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#218381 by Readingfc83 Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:27 pm
I recently registered on a free dating site.Saw a profile on there i liked.She liked my profile and sent me a message with her personnel email address.After sending and receiving a few emails from her i think its a scam.

First of all on her profile she said she is from Glasgow but after emailing her a few times she said she is actually from Russia.Whenever i ask her questions about her life she never seems to answer them and just seems to keep asking me the same questions. Iv copied the emails she has sent me below.Just want to know what you think? Im almost certain its a scam.

Hello ,how are you? I hope you are keeping well?Thanks for
written me. I would like to talk with you to know more about you.
Firstly let me introduce myself. My real name is Mariya and on the
site I use nikname Sarah but my friends call me Masha. I do not know
how to begin.. it's new way for me. I'll tell you about myself a
little. I'm 29 y.o and do not look my years:))). I have not my
soulmate at the moment and I have never been married. I live with my
parents. I work as the secretary in university. This is the Municipal
institution. I finished this university and then got a job here. I
enjoy my work because I like to communicate with people. I like
listening to the music, reading books, sport, espessialy volleyball,
also swimming and running. Twice a week I go to fitness club. I like
to do shopping:). I like traveling and visiting new places, but my
work does not allow me to do it often. I have many friends, we try to
spend time together as more as possible. I sent you my pic, i hope you
like. I'd like to get your pic's too. If you want to know something
about me please feel free to ask. I have a some questions for you.
What is your character? What you like in women? Have you ever been
married? What sense of humour do you have?)) Hope you do not mind.
Also tell me more about you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes.


This is another one she sent me

Hello again Nice to hear from you. I am grateful to you for
your photos you are handsome and attractive man. Thank you for your
mail. What do you think about my photo which I sent you? Do you like
it? If you still like it)) I can send for you more of them.
First I want to say that I do not live in England. I live in Russia
and I hope that you will not choke on the fact that you and I share a
large distance. In the past I was in England it was about 5 years ago
I participated in student exchange programs. I lived in South London
and studied there at University. I was in England about six months and
then went back. I loved England. I live in the city of Perm in the
Urals to find. If you want you can find it on google.
I have so many questions for you. You can tell everything what you
want. You will be sure that you have a good friend who can listen to
you and understand you and try to help you. How long do you search for
your second half? Why do you search a woman in the Internet instead of
a real life? What are your most important values and objectives in
life? I think you attentivly read my profile and saw that i want to
find serious relations with man. He must be honour, clever, careful,
attentive, loving, gentle, considerable me to always know that I can
rely on him in any situation. I think it will be interesting for you
to learn more about my character. I think that I'm very romantic
woman. I like to communicate with people, I like good humor. I
appreciate such qualities in the people as a fidelity and honesty very
much. I belive in real love and I think that it's very important in
life. I think that I'm too jealous woman. I like to get compliments
and I'm ready to listen it indefinitely. For me it is very important
to have the cleanliness and the order around me. I often do cleaning.
Also I like cooking, espessialy some tasty dishes. I like romantic
relations between a man and a woman, but probably all women dream
about it. Oh.. it is so fine to sit on the coast and meet the sunrise
with the beloved when the first beams of the sun run on water and the
head lays on a shoulder of beloved, and he tenderly touches hair and
whispers gentle words in the ear. But usually all relations come to an
end very quickly... I have not intention to waste time on such
acquaintances. I haven't met the man whom I would decide to give
myself and my life yet. But I want to find him. I think that is my
dream number one now. I think money or career isn't the main thing in
a woman's life. I think having strong family and love man is much more
important for a woman. Can you tell me about your dreams? What the
woman do you dream to meet? I'm sorry for asking you such a frank
thing. You see we are familiar only for a couple days. But it's very
interesting and important for me. I shortly have written the sides of
my life, if you want to know something else just ask me.
I'll wait your letters.

Sincerely Yours,


As i say Im 99% certain its a fake.Just want other people opinions on it.If you like i can also copy the emails i sent.I applogise for the lack of paragraph above but that is exactly how the email was written.

#218384 by AlanJones Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:06 pm
It's a definite scam. Your second mail can be found word for word here

Please can you post the email address "she" is using to help the other victims who "she" is currently writing to.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#218407 by vonpaso xlura Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:40 pm
The English looks like that of a Russian who knows some English. Ignoring your questions is a strong sign of a scam. My scammer was in Udmurtia, which is next to Permia. "She" wrote "Я никогда не был женат." That is good Russian for "I have never been married" — as a man would say it. (I had managed to convince her that she could understand my Russian better than I her English. She was using a translating program.) I knew then that she was a he.

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