Room for Rent and other rental scams
#212845 by OCW1 Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:56 am
A 491 SCAM, of a guy trying to get money from me, for a flat supposedly to be rented in QATAR.
He apparently, is a CEO of a company called ETS FONS LIMITED, which is all a fake company.
The email he provided for real estate company is a fake too, as well as the Passpport he has sent, in the attached & his use of English language is Not British if you read, especially the last email he sent.

I then followed my gutt, only to confirm my feeling, that its a 491 SCAM of a Nigerian, trying to get Money from me.

Subject: Re: 1 BD apartment - Najma - 4.000 QAR
Daven Morgan <[email protected]>
On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Daven Morgan <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello ,

My name is Daven Morgan. I am looking for someone to live in my apartment, as soon as possible, because the company office in Qatar was moved to United Kingdom . I'm Chairman at CEO at ETS FONS LIMITED with Central Office located in Cameroon but the company expanded to many countries in the world , especially in United Kingdom, my accommodation period here will be very large (more than 7 years ). I would like to know a little something about you, like how many persons do you intend to live in my apartment, for what period, etc. I will tell you from the beginning that I don't have a problem if you are a student and I don't have a problem with pets (I own a little dog myself). Now I am going to tell you something about the apartment and myself so we can get to know each other. The apartment is exactly like in the pictures, and available from 2 months to 10 years. Also, very important, the utilities are INCLUDED in the price of 4.000 QAR /month. About myself, I am 49 years old and as I told you I'm Chairman at CEO at ETS FONS LIMITED and my job even if it pays very well, requires that I move a lot and without notice. I bought this apartment while I was working for the company that i work to the Office that was in Qatar . You can move in the apartment in the same day you receive the keys. The only problem is that I`m already in London because we started the work, but you don't need to worry because I have made all arrangements to rent the apartment from here. Thank you for your interest and looking forward to a future collaboration and friendship.

Friendly greetings from the UK!

Daven Morgan

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 1:54 PM, Daven Morgan <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Olwen,

The apartment is ready for you, you will need only to receive the keys and the contract to check it, and see if you like it. Obviously we need a way to complete this deal, that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after you can also share that apartment with a friend or family. In order of that I have found a way for us to complete the deal safely and fast, and in this way you will receive the Keys in less than 2 days, if you move fast as well. The solution is provided by a rent agency which will handle both payment and delivery of the Keys.

Let me know if you are interested please because I really need to take care of this matter by the end of the next week!

Friendly greetings, Daven Morgan

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Daven Morgan <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Olwen ,

In the beginning i want to inform you that i attached you a copy of my passport to see with who you speak .

All the utilities are included in the price of rent less the internet , the internet it is available in the apartment but will be paid separately .

I don't have any problem if you have some furniture .

I will need to inform you the steps about how this service works and how we can make it happen. You will only have to deposit to International Real Estate 1 months of rent and 1 of deposit(8.000 QAR), so they can proceed with the shipping, and you can receive the keys and the contract. Like I said, I will pay for a 2 days delivery so you will receive the Keys and the contract signed by me right away.

I will explain to you step by step how this will work:

1 - To start this transaction I will need to know your full shipping details , name and address to proceed with this deal.

2 - I go to the International Real Estate Office and leave the Keys and the contract in your name as the intended receiver.

3 - International Real Estate will check the envelope to see if everything is alright with it and also the legal papers that will come along with the Keys.

4 - International Real Estate will send you a delivery notification to let you know they have the Keys and the contract in their custody.

5 - At this point you will have to go and make a money transfer deposit on the International Real Estate agent name assigned with this transaction.

6 - After you make the deposit you will have to send the confirmation about the money deposit to International Real Estate .

7 - International Real Estate will verify the payment information and if everything is alright they will deliver the Keys and the contract to you.

8 - After you receive the package, the International Real Estate agent will go with you and check the apartment and in 2 days you must contact them and inform if you keep the apartment or not, if everything is in order you will instruct International Real Estate to release the funds to me. If you don't like the apartment, they will send your money back and you will send them the keys and the contract to return the package back to me on my expense. Now I must know for sure if you agree because here are a lot of peoples interested to have this apartment rented and I want to know for sure what I must tell them. If you agree what i suggested i will tell them that my apartment is already rented and i will keep it for you.

For more questions with International Real Estate contact at their email: [email protected]

If you agree then I must have all the shipping details so I will be able to make all the arrangements for the International Real Estate delivery.

Thanks and wait news from you!

Friendly greetings, Daven Morgan

#212860 by vonpaso xlura Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:13 am
The English is not just not British, it is African. Normally I'd say West African, but he mentions Cameroon, which is just outside the region.

Any time someone says he has an apartment or house to rent and will send you the keys so that you can look at it, it is a scam.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10

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