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#214028 by Timo1904 Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:51 am
I was called about a loan that I supposedly took out, which I know I never did. The representative claimed that if I didn't pay her immediately I would be taken to court. However, she couldn't give me the specific details of the loan and she keep changing the story from saying it was an unpaid loan to bad checks. When I asked for account information she gave me some numbers, yet when I asked her to repeat it she acted put out and gave me another set of random numbers. I looked up the office address she gave me and the company she supposedly represents and both are nonexistent.

Now I KNOW this a scam, but what has me scared is that she called me at my new UNLISTED number. She also read off my social security number, birthday, and an old address to try to convince me she was legitimate. How did she get this? I am very worried about this scammer having my ssn and I don't know what to do about it. I have contacted the FTC but they tell me unless something actually happens to my credit, they can't do anything but fill out a telemarketer complaint, which I did do. I just filed for an initial fraud alert but that won't stop her from having all my information to do with what she pleases. I am so livid right now, what else can I do?

#214033 by Terminator5 Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:05 pm
This is a "Fake Debt Collector" . See this article on the FTC Website . ... collectors

If you want to private message me their details ; telephone numbers, email addresses , physical address , etc . I can do some investigating .

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#214094 by Terminator5 Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:43 am
FAKE/Fraud Debt Collectors

"Mr. Stevens"
"Lane Powell Associates"
"Cash Advance Payday Loan."

2810 MAIN ST

Victim Posts:

Scam goes down like this :


They called me today with a recorded message to contact "Mr. Stevens" has paperwork to send me to my place of employment or residence and if I have any questions to contact a plaintiff at 877-670-1087 I called and a record says "Lane, Powell and Associates" if I have a concern with a summons to contact my representative if not to hold. Then they told me i needed to pay money now or i would be arested in the morning for check fraud and i dont even have a checking account. Then he asked me if i live at 2 different places and when i would not give him one he said the police would be at my door in the morning and he would see me in court.

Business claimed physical location is fake . No such address exists with the USPS and the address fails on a reverse address search .
No such businesses registered in the state of Georgia .
No such businesses registered with the BBB for the state of Georgia.
No such businesses listed in the white or yellow pages.

Reporting Fake Debt collectors: ... collectors

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