing to continue.

So below is her contact:

Lizzy| LCC
Agent Au Pair, Inc.
1450 Sutter Street #526
San Francisco, CA 94109
Email: agencyaupair2013@out­
Tel: (972) 836-7414

So you need to write her that you directed by Mrs Reacheal Smith and i will also inform her about you. She will help you with all the requirement you need and help you with the forms to start you documentation and registration Process. Please let me know about the progress as soon as you have contacted her and you got the information about the program.

Thanks for your Interest in My Family.

Can't wait to meet you in our midst.

Mrs Reacheal Smith and Kids...
3 hours ago · Sent from Mobile

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Okay,thanks for all the information...
Now I will jsst make sure about the company one of my friends uncle is in the US and they can tell me about the company whether its genuine or not...
3 hours ago

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Then I will start the process, asap...
I would love to live with you all..

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I have a family member in Hayward near san Francisco, he can also go and ask about the whole process...and can make sure everything
3 hours ago

Reacheal Smith
Alright,that good,so he can go and do that as soon as possible,to know more and more
2 hours ago · Sent from Mobile

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Hey can I apply via another Au pair other than this, my cousin's friend Is saying that its a Fraud pls suggest me wat to do...He is working with some security services in US he is not allowing me to hire this company for my visa process and all...pls suggest me if you know any company other than this..

Please tell me wats the truth........If its a scam, then it will be very vvery Hurted for me, as I do trust American people,infact I respect them alot, then it wont be very sad news for me,pls help.. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry :cry

#211997 by HillBilly Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:33 pm
First of all, if that is your real personal information, edit it out of the post quickly!!

Secondly, it is a scam, there is no doubt. Au pair jobs do not pay $3500 / month ( not even from real rich people).

any "agency" using a free "" email address is fake.

and the address plot 1406 Houston Texas does not exist.

The "agency" in San Francisco seems to have a Texas phone #, and its a VOIP #, not a landline like most businesses would have : Area Code:972 Full Number:1-972-836-7414 City/State:Plano, TX

There are other Au Pair experts here that can tell you more, but for now stop communicating with this scammer.
Please post the email address of this scammer, if you know it. That will alert other potential victims to stop before they fall too far into a trap.

This article may help you out now, and in the future, too. viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3019

#212001 by AlanJones Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:46 pm
dmuziksoularun wrote:Lizzy| LCC
Agent Au Pair, Inc.
1450 Sutter Street #526
San Francisco, CA 94109
Email: agencyaupair2013@out­
Tel: (972) 836-7414

It's definitely a scam. The above are not the contact details of the real Agent Au Pair.

This page, lists all of the au pair agencies that are authorised in the USA and their proper contact details.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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