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#216695 by Jball57 Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:07 pm
United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security and
Governmental Affair

Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.

Washington Field Office 601 4th Street NW

Washington, DC 20535, Tel/ fax (23934361)

Terrorist Screening, checkmating Money laundry,Trafficking,
Bank Fraud And Scam.

Security Interception of Unsolicited Business Transaction.

I am Jeh Johnson, the Security of homeland security nominated by President Barack Obama to replace the previous Security due to internal logical protocols guiding international and local transactions, my tenure represent peace, equity and justice and rule of law shall prevail, my duty is to ensure global maximum security and to protect fundamental human rights. homeland security has increased their priorities because of the recent terrorist global threat; I find below the interception information's of the sum $4.5 million United States dollars manifested in your name as the beneficiary,

we have every evidence to prosecute this case, we are presently movement of funds from different countries based on the security Intel exposing links of terrorism sponsorship. homeland global security wire tape has confirmed that the sum of $4.5 million dollars have been severally attempted to be release in your name through different methods like Automated card payment system method (ATM), Consignment Diplomatic Delivery, method Bank Wire Transfer method , every attempts by your partners to move this funds according to your instructions have been futile and frustrated by the homeland global security hard disc which is been control by world bank international security server , the amount in your name have been abandoned under government security vault which is against international law of money laundry, terrorism and trafficking, i met your file at the security strong room with every other transactions relevant documents without the International Fund Release Clearance Permit Certificate.

Our security Intel have confirmed your email address on the payment manifest booklet, I have clinically crosschecked the manifest and discovered that several business transactions have been also linked to your email address, you have consented by either sending money to them or aid the transactions by providing your information's for the movement of the funds through several means, your email address is on the hard disc.

Security Order: the amount registered in your name is $4.5 million dollars which you have to secure the below documents to enable our appointed agents in Georgia to release your funds according to international government protocols or I will submit your file for legal prosecution if you refuse to procure the needed certificate which will only cost you $450 dollars through independent corrupt practices commission (ICPC). Use the below information's to contact independent and corrupt practices commission ICPC with the $450 to secure the three government documentations for immediate release of your intercepted funds according to homeland security description.

Finally you have to contact her with your information's once you receive this message to secure the International Fund Release Clearance Permit Certificate with your information if you don't want legal prosecution at the international court of justice, this message super-cedes every other homeland security message you have received in the past with this registered serial number TSGFB/09-PL.3R45.bellow is the needed documents,

1) Money laundering certificate
2) Anti-Terrorist certificate and Ownership Certificate
3) Tax Clearance Certificate and IMF Clearance Certificate .
4)International Fund Release Clearance Permit Certificate,

Waiting for the International Fund Release Clearance Permit Certificate so that your funds will be released according to the government international security law, you should either follow the instructions or accept court prosecution, don't allow ignorance to affects your sense of reasoning. You should put behind your past dealings with crooks from different country now that I have contacted you, you have only five working days to submit the above mentioned certificates if you don't want to blame yourself for ignoring security instructions, you will be issued an official receipt once you observe the official fee by the ICPC. Obey the instruction or wait for the justice.

Yours Regards,

Secretary Jeh Johnson.

C-C -. Homeland Security Council


C-C- International Police
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#216723 by HillBilly Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:56 pm
Its a scam. Homeland security would NEVER contact you by email, let alone threaten you with either "face prosecution" or "collect 4 and a half Million bucks". That just makes zero sense, except to a scammer who might think the 4.5 Mil is real.

If homeland security was going to prosecute you, they'd just do it. They don't warn people before they do it.

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